Real extra 3 (copy)

Real estate transactions for Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between July 23-27.


Robert Semlitsch and Marlene Donovan sold 1436 Oldenburg Drive, Pepper Plantation to Sarah Anne Desz for $383,500.


Lanneau James Martin sold 60 South St. to Daniel Knapp for $322,475.

Kelly C. Evans sold 18 Boyer Court to Wendy R. and James A. Barber for $490,000.

Adelaide S. Myrick sold 379 Grove St. to Jeffrey W. Buncher and Elizabeth Buncher for $375,000.

Debra Ann Davison sold 10 King St. to BFT Properties LLC for $4.7 million.

Heather Ann Thompson sold 135 Mary Ellen Drive, Longborough to Linda Clement for $780,000.

Barbara Bujalos Birch sold 159 Mary Ellen Drive, Longbranch to Susan Frickman for $855,000.

W. Walker and Olivia M. Brock sold 14 New St. to Kellen and Katherine Cooney for $2.5 million.

Roslyn Edwards Gilchrist and Mary Annette Edwards sold 52 Oswego St. to James B. Holman IV and Susannah R. Knox for $330,000.

Nicholas M. and Stefanya D'Allesandro sold 396 Race St. to Benjamin and Leah Schreff for $310,000.

Yvonne Smalls sold 936 Ashley Ave., Riverside Park to 936 Ashley Avenue LLC for $360,000.

12 Farmfield Avenue LLC sold 108 Rutledge Ave. to Jeffrey M. and McCown B. Griffin for $967,500.

William P. and Allison T. Lancaster sold 921 Rutledge Ave., Rutledge Heights to Andrea and Andras Fenyves for $520,000.

Carolyn Marie Vasilevski sold 160 Darlington Ave., Rutledge Heights to Elizabeth Kent and Michael D. Friedman for $550,000.

Edisto Island

Sally L. Gewin sold 8642 Peters Point Road to Thomas H. and Lee G. Robertson for $325,864.

Folly Beach

John M. Pence sold 169 Marsh View Villas to Deanne Marlene Boots for $301,000.

Lloyd T. and Linda P. Crosby sold 119 East Cooper Ave. to Caroline Elizabeth Waldrep for $600,000.

Catherine K. and John C. Ellyn sold 1007 East Arctic Ave. to Chad M. Baur for $1.3 million.

Dan Dilorenzo sold 81 Sandbar Lane, Turtle Bay Townhomes to Thomas Trevor Tibstra for $496,500.

Fifty 50 Development Co. LLC sold 87 West 2nd St., Water's Edge at Folly to James T. and Jennifer E. Fetsch for $535,000.


William J. and Elizabeth M. Wilkins sold 4368 Park Island Road to Elizabeth A. West and James Wolf for $830,000.

Charles R. and Diane L. Leeper sold 5950 Rocky Top Lane, Whitetail Meadows to Barbara Ann and Andrew Joseph Patterson for $465,000.

Isle of Palms

Hugo Louis A. Van Den Bergh and Maria J. Uyttendaele sold Unit 4506, 9510 Palmetto Drive, Wild Dunes Ocean Club to Mark D. and Beth A. Yarborough for $1.4 million.

Shelley S. Cooper sold 28 31st Ave. to DandG Properties LLC for $702,000.

Byron S. Lamm sold 210 Ocean Blvd. to John Knight for $2.9 million.

James Island

James H. Braun Jr. and Patricia A. Braun sold Unit 3A, 150 Wappoo Creek Drive, The Riverside to Phillip J. Braun for $282,500.

1521 Brookbank Ave LLC sold 1521 Brookbank Ave., Bay Front to Joshua W.S. Stone for $340,000.

Mary Margaret Thomas sold 1676 Relyea Ave., Clark's Point to Douglas Gary Webb for $405,000.

William C. Erickson and Elizabeth M. Baker sold 9 Brockman Drive, Creek Point to Joan C. Davis and James J. Baglio for $585,000.

Jason Hennessee sold 1018 Fort Sumter Drive, Lawton Bluff to Mary Margaret Thomas for $740,000.

Joy Loris Mims sold 1527 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Anthony Patrick and Sonia Jon Martino for $366,900.

Albert D. and Sara L. Tyler sold 1481 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Catherine M. Latorre and Robert James Lindberg for $335,000.

Quientela L. and Adonteng A. Kwakye sold 607 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Andrew Bartley for $382,000.

Two Sons Properties LLC sold 1106 Bradford Ave.,McCalls Corner to Ronald S. Garmon for $278,000.

