real estate transactions

Real estate transactions for Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 16-19.


George M. and Cynthia Y. Shelor sold 1531 Murphys Island Court, Big Paradise Island to Matthew R. and Christy L. Wurst for $890,000.

Marie S. Griffith sold 1282 Eden Road, Paradise Island to Arthur J. and Pamela Sutton Allen for $842,000.


Thomas F. and Christine B. Motamed sold Unit A, 83 Church St., Cabbage Row to Neal P. and Caroline J. Vohr for $1.5 million.

Alisa Ann Connolly sold Unit 5, 17 Rutledge Ave. to William Eugene Chounet and Loretta Armilda Singletary for $820,000.

Jason H. Cohen sold Unit 418, 4018 Old Bridgeview Lane, The Bristol to Beth H. and Gerald W. Danker for $850,000.

Steven and Nicole C. Spiegel sold 4003 Old Bridgeview Lane, The Bristol to Michael David and Heather Little Brown for $1.1 million.

Ross E. Miller sold Unit 3, 1 Bennett St. to BBC LLC for $710,000.

Kathryn M. Pease sold Unit 8B, 259 East Bay St., Lord Anson Arms to Joseph B. and Linda D. Shirley for $250,000.

David C. and Kristen N. Garretson sold 13 5th Ave. to Brian T. Hess for $497,999.

Marilynn Durkee sold 249 Ashley Ave. to James F. and Cynthia G. Bright for $689,000.

David L. and Grace A.H. Rice sold 43 Chapel St. to David and Samia Hanafi Albenberg for $921,000.

Ray E. Cook sold 8 Chisolm St. to Fred W. Dering II and Toni D. Dering for $999,000.

Christopher and Robert Desino sold 60 Church St. to Kurt H. and Caroline T. Palmer for $4.4 million.

Cedar Mountain Properties LLC sold 5 Coming St. to Ralph Dustin and Laura Stewart Cantral for $882,500.

Raquela J. Thomas sold 6 Dingle St. to Chapel LLC for $315,000.

Hardtack Properties LLC sold 260 Coming St. to Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $800,000.

Gerald M. Plantation to Jonathan Hiott II and Jody R. Davids sold 54 Gibbes St. to Geoffrey S. Connor for $1.9 million.

Elizabeth J.V. Speidel sold 5 Sutherland Ave., Hampton Park Terrace to Bradley Bruce and Chelsea B. Banias for $618,000.

Amy P. Patte sold 38 Legare St. to Robert and Christopher Desino for $1.3 million.

Joseph Odom Church sold 30 Morris St. to Kerry W. Koon and Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $880,000.

Peachtree Street Residential LLC sold 57 Peachtree St. to Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $1.1 million.

Rutledge 762 LLC sold 762 Rutledge Ave. to Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $740,000.

Jennie L. and Elmer A. Smith sold 320 Sumter St. to Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $550,000.

30 Vendue Assoc. LLC sold 30 Vendue Range to Vendue Partners LLC and Michael Troy Barber for $1.9 million.

Edisto Island

Ino A. Vandersteur sold 8595 Raccoon Island Road, Brookland to John Ryan Fanning and Teresa Gail Pickens for $235,000.


Richard and Sandra Batton sold 5378 Creek View Lane, Logbridge Estates to Mendel and Teresa Mitchum for $415,000.

Isle of Palms

Oscar and Marta Mendiondo sold Unit 431 D, 7600 Palmetto Drive, Shipwatch to Robert and Heather McDonnell for $740,000.

J.M. and Janice B. Horst sold 515 Carolina Blvd. to Port City Properties and Rentals LLC for $752,500.

Beth Hipp Clifton sold 310 Charleston Blvd. to Robert C. Collins for $3.3 million.

Mark S. Plecity sold 14 32nd Ave. to J. Michael and Tamara K. Enright for $275,000.

