Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions for Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 14-18.


Mark W. Booms sold 1957 Ronlin Farm Road to Jonathan Mark and Kelly Marie Hylton for $412,500.


Mary W. McNab sold Unit 4, 32 Prioleau St. to Elizabeth A. Harden and Richard A. Hoefer Jr. for $1.9 million.

Skewes LLC sold 126 Hester St. to 126 Hester Investments LLC for $563,000.

JJR Development LLC sold 13 Boyer Court to Lisa Miller for $265,622.

Jessica L. Miner and Carmel T. Drewes sold 13 Maranda Holmes St. to Lucas G. Tucker for $370,000.

Elizabeth H. and Michael E. Damrich Jr. sold 20 Duncan St. to Caroline Chauvin and Richard M. White for $620,000.

Claire Xidis and Marco Torres sold 36 Bogard St. to Nathan M. Hall and Rachel K. Hyde for $670,000.

Magnolia Hill Farm LLC sold 41 Coming St. to Bruce M. and Nancy L. Hormann for $762,500.

Van C. and Susan H. Campbell sold 52 Tradd St. to Patricia H. Shaw for $2.4 million.

Folly Beach

Jennifer A. Kemp sold Unit 102, 117 East Arctic Ave., Seaside Villas to Timothy J. Corbett for $672,500.

Joseph P. and Valerie A. Jennings sold 1104 Studdingsail Lane, The Preserve at the Clam Farm to Patrick J. Schafer for $507,000.


Diane Kidd O'Brien sold 4862 Marshwood Drive, Plantation at Stono Ferry to James W. and Diane B. Klieforth for $550,000.

Isle of Palms

Arthur V. and Susan B. Gendelman sold 202 Palm Blvd. to Robert K. and Elizabeth T. Magnuson for $1.5 million.

Sandra M. and Chester K. Clontz sold 514 Carolina Blvd. to Two Is Better LLC for $875,000.

Christian J. and Dawn M. Marquez sold 55 Seagrass Lane, Wild Dunes to Joseph Brian and Nicole Rowland Carman for $1.7 million.

James Island

Nick J. and Anne B. Meyer sold 1095 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Ginger Diana and Winston Jerome Clay II for $354,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 121 Alder Circle, King's Flats to William Michael and Janet Marie Deyhle for $589,627.

Carolee Laflamme Alexander sold 2104 Medway Road, Riverland Golfview to Albert Earl Singleton III for $332,000.

William J. Frehse Jr. and Jamison S. Frehse sold 452 Martello Drive, Dogwood Park to MG Lowcountry Acreage LLC for $251,000.

Marek H. Romanowski and Jadwiga Romanowska sold 513 Planters Trace Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Karinka Romanowska for $350,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division Properties LLC sold 514 Yellow Tower Terrace, The Village at Stiles Point to Kathryn Hannum Tayloe and Craig Alexander Pearson for $652,882.

Edmond Sokol sold 632 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Robin L. and Mollie E. Stafford for $295,000.

Judy Kent Ng and Michael J. Simeone sold 722 Windward Road, Lighthouse Point to William H. Davega for $250,000.

Andrew W. Fairey sold 821 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Fort Johnson Estates to Richard M. and Mindy S. Campbell for $644,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division Properties LLC sold 975 Foliage Lane, The Village at Stiles Point to Kenneth I. Thompson Jr. and Dorothy M. Thompson for $603,961.

Paul D. and Allison McCraw sold 987 Mikell Drive, Stiles Point to Neil B. and Nicole S. O'Hara for $485,000.

Johns Island

DR Horton Inc. sold 1200 Hammrick Lane, Woodbury Park to Luis and Tina Taylor Tabares for $480,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1405 Black Maple Way, The Gardens at Riverview Farms to Mark and Christine Warrix for $309,325.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1525 Star Flower Aly, The Garden at Whitney Lake to Marnishia L Jenkins-Tate for $377,707.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1711 Sparkleberry Lane, The Garden at Whitney Lake to Kelly E. Tick for $254,670.

Carol Lea Preisinger sold 1735 Clark Hills Circle, Churchill Landing to Kevin P. Shovlin and Sarah Lynne Brewer for $585,000.

Steven and Rachel Klatt sold 1962 Suzanne St., Cedar Springs to Barry A. Marquez for $290,000.

Samrendra and Annie Singh sold 2821 August Road, Summertrees to Gary Carlson for $270,000.

