Rebates on new energy-efficient appliances start Friday for SC residents

South Carolina residents can receive rebates from $50 to $100 on new energy-efficient appliances starting Friday through Feb. 5 through the state’s remaining portion of the federal stimulus program.

Qualifying appliances include Energy Star-labeled clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and room air-conditioning units. Eligible clothes washers will receive a $100 rebate while dishwashers, refrigerators and room air-conditioning units will receive $50 rebates.

To qualify for a rebate, customers must live in the state, replace an existing appliance with an Energy Star-labeled appliance of the same type in their primary residence, purchase the qualifying appliance from a retailer in South Carolina, purchase the appliance between Friday and Feb. 5., complete the rebate application available through most retailers or online at, mail or email the completed rebate application along with the detailed, corresponding receipt to the address on the application, postmark the application packet within five days of the purchase date and properly dispose of the old, inefficient appliance.

Receipts must contain the manufacturer and model number of the appliance; the retailer’s store name, address and phone number; the date the appliance was purchased; and a complete transaction which proves the appliance was purchased.

Retailers must ensure the appliance the customer is purchasing qualifies as a current Energy Star product and supply the customer with a detailed receipt.

Only one rebate per residence is allowed for each appliance type included in the program.

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