Thronley Holdings LLC sold 1136 Folly Road, McCalls Corner to Trident Properties LLC for $342,500.

Andrew J. Bajoczky and Margaret G. Darr sold 1251 Oakcrest Drive to Jerold L. and Janet E. Hale for $327,500.

Xiangchao Sun sold 1142 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Adon Trombley for $439,000.

James and Elizabeth W. Giles sold 1744 Pittsford Circle, Queensborough to Ian M. Condon and Esther A. Sumner for $350,000.

Marianne Patteron sold 2059 Edisto Ave., Riverland Golfview to Anna Tecklenburg for $290,000.

Jean E. and Lisbeth C. Gedeon sold 1337 Fort Lamar Road, Secessionville to James H. Sheils for $465,000.

Kirk A. and Pauline E. Meekins sold 769 Whispering Marsh Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to Florence Patricia Scarborough for $950,000.

Craig C. and Nancy R. Phelps sold 660 Old Plantation Road, Stiles Point Plantation to William Deschamps IV and Ashley Deschamps for $490,000.

Janus S. Patel sold 2030 Terrabrook Lane to Caleb A. Zimmerman for $350,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 719 Farm Cottage Lane, The Village at Stiles Point to Grady Stanford Mauldin III and Joanne Mcwaters Mauldin for $711,976.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 857 Shutes Folly Drive, The Village at Stiles Point to Steven Glenn and Cindy Paul Kramer for $692,357.

Robert A. Hope sold 2217 Wappoo Drive, West Riverland Terrace to Ghadi and Sarah Shayban for $675,000.

William R. Hassett sold 931 White Point Blvd., White Point of Lawton Bluff to Jonathan Pellett and Lisa Dawn Weitz for $3,250,000.

John S. and Tammy A. West sold 1142 Rivercrest Drive, Willow Walk to Gregory Scott and Connie L. Walters for $258,000.

Johns Island

Sandra H. Bonola sold 2905 Split Hickory Court, Barberry Woods to Whitney Blaine and Gerald C. Hamrick for $275,000.

Triton LLC sold 3403 Berryhill Road, Cedar Springs to Rebecca M. Empric for $284,900.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3308 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to David Brent and Laurel Fillippeli Williams for $369,221.

Michael Gimenez and Cristina J. Kasales-Gimenez sold 3215 Fosters Glenn Drive to Joseph Meade for $465,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. sold 502 Two Mile Run, Grimball Gates to GM3 Real Estate Partners LLC for $336,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 3120 Harding Court, Maybank Village to Timothy and Julianne Urbancic for $298,650.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2082 Kemmerlin St., Oakfield to Andrew L. Sewell and Kimberly H. Anglin for $444,640.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2081 Kemmerlin St., Oakfield to Gabriel J. and Cheri A. Stanziano for $372,415.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2061 Kemmerlin St., Oakfield to Jacob Thomas Gettler Merk and Alexandra Isobel Slotkin for $411,515.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1807 Whisperwood Road, Oakfield to Nikola Budisavljevic and Gabriel Reeves Brickle for $428,440.

Taylor S. and Rebekah Hart sold 1755 Bee Balm Road, St. Johns Crossing to Zachary McIntosh and Lauren McKulla for $265,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1009 Pigeon Pointe, St. Johns Lake to Dwayne A. and Kristen A. Duplessis for $286,572.

Arlin C. and Heather B. Guess sold 1190 Twitchell St., Swygert's Landing to Joshua Edward and Kelley K. Pate for $329,000.

Mark T. and Karin S. Frisch sold 1248 Segar St., Swygert's Landing to Michael Jon-Christian and Deanna J. Thompson for $327,500.

Kristian Millirons sold 1808 Towne St., The Cottages at John's River Creek to Jackson Martin Frank Islan for $320,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1702 Emmets Road, The Oaks at St. Johns Crossing to Victor and Kimberly Wakefield for $324,900.

Kiawah Island

Patricia F. Crecelius sold 10 Club Cottage Lane to Mark D. and Laura M. Cowan for $1.7 million.

John F. McCuskey sold 108 Goldeneye Drive, Egret Pintail to Mical Y. Jeanlys and Omar L. White for $1.5 million.


ESD LLC sold Unit 1, 3700 Ingleside Blvd. to SOS2 LLC for $317,716.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

WST Properties LLC sold Unit 4436, 3304 Billings St., Windswept Villas to Third Floor Properties LLC for $715,000.

