The massive plan to build two new nuclear reactors in South Carolina turned into a monumental political and economic failure. Here’s what happened and why, starting with 10 key articles in this saga.

Westinghouse and SCANA used unlicensed workers to design abandoned S.C. nuclear reactors

Two identical nuclear projects, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina. Only one survived.

Insights that would have alerted regulators to problems with the nuclear project were scrubbed from an audit two years ago

Early signs of 'incompetence at every level' went unheeded as South Carolina rushed toward 'sexy' nuclear future

Internal Westinghouse document warned South Carolina nuclear reactor construction was 'at risk' in 2011

Documents show failed South Carolina nuclear project was years and millions of hours away from completion

SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh is at the center of the nuclear project's spectacular failure. Who is he?

Members of SCANA board lack nuclear expertise yet oversaw failed V.C. Summer project while earning a combined $11 million

The Latest Nuclear Project News

Lawsuits and investigations tied to the failed V.C. Summer nuclear project have fueled a roughly $7 million spike in legal bills at Santee Cooper this year, forcing the utility to cover the shortfall to shore up its budget.

South Carolina's nuclear boondoggle could become a boon for natural gas, providing an opportunity for some of the country's largest energy corporations to charge utility customers throughout the Palmetto State with costs to build multi-billion dollar pipelines.