The U.K.'s Daily Telegraph names Charleston a top 20 destination

The view of Broad Street from the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

The Daily Telegraph, Great Britain's largest daily newspaper based in London, has named Charleston one of "Telegraph Travel's 20 places for 2014,"for being, among many things, "head-over-heels enchanting."

The Telegraph's Adam Ruck recounts his visit to the Lowcountry in Thursday's Travel section, weaving history lessons throughout his glowing review.

At one point, he relates Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to Shakespeare's Henry V. The sights, he calls "the most enjoyable history lesson since Crete." He even appreciates the locals for not mistaking his accent for Australian.

"They have a perfectly good accent of their own, and a nice sense of humour too," Ruck writes.

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