Jay S. Orvin sold Unit B, 757 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Hobcaw Center to Bryan Properties LLC for $536,500.

Linda C. and Frank L. Lambert sold Unit 203C, 360 Spoonbill Lane, Sandpiper Pointe to Bradley R. Collins for $285,000.

Randy J. Bates II sold Unit 111, 217 Etiwan Pointe Drive, Etiwan Pointe to Star Hunter Kepner for $333,500.

Ashley Renee Cauble sold Unit C, 1608 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Shelby Lynn Greene for $282,500.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3365 Stockdale St., Abbey at Park West to Derek Reis for $419,990.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1600 Mermentau St., Avian at Park West to John H. Clark for $400,000.

Joseph and Alta Rose sold 1204 New Parrish Way, Awendaw Creek to JSP Doar LLC for $274,000.

Karey and Elizabeth J. Kirlis sold 768 High Battery Circle, Bell Hall Plantation to Patrick J. and Elizabeth B. McCarthy-Martin for $585,000.

Rosemarie J. Osterwald sold 1620 Jorrington St., Berkleigh at Park West to Krista and Ronald Durham for $320,000.

Ann Whalen sold 1394 Eden Road, Big Paradise Island to David and Juli Kaplan for $835,000.

Sherman and Karen C. Paggi sold 897 Harrington Court, Candlewood to Daniel J. Birach and Katherine A. Jahn for $355,000.

Jacksonbuilt LLC sold 1844 Carolina Park Blvd., Carolina Park to Gary W. and Tracy M. Sibley for $992,813.

Amy Lynn Westerman sold 1535 Harriman St., Carolina Park to Kelly R. and Thomas Jacob Donohoe for $561,500

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 3579 Backshore Drive, Carolina Park to Matthew Gregory Sasiene for $469,900

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3530 Crosstrees Lane, Carolina Park to Matthew S. and Jennifer W. Smith for $505,078.

Thomas J. and Jacqueline O'Keefe sold 1596 Oakhurst Drive, Carolina Isle of Rivertowne Country Club to Michael Ray Ladusau and Leigh T. Harlow for $549,900.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2670 Lamina Court, Center Park North at Cambridge Square at Park West to Robert Semlitsch and Marlene Donovan for $393,000.

Mark F. Byars sold 3361 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge of Park West to Leigh Michelle and Ian Christian Packard for $484,000.

Scott M. Wurst sold 1485 Landings Run, Cooper's Landing to Alvin Legree and Janice Margaret Green for $360,000.

Jeffrey D. Monts and Emily Maria Rountree sold 934 Shetland Court, Creekside Park to Jeffrey D. Monts for $315,000.

Aaron C. and Mei L. Wilborn sold 3570 Holmgren St., Darrell Creek to Jonathan Ryan and Sylvia Stubbs Murphy for $887,000.

Charles Towne Holdings LLC sold 102 May Lane, Earl's Court to Barbara Bujalos Birch for $510,000.

Nancy R. and Marc A. Miller sold 1527 Fiddlers Marsh Drive, Fiddlers Marsh to Timothy C. and Laura M. Dargan for $532,000.

Phillip J. and Michelle A. Corbett sold 1554 Tidal Marsh Lane, Hamlin Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Richard Y. Briere and Claire E. Rochefort for $765,000.

Paul E. and Patricia C. Jarvis sold 553 Marshgrass Blvd., Heron Pointe to Karen C. and Sherman Paggi for $535,000.

Robert E. and Linda M. Johnson sold 1062 North Shadow Drive, Hickory Shadows to Husna Siddiqui and Brendan Keane for $418,000.

Linda S. Thomas sold 1217 Waterfront Drive, Hidden Lakes to David P. and Kathleen C. McFarland for $650,000.

Holly H. Watts sold 295 Bampfield Drive, Hobcaw Point to Rudean A. Foster and Andrew G. Sowder for $825,000.

Jefferson D. and Suzanne C. Fort sold 51 Sowell St., I'On to Richard and Christine Luesebrink for $735,000.

Susan R. and Frank E. Lucas sold 3198 Morningdale Drive, Ivy Hall to Allyssa and Aaron Pagliaro for $330,000.

Michael W. and Ashley L. Collier sold 3262 Scranton Drive, Ivy Hall to Jane P. Solomon for $355,000.

Ray Brown Jr. sold 3468 Claremont St., Kensington at Park West to Jennifer Garner for $301,000.