Piccola Paisana Holdings L.P. sold 130 Ocean Blvd. to Cynthia A. Soloman for $3.3 million.

J. Stephen and Laurie J. Hudgins sold 61 Fairway Dunes Lane, Wild Dunes to Claude Evans Timmerman Jr and Charlotte S. Timmerman for $536,000.

James Island

Global Investments LLC sold Unit B 210, 1984 Folly Road, Pelican Pointe to Catherine B Kuhl for $228,000.

Seppala Construction Inc. sold Unit A 105, 1984 Folly Road, Pelican Pointe to Daniel B. Vincent for $227,500.

Jordan L. Pransky and Radhika Patnam sold Unit 15, 111 Wappoo Landing Circle, Wappoo Landing to Matthew Fultz for $467,000.

Edward Green sold 1531 Patterson Ave., Bay Front to Kim M. Saffer for $395,000.

TDG Renovation LLC sold 827 Targave Road, Clark's Point to Laran M. D'Eustachio and Demal Ignatius Mattson III for $361,500.

John M. Rhett sold 1438 Burningtree Road, Country Club to Zachary S. and Elizabeth O. Shaw for $585,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1028 Hills Plantation Drive, Freemans Point at Seaside to Blake and Courtney Andrew Bukowsky for $549,490.

James O. Simone sold 1799 Old Military Road to Angela B. Napier for $450,000.

Masterline Realty Group LLC sold 1708 Wambaw Ave., Laurel Park to Drew Finneran for $410,000.

Patrick J. and Carol C. Lewandowski sold 1476 Amanda Park Lane, Meridian Place to Rhenda Marie Bishop for $241,000.

Timothy R. and Veronica P. Bouquet sold 1610 Ocean Neighbors Blvd. to Victoria Causey and Yan C. Vazquez for $405,000.

Tara M. and Roger B. Kirby Jr. sold 1023 Yorktown Drive, Queensborough to Sarah C. Taber for $238,500.

Margaret Ann Lingle sold 1581 Terns Nest Road, Riverfront to Maren L. Anderson for $371,000.

Donna S. Dawson sold 993 Stono River Drive, Riverland Crossing to Armelle M. Feuvrier and Ariana S. Feuvrier-Rivera for $317,500.

Susan L. Beatty Westbrook sold 173 Plymouth Ave., Riverland Terrace to Brian S. Tanner and Brook A. Irving for $450,000.

Deborah A. Cherry and Denise V. Lacourse sold 7 Forde Row, Rivers Point to Teresa A. Burnett for $353,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 554 Saltgrass Pointe Drive, Saltgrass Pointe to Wendi Kiss for $444,725.

D. Fynn and Brenda W. Dehay sold 961 Kushiwah Creek Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to Jefferson Pierce Buster Kelly J. Buster for $425,000.

John T. Sanders III and Tamara F. Sanders sold 908 Watermelon Run, Stiles Point Plantation to John and Connie D. Riani for $505,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 821 Shutes Folly Drive, The Village at Stiles Point to Joseph Christopher Gaydos Jr. and Stephanie Shinn Gaydos for $549,519.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 711 Farm Cottage Lane, The Village at Stiles Point to Timothy Robert and Veronica Perez Bouquet for $607,634.

Richard D. and Kristen W. Sharp sold 1183 Shoreham Road, Willow Walk to Zachary Snipes and Lauren Spake for $265,550.

Johns Island

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1422 Tannery Row, Brownswood Village to Maegan D. Bonow for $260,388.

Christa E. and Eugene E. Mikell sold 1949 Everett St., Cedar Spring to Julie Lynn Beam for $275,000.

Prosser's Custom Homes LLC sold 3367 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Angelo H. and Tonya E. Melita for $255,000.

Folly Hen Properties LLC sold 3320 Maybank Highway to 1108 St. Gregory St LLC for $450,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 3092 Grand Bay Lane, Maybank Village to Jessica Whitaker Hudson for $327,285.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2038 Elvington Road, Oakfield to John A. and Margaret M. Hoeft for $281,415.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2928 Gantt Drive, Oakfield to Kristin J. and Jauron S. Ingram for $399,615.