Fannie Mae sold 2909 Bell Flower Lane, The Garden at Whitney Lake to Jon David Boyd for $287,500.

Cheryl L. Mittry sold 3073 Fosters Glenn Drive, Foster's Glenn to David William Kiss for $465,700.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3414 Olivia Marie Lane, Waterloo Estates to Micheal A Brazelton and Timothy P. Herrman for $533,140.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah Development Partners LLC sold 510 Claret Way, Cassique Clubhouse Village to Scott J. and Melinda P. Quigg for $820,000.

Columbus Southern Kiawah LLC sold Unit A, 41 Eugenia Ave. to Mark Kleine for $2.9 million.

Barbara J. Sanders sold 712 Glossy Ibis Lane, Egret Pintail to Benham R. Wrigley Jr. and Rebecca D. Wrigley for $1.1 million.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

BGSB Real Estate LLC sold Unit E, 966 Houston Northcutt, Bridgewater Center to Shem Creek Village LLC for $750,000.

John F. Hyland sold Unit B, 820 N. Highway 17 to HRG Properties LLC for $649,350.

Stephen Denby sold 1005 Zinser St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Joseph P. and Laura J. Stephens for $263,000.

Marjorie J. Avent sold 102 Live Oak Drive to Elizabeth Parker Campione for $637,500.

Adam Christopher Gerena sold 1112 Daffodil Lane, Snee Farm Gardens to Debra Port Lucchi and Omar Fakhoury for $310,000.

A & M Real Estate LLC sold 1250 Gannett Road, Bentley Park to Gary E. Levine for $595,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 1257 Gannett Road, Bentley Park to Lucas and Any M. Watson for $566,430.

Susan Hunter sold 1291 Hogans Aly, Charleston National to Kathryn W. Johnstone for $500,000.

Richard L. and Iva E. McDermott sold 1330 River Otter Court, Horlbeck Creek to Tyler Grant and Brooklyn Nicole Alderman for $413,000.

Jeffrey Reidelbach sold 1337 Woodlock Road, Laurel Lakes to Leslie Eugenia Hirsig for $540,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1481 Menhaden Lane, Stratton Place at Stratton by the Sound to Cayce Hennessee for $757,782.

Krista Elwood sold 1537 Privateer Drive, Pirates Cove to Adam R. and Elizabeth Wood for $733,325.

Frank and Kirsten Burwell sold 1958 Twickenham Place, Longpoint to Melissa Jennings for $345,000.

Pamela K. Lilly sold 2041 Amenity Park Drive, One Hamlin Place at Hamlin Plantation to Billy H. and Loretta Young Hauser for $585,000.

William D. and Julia D. Cawthra sold 2327 Skyler Drive, Oyster Point to Genevieve J. and Ryan J. Sears for $562,000.

Benjamin S. and Jessica G. Abzug sold 266 Historic Drive, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Jonathan David and Shelby Elizabeth Weimer for $410,000.

Beth Garret Blinn sold 3034 Monhegan Way, One Hamlin Place at Hamlin Plantation to James R. and Emily J. Thomas for $599,900.

Michael and Rebecca Shaw sold 3461 Shagbark Circle, The Woodlands of Dunes West to Justin L. and Susan D. Ashby for $630,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3518 Crosstrees Lane, Carolina Park to Barry A. and Barbara J. Sanders for $568,121.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3548 Wilkes Way, Carolina Park to Dionysos E. Welch and Heather L. Kelly-Welch for $666,553.

Carolyn and Candida C. Dubrofsky sold 3631 Bagley Drive, Preston at Park West to Rebecca A. Pascarell and Joseph F. Bogar for $345,000.

Jason E. and Julia L. Holmes sold 3741 Orion Lane, Carolina Park to Sarah E. Jellin and John P. Peterson for $515,000.

Matthew and Caitlin B. Goudy sold 441 Turnstone St., Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Bethany L. Bryant for $499,000.

Vince C. and Mary F. Northcutt sold 537 East Rice Planters Lane, Rice Planters Pointe to Lester H. Bodkin IV and Katherine S. Bodkin for $725,000.

North Charleston

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 5118 West Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Joshua Wainwright Kohl for $355,832.

Tri-County Surgical LLC sold 9239 Medical Drive to Trident Medical Center LLC for $1.1 million.


SEFH of South Carolina LLC sold 4036 Capensis Lane, Poplar Grove to Winston Thomas Cheatham Jr. and Janelle Jean Cheatham for $399,925.