Gary L. and Amy B. Riddle sold 3501 Claremont St., Kensington at Park West to Jennifer Stubblebine for $320,000.

A and M Real Estate LLC sold 1214 Spotted Owl Drive, Laurel Grove to Aimee M. Kitto for $379,500.

Jennifer M. Bragg sold 1201 Laurel Park Trail, Laurel Grove to Christopher J. and Cara M. Dolan for $370,000.

Benjamin G. Newton sold 300 Wild Horse Lane, Longpoint to Michele Lynn Wells for $408,000.

James B. Benjamin and Amy L. Bandiera-Benjamin sold 3304 Billings St., Madison Townhouses at Hamlin Plantation to Jennifer Macqueen Bragg for $252,000.

Michael D. and Barbara A. Fowler sold 3165 Sturbridge Road, Marsh Cove at Dunes West to Randall J. and Susan M. Killeen for $487,500.

Charles E. Miller Jr. and Sarah G. Miller sold 504 Pelzer Drive, Millwood to 504 Pelzer LLC for $1.4 million.

Capital Wealth LLC sold 662 King St., Moultrie Heights to Frances R. Highfield for $585,000.

Hassell Tract Assoc. LLC sold 1536 Rifle Range Road to HDP Hamlet LLC for $8.5 million.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1561 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to Elizabeth M. Lohr and Philip Markus Lohr Jr. for $627,635.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1605 Prince Edward St., Oyster Point to Michael Joshua Desz for $400,000.

Scott and Brigitte McKee sold 1493 Wellesley Circle, Park West to Benjamin T. and Kathleen M. Nodtvedt for $359,000.

Matthew K. and Terri M. Bartlett sold 1737 Wellstead St., Pembroke at Park West to Michael Frederick Winter for $489,375.

Kerri and Deidra N. Chisolm sold 1054 Phillips Park Drive to Nancy W. Neill for $620,000.

Rita J. Cottingham sold 4028 Conant Road, Preston at Park West to Darryl G. Smith for $355,000.

Mariana F. Robetson Hall sold 1364 Downsberry Drive, Quail Hollow to Russell Ayers Tallon for $399,900.

Glenn A. and Syleria A. Ruth sold 1981 Sandy Point Lane, Rivertowne to Kim and Lonna Stenild-Johansen for $875,000.

Brian R. and Kelly M. Cook sold 2717 Canebreak Lane, Rivertowne Country Club to Harold T. and Tracy Hunter for $1.1 million.

Ashley & S Investment Properties LLC sold 1504 Rivertowne Country Club Drive, Rivertowne Country Club to Steven and Ruth Daboub for $820,500.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2912 Eddy Drive, Riverview at Dunes West to Janice Barbieri for $477,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2920 Eddy Drive, Riverview at Dunes West to Wei and Qianli Sun for $471,150.

Jason T. and Joanna S. Barganier sold 735 Third St., Scanlonville to Edward Conyers and Claire O'Bryan for $1.5 million.

Lisa and Laura Fowler sold 1929 Oak Tree Lane, Sweetgrass to Robert W. and Dawn E. Willan for $425,000.

Jonathan T. and Elise P. Speaks sold 1508 Daniel Legare Place, Tennyson at Park West to Elizabeth and Karey Kirlis for $720,000.

Fannie Mae sold 1261 Hogans Ally, The Glen at St. Andrews Place of Charleston National Country Club to Iron Gate Homes LLC for $313,000.

Ellen G. Taylor sold 3118 Linksland Road, The Glen at St. Andrews Place of Charleston National Country Club to John Blake and Monica Spruiell for $485,000.

Hector O. and Heidi S. Suarez sold 2781 Victoria Lake Drive, The Hamptons at Brickyard Plantation to Chad Robert and Kristan Elizabeth Leader for $605,000.

Regina Lyalls and Kelly A. Harrold sold 2012 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Ann M. Meany for $365,000.

William S. Wiggins and Kenneth J. Hook sold 3520 Bagley Drive, The Preston at Park West to Walter Scott Rowley for $380,000.

Narcie McClendon Jeter sold 1944 Hubbell Drive, The Village at Park West to Courtney and Colin Beauch for $345,000.

Ian C. and Leigh M. Packard sold 3309 Barkla Ave., The Village at Park West to Nancy Patterson Matherne for $341,000.

Jennifer A. and Anthony D. Mason sold 2242 Red Fern Lane, Thornewood to Vernon Charles Bachmann III and Tammy Ann Bachmann for $395,000.