The Bank of New York Mellon sold 2205 Shoreline Drive, Shoreline Farms to Eric Andrew Birt for $630,000.

Chris and Jennifer M. Pruett sold 3322 Porchview Place, St. Johns Woods to David Walter Allen Hanley and Kathryn Jane Richardson for $545,000.

Karen E. Gooding sold 3449 Thorpe Constantine Ave., Staffordshire to Ryan Richard and Justice Talbot for $235,000.

Steve R. Dembkowski sold 1163 Startrail Lane, Summertrees to Julie L. Clovis-Anderson and Michael G. Anderson for $247,000.

Patricia B. Patterson sold 2901 Maybry Drive, The Cottages at Johns Island to Cerberus SFR Holdings L.P. for $258,000.

Peter Andrew Komar sold 1717 Brittlebush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Sheila M Pabst for $232,000.

Patricia L. and Christopher L. Dias sold 2929 Bell Flower Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Tammy Green-Barclay for $264,900.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1710 Emmets Road, The Oaks at St. Johns Crossing to Tyler L. Potepan for $308,519.

Kiawah Island

Joseph V. and Terri L. Carcello sold 4827 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Cove Villas to Thomas W. and Deborah M. Goodwin for $480,000.

Kiawah River View Investors LLC sold 145 Bobcat Lane, Riverview Townhomes to Holly Layman and Andrew Bernardini for $277,000.

KRVI Townhomes LLC sold 114 Bobcat Lane, Riverview Townhomes to Carl Bradley Munday for $1.3 million.

304 Victory Bay Lane LLC sold 304 Victory Bay Lane, Ocean Park to Peter Marks for $3.2 million.


Ian N. Turner sold 9619 Spencer Woods Road, Spencer Creek Woods to Kyle Lasater Donovan for $203,000.


Richard D. Davis sold 4221 Highway 165 to U.S. Bank N.A. for $527,564.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

Annette J. Remsburg sold Unit H, 705 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Lucas O. Juon for $245,000.

Linda F. and Edward A. Scott sold Unit 40, 256 Fair Sailing Road, Egret's Walk to Gregg Richard and Kimberly Ann Linhart for $267,500.

Joseph A. Monahan sold 1023 Basildon Road, The Battery at Park West to Ryan and Shannon Zimmerman for $221,400.

Noel J. Russen sold 1693 Camfield Lane, Ellington Woods to Rita Paulina Restle for $229,000.

Christopher D. and Page B. Palmer sold 831 Armsway St. to Amy K. Orr for $386,000.

Richard D. and Audrey B. Hall sold 1782 Bergenfield Road to Alan Douglas and Leslie Boyd Gerard for $850,000.

Thomas R. and Dana L. Hurt Jr sold 1440 Gunnison St., Carolina Park to Darin T. and Catherine J. Zimmerman for $775,000.

Jillie R. Williams sold 1312 Wylls Neck Circle, Chelsea Park to Ryan Byrne for $345,000.

Rosanna Donoghue sold 733 York St. to Cary B. Zapatka for $281,500.

Nathan E. and Renee T. Skipper sold 1482 Simmons St. to Debby P. and Kevin M. Smith for $715,000.

Stephanie Kim Austin sold 1116 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park at Park West to Penn Wickenberg Ely and Amanda Lynn Mitchell for $372,000.

Jarrod and Alisa K. Brooks sold 1713 Tolbert Way, Coatbridge at Park West to Adrienne Jennette and Bruce Eugene Lauder for $460,000.

Blue Crab Holdings LLC sold 1571 Hidden Bridge Drive, Cooper's Landing to William G. and Meghan A. Davis for $363,000.

