Keeping your money safe when banking online.

--Never share your password.

--Make sure that your anti- virus software is up to date.

--Know that scammers are trying to get your financial information. So never provide your Social Security number or verify a bank account number to someone who calls or inquires by e-mail. Never verify passwords or PINs, either.

--Watch out for "scareware" -- or pop-ups that can frighten you into moving quickly and, ultimately, downloading malicious software.

--Change your online banking password every 90 days or so.

--Do not pick a word or number for your password that could show up on your Facebook account or other social network, such as your dog's name, your mother's maiden name or the name of your favorite restaurant. Do not list your exact birth date and year on your social network.

--Read your bank statements carefully and check activity in your account more than once a month.

--Read tips on Online Banking, Bill Paying and Shopping in the FDIC Consumer News bulletin at Consumers also can order up to two free paper copies by calling toll-free 888-878-3256 weekdays 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and asking for Department 97.

Source: Detroit Free Press