Clint K. and Angela L. McCay sold 224 Swallowtail Court, Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Sara V. and James E. Parker V for $569,000.

Sandra L. Winters sold 1401 Oldenburg Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Juanita Elizabeth Kicklighter Maxon for $405,000.

Christopher A. and Stacy N. Fletcher sold 1352 Penshell Place, Watermark to Bettina Bieri for $765,000.

Charles Victor Welden Jr. sold 1445 Lettered Olive Lane, Watermark to Charles Victor Welden IV for $656,000.

North Charleston

Margaret J. Schultz and Patricia A. Baily sold Unit 2103, 4252 Faber Place Drive, Reverie on the Ashley to D.M. Norwood III and Julia W. Keenan for $482,500.

Seventy Five Assoc. LLC sold 7623 Sandlapper Parkway to JS Warehousing LLC for $301,000.

Polly P. Hamilton sold 4444 North Shirley Drive, Ashley Villas to Jeffrey Gouin for $390,000.

Paul C. Waer Jr. and Melissa C. Foell sold 4492 Durant Ave. to James Von Der Lieth for $310,000.

DRP SC 1 LLC sold 4571 Summey St., Mixson to Eastwood Construction LLC for $524,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 5171 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Hailey M. and Jared B. Smith for $374,427.

Jennifer M. Plisco sold 5188 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Joshua B. and Kelly S. Hartzell for $256,000.

GGTandS LLC sold 7380 Cross County Road to Pepperdam Industrial LLC for $1.8 million.

Greenhill Assoc. sold 7431 Industry Drive to Pepperdam Industrial LLC for $1.5 million.

Weims Court Assoc. sold 3290 Industry Drive to Pepperdam Industrial LLC for $2.5 million.


SEFH of South Carolina LLC sold 4079 Egret Perch Court, Poplar Grove to Rhonda R. Jennings for $509,530.

Seabrook Island

Philip and Sheila Costello sold Unit 4C, 1912 Long Bend Drive, Horseshoe Cove to Mary Sue Dostal and Jenny Lynn Doyle for $940,000.

James H. Keyes sold 3008 Ocean Winds Drive, Ocean Winds to Barbara Anne Burgess for $322,000.

Richard and Pamela Sleckitis sold 2626 High Hammock Road to Brian Keith and Korrie Dibble Wood for $588,500.

Sullivan’s Island

Dorothy Gunter Leland sold 2928 Jasper Blvd. to Christopher L. Cannon for $2.2 million.

William Edward Conklin Jr. sold 2618 Raven St. to Thomas E. Keane and Dana A. Durlach for $2.5 million.

Elizabeth E. Wood sold 1408 Thompson Ave. to Oak Grove 1838 LLC for $2.4 million.


HandH Constructors Inc. sold 126 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to Anne A. Poole for $273,582.

Philip G. and Ladeana M. Hahnert sold 193 Angora Way, The Pines at Gahagan to Donald J. and Teresa B. Plybon for $275,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Neil C. Robinson III and Vicki K. Robinson sold Unit 412, 498 Albemarle Road, Albemarle to Robin R. and Neil A. Macpherson for $299,500.

Claudia S. and Noah T. Gainey sold 313 Cessna Ave., Air Harbor to Isaiah and Hazel B. Simmons for $265,000.

Charleston Enterprise Group LLC sold 1950 Culver Ave., Air Harbor to Mary Ann Sims for $275,000.

Michael and Zinash A. Ashenafi sold 2213 Asheford Place Drive, Asheford Place at Canterbury Woods to Conrado Orcajo and Hirut Berhanu Zewde for $280,000.

Kimberlee C. Gidney sold 2326 Fidling Road, Ashleytowne Landing to Pamela Sue Davis and Michael J. Boucher for $285,000.

River Run Properties LLC sold 104 Sugar Magnolia Way, Autumn Chase of Grande Oaks Plantation to Michelle Hall and Tina Ragsdale for $322,500.

Carol R. and Robert W. Newman sold 4 Penn Ave., Avondale to Harris and Priscilla Zuckerman for $409,900.

Eric Gelman sold 1611 Bluewater Way, Bolton's Landing to Jack Eugene and Melanie L. Taylor for $314,900.

Natalie Oriana Roumillat Hernandez sold 13 Craven Ave., Byrnes Down to Charles J. and Tia Davis for $441,500.

Centex Homes sold 2608 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to David Diedrich and Sara Hyatt Doscher for $310,465.

Richard W. and Marley M. McAdams sold 2841 Rutherford Way, Carolina Bay to John C. and Irene Ridge for $390,000.