Catalyst Builders Inc. sold 1630 Periwinkle Drive to Robert H. Greer Jr. and Kimberly L. Herlong Greer for $453,115.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 3779 Copahee Sound Drive, Copahee Landing to Sathyan Ramdas Neerattil for $417,375.

Chris and Brittney Farrell sold 3674 Coastal Crab Road, Darrell Creek Plantation to Julie A. and Scott A. Grundahl for $610,100.

Nathaniel and Christiane Jones sold 358 Commonwealth Road, Darrell Creek Plantation to Max and Melinda Reeves Immelman for $765,000.

Matthew R. Wurst sold 253 River Oak Drive, Grassy Creek to Curtis and Alapana Wegner for $330,000.

Family Services Inc. sold 1162 Main Canal Drive, Harborgate Shores to Jeffrey Healy for $308,000.

Gale Grafe sold 570 Heron Pointe Blvd., Heron Pointe to Joseph S. Banas Jr. and Cheryl J. Banas for $625,000

Paula R. Elliott Hollingworth sold 1145 S. Shadow Drive, Hickory Shadows to Anthony Cavalea Jr. for $299,000.

Ann W. Coggin sold 1269 Hidden Lakes Drive, Hidden Lakes to Karla S. Kay for $535,000.

Andrea H. and Thomas J. Ryan III sold 22 Fairhope Road, I'On to George E. Martin III and Kathryn W. Martin for $830,000.

Kathryn Blake Ellesworth sold 55 Robert Mills Circle, I'On to Timothy J. and Claudia P. Bellars for $2.2 million.

Robert Phillip Roof Jr. and Presley Ann Johnson sold 59 Sanibel St., I'On to Timothy M. and Mary B. Hayes for $1.3 million.

Adrienne J. and Bruce E. Lauder sold 1454 Goblet Ave., Jasper Terrace to Christopher Cordes and Page Blanding Palmer for $455,000.

BE Kessler LLC sold 748 McCants Drive, Mount Pleasant Heights to Eugene Dewey Foxworth IV and Carter Burdell Boardman for $633,750.

Michael A. and Marguerite A. Maucher sold 1900 North Creek Drive, North Creek at the Pointe to George C. Nicholson and Wendy J.B. Young for $1.3 million.

Christopher R. and Lynette R. Hartle sold 1914 North Creek Drive, North Creek at the Pointe to Harold G. and Vicki A. Martin for $650,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1474 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Jason Brent and Thanh Thi Helen Webster for $586,940.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1505 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Scott and Karen Hughston for $625,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1557 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to Steven and Patricia A. Fanelli for $744,600.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1482 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Thomas A. and Carolyn M. Bondurant for $538,490.

Andrea J. Schaefer and Robert L. Clem Jr. sold 1032 Provincial Circle, Patriot's Province to Brian J. Kulik for $349,000.

EH Properties LLC sold 2092 Presidio Drive, Quail Hollow to Christine Ann Hamilton for $360,000.

Michael N. and Jennifer D. Miller sold 2615 River Bluff Lane, Rivertowne to Mark C. Wilkinson and Cheryl Larson for $549,000.

Andrew J. and Mary K. Demasi sold 1029 Loyalist Court, Snee Farm to Gallie Properties LLC for $330,000.

Robin R. Hill sold 1112 Daffodil Lane, Snee Farm Gardens to Adam Christopher Gerena for $263,000.

CW - Stratton LLC sold 1456 Sheepshead Lane, Stratton by the Sound to Ashton Charleston Residential LLC for $931,425.

CW - Stratton LLC sold 3656 Redfish Circle, Stratton by the Sound to Ashton Charleston Residential LLC for $931,425.

Joseph Kassim sold 374 Fern House Walk, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Justin Thomas Rootz and Hillary E. McCormick for $365,000.

Michael A. Ragsdale sold 3184 Queensgate Way, The Gates at Park West to Anthony Favaro for $224,000.

