Social media recap: Llamas on the lam, net neutrality and this blue (or is it gold?) dress

The Internet went crazy Thursday night debating the color of this dress. Some say white and gold, others say blue and black.

Social media was a weird place to be on Thursday and, let's be honest, you probably already know that.

If you spent even just a little time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr on Thursday then you may have already seen pictures of the runaway llamas (my favorite was them dressed as Thellma and Louise), you probably argued with your friends over the color of that dang dress and you possibly already tried to figure out where you stand on net neutrality.

If so, this blog post probably isn't going to tell you anything new. Nope, no llama or black/gold dress think pieces here.

This post is actually for those of you missed one of the wildest, most inexplicable days on social media because you were preoccupied with real life and real people and now you have to walk into your offices today trying to figure out what your coworkers are talking about. Hey, it happens to all of us. So let's recap.

On a normal day this might have been the most talked about event on social media considering the FCC received a record 4 million comments from both sides prior to the vote. The document hasn't been released yet but in the end the 3-2 decision was deemed a victory for those who don't want to see a handful of Internet Service Providers control content and seen as defeat for those who feel government is over-stepping its bounds.

USA Today has a pretty good explainer here.

And then, somehow, two llamas escaped in Sun City, AZ and people around the country became captivated as live helicopter footage showed authorities as they unsuccessfully tried to lasso the pair for several minutes.

The Twitter meme and joke machine quickly sprung to action. See some of the best memes here, courtesy of Time magazine.

And of course, Buzzfeed has a listicle of some of the 'most historically important moments' from the chase.

But just when we thought we saw it all Thursday, we realized we had no idea what we were seeing.

A Tumblr user named Swiked posted a photo on her blog and asked the Internet to decide what color it was because she and her friends couldn't agree on whether it was gold and white or black and blue.

The post was picked up Buzzfeed and quickly set fire to the Internet.

It seemed like an odd question when I looked at the dress and clearly saw blue and black. But then I showed it to my 6-year-old daughter sitting next to me and she saw gold and white. She then looked at me like I was crazy when I told her what I saw.

But we weren't alone. Friends, family members and couples were all on social media arguing about the color of the dress.

Meanwhile Buzzfeed was driving record-breaking traffic to its site by churning story after story after story about the dress, everything from what color your favorite celebrity saw to why you saw what you saw.

The best answer, however, probably came from this Vice article.

So what color did you see?

Anyway, that's what you missed (or didn't miss) Thursday. After all, it's all in the eye of beholder.