Centex Homes sold 2740 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Mark Stephen and Courtney Marie Cross for $284,615.

Matthew J. and Jill C. Wardwell sold 3021 Coopers Basin Circle, Carolina Bay to Roberta Ann and Robert William Gray for $338,000.

Jason Kyle Sanders sold 1296 Camerton St., Charlestowne Estates to Caroline T. and Nicholas J. Smoak for $318,000.

Allan Charles Haynes sold 1577 Dunnes Lane, Charlestowne Estates to Sarah Virginia Wooten for $400,000.

Samuel J. Henderson sold 229 Millcreek Drive, Geddes Hall to Catelyn Jean Amende for $299,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 734 Byrd Garden Road, Grand Oaks to Richard Edwin Markiewicz Jr. and Diane Markiewicz for $329,663.

John G. and Margureitta Moroney sold 401 Blue Dragonfly Drive, Hamilton Grove at Grande Grove to Donald Thomas Newburn and Christerphine Middleton Newburn for $325,000.

Michael T. and Karen M. Duff sold 8 Blaine Court to Christopher Aaron and Laura Elizabeth Baker for $315,000.

Michaela McIntosh sold 1991 Hepplewhite St., Hickory Hills Plantation to Melissa Ward Hunter for $303,000.

Brian P. and Kellie Kinard sold 732 Hunt Club Run, Hunt Club to Patrick J. and Deborah L. Patterson for $353,000.

Elizabeth Lauren Miller sold 1725 Batten Drive, Jasmine Gate at Bolton's Landing to Harry Eugene Pardee Jr. and Cheryl Waltz Pardee for $365,000.

Donna Frost-Swank sold 1479 Nautical Chart Drive, Jasmine Row at Bolton's Landing to Richard W. and Terri M. Black for $266,000.

Heather Elaine Yorston sold 4 Latham Circle to Joshua C. and Leah Ferguson for $360,000.

Michael R. and Alma R. Johnson sold 2489 Flamingo Drive, Longbranch Estates to Katherine Furches for $319,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3102 Riverine View, Magnolia Bluff to Manoj and Susmita Vithlani for $431,120.

Toby J. Wessel sold 2435 Trent St., Melrose to Ashley A. Bruno and Anthony M. Mirisciotta for $270,000.

Christine S. Hiers sold 706 North Godfrey Park Place, Moreland to Gadsden A. Linton III and Mary E. Linton for $365,000.

Line Street Properties LLC sold 529 St. Andrews Blvd., Moreland to George Howard Bunch for $292,000.

Joanne L. Davis sold 787 Woodward Road, Moreland to Thomas Larry Dawson Jr. and Tanya K. Dawson for $675,000.

Martin B. and Karri McKinnon sold 1715 Manassas Drive, Saltgrass of Carolina Bay to Robert C. and Amanda M. Turczany for $403,000.

Kristen M. Gentile sold 523 Shem Butler Court, Schieveling Plantation to Jacob Taylor and Terri Swofford Price for $328,000.

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Carrie S. Kithianis sold 97 Fieldfare Way, Shadowmoss Plantation to Harry J. and Darryl Ray Griffin for $250,000.

Ion Venture LLC sold 335 Clayton Drive, Stonecreek to Katherine Runey and Daniel J. White Jr. for $337,500.

Vinci D. and Cathy R.J. Keeler sold 3484 Forest Glen Drive, The Willows at Village Green to Irina Buyanina for $327,000.

Sample Investments LLC sold 1851 Christian Road, West Ashley Plantation to Sarah Williams for $290,000.

David A. Hutchins sold 1215 Macqueen Ave., West Oak Forest to Preston S. Busbee for $306,500.

Gatsby Holdings LLC sold 349 Canterbury Road, West Parkwood Estates to Meghan K. and Charles H. Bruch for $445,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between July 23-27.


Cody W. Burbage sold 117 Mini Farm Road to Justin T. Wilkie for $275,000.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 232 Waning Way, River Reach Pointe to Vasavi Kondisetty-Patel and Ashish Natu Patel for $489,990.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 1069 Oak Bluff Ave. to Dawn N. and Justin J. Warnaar for $459,783.

Fred E. Hill sold 1198 Rivers Reach Drive, River Reach Pointe to Gregory Scott and Janet Ann Brown for $420,000.

Matthew G. Sasiene sold 267 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to Terry Shawn Hartman for $381,000.