Seabrook Island

There's No Time Like the Crescent LLC sold 2565 The Haul Over to Michael J. and Kathryn B. Boccaccio for $380,000.

Paul R. Mills and Shirley A. Mullen sold 2978 Seabrook Island Road to Michael Mark Mills for $540,000.

Sullivan’s Island

2302 Middle Street LLC sold Unit A, 2302 Middle St., Sullivan’s House to Adam Austin Bielsky for $1.8 million.


Stephanie Love sold 341 Savannah River Drive, The Lakes of Summerville to Phillip C. Cranny for $1.2 million.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Vicky L. Richmond sold 1155 Quick Rabbit Loop, Hunt Club to Justin and Lindsay Welch for $335,000.

Ruth Bowman Desouza sold 12 Beverly Road, Windermere to Lillian Grimes for $380,000.

Robert Lesser sold 1410 North Edgewater Drive, Edgewater Park to Meghan Weldon Dailey and Keith Werner for $480,000.

Ralph Carter sold 1811 Manigault Place, West Ashley Plantation to William Litchfield for $276,000.

1924 Westminster LLC sold 1924 Westminster Road, Sandhurst to Brian L. and Jillian Marie Franklin for $315,000.

Christopher P. and Jennifer L. Sawyer sold 1990 Hepplewhite St., Hickory Hill Plantation to David L. Patterson and Delores Patterson for $335,000.

Eric S. and Renee C. Bland sold 2516 Rutherford Way, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Sharetta A. Maynor for $320,000.

Tyler Siemon sold 308 Culver Ave., Air Harbor to Catherine Burch and Jeffery George Benson for $310,000.

Sandra J. Newton sold 3243 Castleford Court, River Oaks at Village Green to Marcus Ryan Walker for $250,000.

Kelly and Jessica Brandt sold 352 Clayton Drive, Stonecreek to Christy Lowell for $314,500.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina LLC sold 4123 Rigsby Lane, Ashley Park to Aaron J. McCune for $257,215.

Thomas C. Appleby sold 5 Broughton Road, The Crescent to Paul J. Lopez for $3.1 million.

Sinkler Properties LLC sold 537 Saint Andrews Blvd., Moreland to Victor Apat for $350,000.

Lisa Franklin sold 745 Wexford Road, Long Branch on the Creek to Daniel P. and Shelby R. Ridenour for $295,000.

Strange Boat LLC sold 830 Colony Drive, Proprietor's Row to James L. and Karen S. Blaylock for $320,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 14-18.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 169 Rowans Creek Drive, Marshes at Cooper River to Carroll and Hope R. Gethers for $358,900.

Nathan Edward Lyon sold 1413 Creek House Lane, Beresford Creek to Jessica Lynn and Kelly Clayton Brandt for $570,000.

Phoulamphone Vannavong sold 420 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Jonathan and Melissa Hwang for $389,900.

Edward Morin sold 216 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to Sean and Megan Wininger for $362,000.

Daniel Island

Carson Homes LLC sold 213 Black Powder Lane to Allison Moeller and Brian Pack for $1.6 million.

John P. Mistak sold Unit F106, 200 River Landing Drive to Juliet Elise Day for $414,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1958 Bellona St., Edgefield Park to Dianne W. and Steve W. Brackin for $824,000.

Goose Creek

CalAtlantic Group Inc sold 575 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to Billy Lee Levitt for $268,214.

Robert L. Burdette sold 140 Chaste Tree Circle, Liberty Village to Heather and Ryan Helms for $255,000.


Brian W. Smith sold 1201 Starling Road, Eagle Landing to John Michael Deantonio and Catherine Dawn Cumbee for $277,600.

Lennar Corp. sold 7007 Carolina Rose Road, Scenic Point at Tanner Plantation to Steven Michael and Amanda Gail Allen for $410,130.

Michael J. Sally sold 1019 Dominion Drive, Dominion Hills to Andrew C. and Morgan Hunter Donnelly for $255,000.


DR Horton Inc. sold 229 Camber Road to William and Patricia Rader for $464,570.

Moncks Corner

Ethan Gaskins sold 121 Jolly Lane to Scott and Tina C. Roberts for $255,000.

Hunter Quinn Homes LLC sold 419 War Admiral Lane, Fairmont South to Daniel Sonntag for $252,785.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 276 Swamp Creek Lane, Moss Grove Plantation to Amanda Rachel and Michael Anthony Ussery for $274,374.

