1. Use coupons when items are on sale and/or buy-one-get-one-free. Use one coupon per item and stack coupons if possible (which means use a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on each item purchased).

2. Shop every week. A sales cycle is around every six to 12 weeks. Go to the store even if it's just for a few sale items.

3. Keep inserts whole and date them. Don't throw them away. Keep coupons even if you don't use that product. You never know when you will be able to get that item for free.

4. Avoid going overboard when organizing coupons.

5. Get the Sunday paper.

6. Always look for coupons. When in a store, be aware of coupons in the store as well.

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7. Know the store's corporate coupon policy. Each store manager is responsible for coupon management in that particular store.

8. Be friendly and courteous. Be patient with cashiers when using a lot of coupons at once.

9. Don't try to pass off an expired or copied coupon or try to use a coupon on a product you didn't buy.

10. Use rebates. They often are overlooked.