Daniel Island

Andrew W. Valdez sold 9009 Merchant St. to Laine H. and Thomas A. Garber for $509,000.

Christopher Betros sold 2014 Purcell Lane, Smythe Park to Megan Marie and Mark N. Jones for $768,000.

Dennis B. Story sold 1410 Smythe St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Scott M. and Noel M. Plesha for $1.7 million.

Edmund D. Puckhaber sold 116 Bellinger St. to Roger Christopher and Hallie Ruth Pons for $780,000.

Edward Anderson Stevens sold 424 Creek Landing St., Ralston Creek to Thomas R. and Misty Jo Neilson for $1.4 million.

John Schneider sold 121 Berkshire Drive, Saint Thomas Point to Adam E. Lewis and Sharon Bransford-Lewis for $630,000.

Michael H. Pearman sold 466 Island Park Drive, Ralston Creek to Stacia A. and Isaac G. Hylton for $1.7 million.

Russell F. Seymour IV sold 124 Cartright St. to Xiomara E. and Taz R. Olson for $540,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 2556 Josiah St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Erica Lagerson and Michael S. Liao for $605,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 2554 Josiah St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Tracey A. and Joseph Noonan for $617,368.

Goose Creek

Katherine B. Berrio sold 104 Brighton Court, Crowfield to Sherwin and Racquel Malicad for $290,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 137 Hyrne Drive, Medway Landing at Montague Plantation to Michael C. and Michelle K. Goad for $267,924.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 225 Wathen Drive, Medway Landing at Montague Plantation to Guillermo P. Colon and Iris M. Rivera Nieves for $282,789.

Zachary David Miller sold 112 North Warwick Trace, Hamlets to Robert H. Lynn and Mary Jean Bond Rhodes for $425,000.


Bruce A. Bailey sold 7026 Billberry St., Tanner Plantation to Desiree M. and Ronald J. Schnackenberg for $265,000.

Ingrid F. Guillen sold 7005 Billberry St., Tanner Plantation to Pankaj and Rachel Vij for $271,000.

Moncks Corner

DR Horton Inc. sold 616 Woolum Drive, Spring Grove to Michael Kyle and Anna F. Lewis for $319,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 421 Stonefield Circle, Spring Grove to Gloria and Jacob S. Welther Burchett for $345,631.

Hunter Quinn Homes LLC sold 523 Man O War Lane, Fairmont South to Della L. Elmer for $269,060.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 280 Swamp Creek Lane, Moss Grove Plantation to John Lee Burrows for $333,901.

Paul J. Herman sold 342 Cicadas Song Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Justin S. Miller for $262,000.

Sabal Homes at Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 418 Ambergate Lane, Foxbank to Betzaida Soto and Edwin F. Maldonado Lopez for $271,000.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 440 Northern Red Oak Drive, Cane Bay to Amanda and Rodney James Spurling for $309,590.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 421 Northern Red Oak Drive, Cane Bay to Tiffany and Robert Anthony Pettijohn for $332,495.

Brenda B. Blackburn sold 205 Sweet Tea Lane, Cane Bay to Henry Nathaniel and Shirley Ann Banks for $354,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 143 Clear Bend Lane, Nexton to Brodie K. and Janet L. Fields for $364,900.

Drew M. Frierson sold 110 Swiftwater Way, Cane Bay to Megan M. and Gregory A. Zitzka for $285,000.

Jeffrey J. Taddeo sold 421 Flat Rock Lane, Cane Bay to Robin Lynn and Gregory Paul Guillie for $375,000.

John Dombrowski Jr. sold 166 Netherfield Drive, Carriage Lane to Richard and Cynthia Shideler for $340,000.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 209 Fall Crossing Place, Cane Bay to Susan Elizabeth Evangelista for $321,130.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 346 Fish Creek Court, Cane Bay to David E. and Janey S. Pace for $466,142.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 122 Beargrass Lane, Cane Bay to Nicole and Alexander Reid for $256,990.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 234 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to Shaun L. and Kristina L. Sloan for $286,265.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 262 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to Tara L. and Adam Fichter for $287,790.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 270 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to Jeremy Winn Coghill for $302,315.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 289 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to George M. and Cheryl N. Engelhardt for $352,040.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 245 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to Antrone P. Coutrier for $353,880.

Matthew J. Lindewirth sold 413 True North Trail, Cane Bay to Trevor and Rebekah K. Conger for $375,000.