James J. Sanyi Jr. sold 3007 Yachtsman Drive, The Harbour at Dunes West to Tammy Livers for $765,000.

Gregory W. and Donna G. Johnson sold 359 Old South Way, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Alab B. and Jane E. Kingston for $375,000.

Stacey K. Matsuura and Aileen Y. Tanimoto-Matsuura sold 131 Revolution Drive, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to John Thomas and Natalie Pike Kornegay for $358,000.

Alice V. Stallings sold 2032 Country Manor Drive, Water's Edge to Steven J. and Andrea L. Taylor for $315,000.

Susan P. Petty sold 1133 Wexford Park, Wexford Park to James Joseph Feltner and Jacqueline Elizabeth Schiller for $436,000.

Adam and Lindsey Weser sold 2923 Old Tavern Court, Yaugh Hall to Amy and Linus Bruno for $530,500.

North Charleston

Jeffrey D. and Amy T. Looney sold 2374 Tulane Road, The Quarter at Northwoods Pointe to James Ladson for $225,000.

Johnathan W. and Reva M. Eubanks sold 8150 Little Sydneys Way, Baker Plantation to Rashad Devon and Jarvista Monique Maxwell for $238,000.

Palmetto Railways sold 1681 McMillan Ave. to FLSC Properties LLC for $6.4 million.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 7853 Expedition Drive, Colony North to Adrian and Shayla V. Miller Cooper for $215,755.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 7719 Desoto Drive, Colony North to Shierra Fe Paraiso for $255,975.

Bruce W. Oliver sold 8753 Jessica Court, Deerwood to Robert Dale Phipps for $206,000.

Riverplace Holdings LLC sold 2157 Rich St., Goodrich Acres to Kennedy Richter Construction LLC for $800,000.

Richards and Co. LLC sold 4524 Holmes Ave. to William Kershaw and Anne H. Le Clercq for $234,400.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 5210 East Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Patrick J. Mulhern for $400,755.

Gerald V. and Judith A. Taylor sold 3209 Industry Drive, Pepperdam Industrial Park to 3209 Industry LLC for $382,500.

Maryland V. Cox sold 4761 Farmal St., Wando Woods to Jeffrey E. Boor for $225,000.


Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc. sold 4127 Ten Shillings Way, Poplar Grove to Michael Lee Shumberger for $729,485.

Seabrook Island

Wiley J. and Bonita L. Jones sold 2424 Racquet Club Drive, Racquet Club Villas at Seabrook to Richard William and Lisa Dunn Graham for $217,000.

Thomas J. Campagna sold 3653 Cobia Court to Paul D. Snyder for $337,500.

Sullivan’s Island

Cynthia A. Solomon sold 2614 Bayonne St. to Paul W. Stephenson for $3.3 million.


HandH Constructors Inc. sold 215 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to Ralph D. and Suzanne J. Tileston for $363,300.

Wadmalaw Island

Christopher A. and Stephanie L.H. Greer sold 2477 Leadenwah Drive to Robert Alan and Susan Huffman for $260,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Cornerstone Church of Charleston sold 431 Magnolia Road, Ashley Forest to Nathan C. and Michelle P. Hertel for $350,000.

Donald Wright sold 4129 Veritas St., Ashley Park to Susan M. Culp for $204,500.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 3106 Moonlight Drive, Bolton's Landing to Gerard Vincent Pandolfo Jr. and Roberta Pandolfo for $300,000.

Junfei Jin and Xiaoming Zhang sold 3316 Conservancy Lane, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Marguerite Campbell for $229,000.

Carolyn A. Campbell Stratos sold 43 Timmerman Drive, Byrnes Down to Justin James and Brooke Neal Hartman for $412,000.

Centex Homes sold 2661 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to Brandon H. and Allison Broughton for $311,340.

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Centex Homes sold 2630 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to Dale Edward and Brenda Lee Claborn for $270,965.

