They’re multiplying. Boeing Dreamliners in North Charleston, that is.

On Friday afternoon, there was one Dreamliner on Boeing South Carolina’s campus flight line.

Over the weekend, the local plane-making plant rolled out its second 787, a company spokeswoman reported.

And on Monday night, two more were to fly in from Everett, Wash., according to FlightAware, a flight-tracking website.

From one all-but-done Dreamliner to four in the space of just a few days. And that’s not counting the planes being assembled in the final assembly building at the center of the complex.

All are for Air India, and all but the jet that just rolled out are on the cusp of delivery. But when that will happen is unclear.

The Washington-made planes were to be handed over to the South Asian national carrier as early as May, and Boeing officials had said the first S.C.-built 787 would be delivered in June.

Candy Eslinger, the Boeing South Carolina spokeswoman, did not offer a new delivery date Monday and did not respond to questions about the arrival of the planes from the Pacific Northwest.

Air India ordered 27 Dreamliners in 2005 but has been in financial straits since merging with Indian Airlines in 2007.

The government-owned airline has been seeking compensation for Boeing’s more than three years of delivery delays. Analysts believe it is that negotiation that is holding up the handover of the Dreamliners now sitting in North Charleston.