Michael Todd sold 217 Village Stone Circle, Marrington Villas at Cobblestone to Mark E. and Collene P. Gander for $287,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 151 Great Lawn Drive, Nexton to Kevin Dale Miller for $265,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 221 Maple Valley Road, Nexton to Richard Wade and Genevieve Marie Nichols for $453,640.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 135 Sago Court, Cane Bay to Ashley and Connor Poston for $295,675.

Sharon Elizabeth Walsh sold 242 Cameron St., Cane Bay to Linsey M. and Teddy L. Davis for $270,000.


Anthony Dean Carter sold 216 Ashmont Drive, Saint Thomas Point to Brent L. and Tanya V. Reagor for $475,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between July 23-27.


DR Horton Inc. sold 9715 Fanning Basket Lane, McKewn to Richard and Nancy K. McBride for $260,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9688 Roseberry St., McKewn to Andrew Richard Leonard for $259,900.

Michael Troan sold 9713 Cutleaf Drive, Coosaw Preserve to Ronald Scott and Tammi Renee Reid for $337,000.

Paarthasaarathy K. Seshadri sold 9784 Black Willow Lane, Coosaw Preserve to William and Melinda Stevens for $310,000.

North Charleston

Daniel R. Green sold 8736 Evangeline Drive, Cedar Grove to Lloyd J. and Jennifer G. Vail for $385,000.

Heidi Holmes sold 8749 East Fairway Woods Circle, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Theresa Lorraine and John Kyle for $350,000.


Gerard L. David sold 1362 Carter Road to Sharee A. and Ian M. Mason for $440,000.


Brandon Anderson sold 135 Hazeltine Bend, Pine Forest Country Club to Michael Alexander and Leslie Jones for $405,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 100 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Stefanie K. and Daryl L. Strong for $345,709.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 165 Ashley Bluffs Road, Bluffs at Ashley River to Robert Gerard and Stephany Masten Faulkner for $314,990.

David Rose sold 160 Tyvola Drive, Ashley Forest to Glynis Hill-Morrison and James Morrison for $410,000.

Diana Pellum sold 418 Lakeview Drive, Ashborough to Peter T. and Suzanne L. Weising for $450,000.

Diane R. Sarrocco sold 1014 South Main St. to Erin Hiller for $431,500.

Floyd E. Lancaster sold 104 East Shepard Lane to James J. Hiller for $465,000.

Frederick W. Nelson sold 1039 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Natasha A. Chatman for $380,000.

James W. Dowdey Jr. sold 164 Fall Creek Blvd., Summerville to Edgardo and Maria C. Viera for $295,000.

Janet L. Hill sold 138 Phoebe Road, The Ponds to Joan Mary Strom for $265,000.

Jeffrey S. Cole sold 104 Sherry Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to James S. and Jenny H. Culbertson for $289,900.

John Blake Spruiell sold 130 Ashley Bluffs Road, Bluffs at Ashley River to Scott Brooks and Terri Evers Matthews for $292,000.

Joseph P. Laferte Jr. sold 322 Middleton Blvd., Ashborough East to Allen and Stephanie Cooke for $350,000.

Joshua Slade Wiley sold 128 Red Bay Lane, The Ponds to Brooke S. and Paul D. Korcuska for $452,000.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 157 Village Ponds Drive, The Ponds to Raymond J. and Alice A. Aldredge for $373,990.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1108 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to Susan K. Daugherty for $393,350.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1176 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to Gregory D. and Christine A. Bretthauer for $467,350.

Low Country Residential Builders LLC sold 903 Shelter Cove Landing, Summerville Country Estates to William E. Weakley Jr. for $353,000.

Martin Lee Jones sold 333 Shaftesbury Lane, King Grant to Kenneth B. and Jennifer A. Long for $364,000.

Paul T. Theisen sold 150 Spring Meadows Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Andrew Allegrini for $315,000.

Penelope R. Seavey sold 530 Pointe of Oaks Road, Legend Oaks Plantation to John George Schneidmuller for $276,000.

Ricky K. Evasic sold 105 Paris Lane, Caire Yelleau to Daniel John Jageman for $329,900.

Robert Willan sold 142 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Brett A. and Kelly M. Lopez for $341,000.

Sabal Homes at Summers Corner LLC sold 441 Watergrass Way, Summers Corner to Carolyn and Joseph Hyatt for $337,195.

Thomas E. Farr sold 106 High Bridge Road, Bridges of Summerville to Wen-Po Hsiao and Grant Ellis for $295,000.

Timothy B. Hamilton sold 207 South Gum St. to David F. Ashwal for $395,000.