Centex Homes sold 2689 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to William Gilbert IV for $290,190.

Anne Keating Ellington sold 20 Cavalier Ave., Farmfield to James R. and Christina K. Moore for $275,000.

John and Denise McElwee sold 1346 Ashley Gardens Blvd., Hamilton Grove to Barbara S. Lewis for $275,000.

Sean P. and Laura L. Murphy sold 165 Evening Shade Drive, Hamilton Grove to Robert T. Silkett Jr. for $350,000.

Earnestine Harrison sold 1263 South Lenevar Drive, Lenevar to Brian Paul Keough for $253,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3159 Mulan Lane, Magnolia Bluff to Michael Said and Talitha Sarhan for $285,900.

Amy B. and James F. Overcash sold 119 Brogun Lane, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to Anthony T. and Maryann Carney for $520,000.

Philip Lance Blalock sold 34 Brisbane Drive, Parkshore to Chris B. Straight and Jennifer Outlaw for $460,000.

Ryan and Catherine C. Bradley sold 257 Druid Road, Parkwood Heights to Gerald Hiott II for $439,000.

Alexander R. Ocasio Martinez and Suhey Torres Bonilla sold 1809 Ground Pine Drive, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Christopher D. and Daniela L. Annibale for $334,500.

Grady E. and Elizabeth A. Glover sold 6 McDougall Drive, Shadowmoss Plantation to John H. and Marylyn D. Sachleben for $383,000.

Win Win Fast Property Solutions LLC sold 15 Rice Drive, West Oak Forest to Emily M. Bond for $318,000.

James Robert Yarborough sold 343 Canterbury Road, West Parkwood Estates to 343 Canterbury LLC for $340,000.

Barbara M. McManus sold 6 Chadwick Drive, Windermere to Louis F. Husk Plzak III and Nicole D. Husk for $699,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 16-19.


Mathew A. and Tammy M. Root sold 483 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Renata Dostalkova and Pamela A. Ballard for $306,000.

Daniel Island

Heather M. Lewis sold 221 King George St., Ralston Creek to George F. and Dawn M. Harris for $1.4 million.

James V. Cooke III and Cynthia B Camp sold 116 Burnham St. to Timothy Nolan Windholtz and Jessica L. Salerno for $539,000.

Goose Creek

Benjamin J. Harvey sold 116 Cypress View Road, Fosters Creek to Lakeyia A. M. Matthews for $215,000.

Diana P. and Joseph T. Prather sold 101 Broken Branch Drive, Mulberry Park to Michael John and Lisa Marie Seith for $210,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 300 Toddler Trail, Montague Plantation to Shenna Latrell and Leonard C. Fox for $277,655.

James R. Reese and Henrietta D. Reese sold 120 Adthan Circle, Adthan Place to Marvin C. and Bridget Williams Dickey for $256,500.

Jonathan D. and Masami Fischer sold 609 Parkwood Drive, Liberty Village to David M. and Norma Dian Goldsmith for $297,500.

Thomas D. Barker sold 218 Seth Court, Cokers Crossing to Erick Febus Lebron for $207,800.


Carl E. Maahs III and Timothy E. Maahs sold 8 Corsica Court to Adrian and Erin Elizabeth Campbell for $215,000.

Kelvin T. and Pamela D. Corley sold 1229 Pasture View Drive, Tanner Hall to Amr Abdelmoez Sharafeldin for $514,500.


Toni M. Mizell sold 2018 Hunters Bend Trail, Hunters Bend to Daniel J. and Caroline R. Wilcox for $262,000.

Moncks Corner

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 520 Abigail St., Strawberry Station to William F. and Karen R. Martin for $265,009.

Damien L. and Jodi A. Corona sold 1176 Witherbee Road to Terrill T. Lykins for $380,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 302 Oakfield Place, Spring Grove to James Ryan and Christina Marie Thompson for $305,000.