Ronald E. Smith sold 319 Old Grade Road, Windwood to Jason C. Tinney for $280,000.


James A. Beyer sold 114 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Jose and Theresa Radzinsky for $262,300.

Jeanette Fowler sold 809 Buckler St., Saint Thomas Park to Paul Lee and Tamra Joelle Personette for $367,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 294 Witch Hazel St., Cane Bay to Ashley Nicole and Tavon W. Brown for $305,170.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division Properties LLC sold 105 Rouen Lane, Cane Bay to Cindi L. and Robert C. Plauger for $275,477.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division Properties LLC sold 264 Saxony Loop, Cane Bay to Laudy L. Oliverosgarcia for $276,727.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 415 Switchgrass Drive, Nexton to Anna Rehmann Riegle for $379,540.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 160 Hedera Court, Nexton to Michael Paul Hanitz and Barbara Jane Bushart-Hanitz for $413,465.

Ryan B. Hamre sold 217 Daybreak Blvd., Cane Bay to Jaime M. and Jacob R. Mulders for $304,500.

True Homes LLC sold 412 Snowy Plover Lane, Nexton to Michael and Carla Healey for $314,025.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 14-18.


DR Horton Inc. sold 5000 Paddy Field Way, McKewn to Charles L. Nickell for $265,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 5012 Paddy Field Way, McKewn to Toby Allen Heffner for $271,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 5025 Paddy Field Way, McKewn to Sean and Amy T. Byron for $265,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9969 Winged Elm St., Coosaw Preserve to William and Adrienne Griggs for $318,945.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9973 Winged Elm St., Coosaw Preserve to Diana R. and Gary F. Malone for $346,790.

North Charleston

Byron D. McDonald sold 8141 Governors Walk, Indigo Fields to Shawn E. and Allison M. Zenthoefer for $264,000.

Catherine S. Marshall sold 8781 Herons Walk, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Donna C. and Joseph Marion Phillips for $392,000.

Linette K. Turbeville sold 8549 Refuge Point Circle, Refuge at Whitehall to Jerry Meeks and Michael Rousseau for $412,000.

Palmetto Signature Homes LLC sold 8304 Cobalt Court, Indigo Fields to Samuel Nelson for $319,050.

Ryan A. Church sold 5501 Lindo Terrace, Indigo Fields to Raynardo Clark Jr. for $292,000.

South Carolina Buyers LLC sold 107 Palmetto Bluff Drive, Archdale to Tiffany and Robert Russell for $263,000.


CalAtlantic Group Inc sold 47 Pavilion St., Reminisce to Brian Douglas Bilbo for $258,061.

CalAtlantic Group Inc sold 43 Pavilion St., Reminisce to William J. and Alexis A. Sciuto for $277,477.

CalAtlantic Group Inc sold 1133 Sapling Drive, Timber Trace to Susan Anne and Scott Thomas Gauthier for $287,670.

CalAtlantic Group Inc sold 1018 Mossy Rock Drive, Timber Trace to Aaron Philip Schmitt and Erin Colleen Hongsermeier for $279,590.

Christina Julia Robes-Teasley sold 101 Tyvola Drive, Ashley Forest to Charles B. and Rebecca P. Coyer for $270,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 164 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Theodore H. and Leslie J. Price for $283,979.

DR Horton Inc. sold 517 Kilarney Road, Pine Forest to Carla L. and Kevin J. Litchfield for $330,000.

Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc sold 1001 Denali Court, The Summit to Janet R. and Roger F. Pierce for $529,000.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3022 Aura Lane, The Ponds to Edwin J. Henrich for $369,250.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 105 Starling St., The Ponds to Harrold L. and Karen A. Garn for $418,940.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3990 Aspera Drive, The Ponds to John P. and Patricia Fisher for $476,290.

Roger W. Goodman sold 251 Renau Blvd., Pine Forest Country Club to Eric C. and Benita B. Tipton for $319,900.

SM Charleston LLC sold 412 Watergrass Way, Summers Corner to Claire M. Hoffman for $316,990.

SM Charleston LLC sold 432 Watergrass Way, Summers Corner to Debbie M. and Hogler O. Wentzel for $330,000.

William G. Vandertulip sold 520 Barfield Drive, Walnut Farms to Tanya Elise and David S. Kramer for $385,000.

Zachary T. Waters sold 308 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Ernest Baud and Melanie D. Ashline for $410,000.