Hunter Quinn Homes LLC sold 1707 Gum Ave. to Matthew and Ashley Gaskins for $267,640.

Hunter Quinn Homes LLC sold 1708 Trout St. to Jason Dewayne Batchler for $274,250.

John C. and Teri L. Bradshaw sold 115 Waccamaw Circle, Foxbank Plantation to Fabio and Elizabeth Alves for $325,000.

Kathy Rae Carlers sold 1036 Bald Cypress Drive, Fairmont South to James Allan and Heather Ann Futch for $235,000.

Michael and Michelle Fox sold 300 Southern Sugar Ave., Cypress Ridge to Gregory Alan and Samantha Raye Labac for $229,871.

True Homes LLC sold 420 Thoroughbred Drive, Steeplechase to Alexandra Hillary Lord and Michael Smith for $211,435.

Palmetto Plaza of Moncks Corner LLC sold 113 South Highway 52 to Ibrahim H. and Aida Dabit for $795,000.

Quinn Homes LLC sold 553 Man O War Lane, Fairmont South to Priscilla Duggins for $259,100.


Andra J. Winkler sold 207 Waterfront Park Drive, Cane Bay to Eleanor and Arthur Randolph Briggs for $219,000.

Epcon Marrington LLC sold 303 Blakely Village Lane, Marrington Villas at Cobblestone to David J. and Mary L. Livingston for $291,890.

Epcon Marrington LLC sold 504 Dunmoor Village Lane, Marrington Villas at Cobblestone to Richard Warren and Linda Satterfield Van Brunt for $305,945.

Erika Schmitt and Timothy J. Schmitt sold 297 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Miguel L. and Vanessa Garcia for $289,900.

George A. and Candis W. Horton sold 109 Kingswood Place, Berkeley Commons to Jesus Daniel Galvan and Cynthia Gomez for $203,000.

Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc. sold 132 Mulberry Crossing Lane, Mulberry Crossing to Eric Gerard Lloyd for $408,812.

John G. and Jeannette E. Bowers sold 110 Billowing Sails St., Cane Bay to Robert B. and Arlee S. Emmott for $238,500.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 345 Fish Creek Court, Cane Bay to William and Tracy Woodall for $548,338.

Steven T. and Gizelle M. Faser sold 158 Lindera Preserve Blvd., Cane Bay to Travis R. and Kaori Benningfield for $343,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 16-19.


Aric A. and Heather A. Hansen sold 114 Graduate Lane, Eagle Run to Vikki Natasha and Dewayne Michael High for $225,000.

Christopher F. and Linda Ann Koenig sold 218 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Jordan and Jaclyn Cachiaras for $229,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9841 English Elm St., Coosaw Preserve to Robert Lee and Yuka Cooper for $327,310.

Martin Beaurgard sold 124 Graduate Lane, Eagle Run to Marlon Lozano-Perez and Yuri Patron Hernandez for $269,900.

DR Horton Inc. sold 4848 Meeting Oaks Drive, McKewn to Ansel B. Trotter III for $235,900.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9802 Seed St., McKewn to Vitaliy O. Benz for $248,000.

North Charleston

James and Deborah Whetzel sold Unit 2201, 8800 Dorchester Road, Villas at Charleston Park to Donald F. and Katherine Lynskey for $228,000.

Joshua S. and Louise B. Soileau sold 4718 Cotillion Drive, Woodington to Nathan J. and Rebekah E. Mayo for $226,000.


Frederick J. Smith III and Amanda Smith sold 3041 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Joseph and Leeann Barton for $265,000.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 112 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Doris L. Jones and Doris Ann Driggers for $377,277.

James E. Chellis sold 2206 Pimlico Drive, Bridlewood Farms to Timothy and Marilyn Harrelson for $229,000.

Jeremy L. King and Caitlin L. King sold 1741 Diving Duck Lane, Drakesborough to Scott Michael and Katherine Brooks Spellman for $224,000.

John B. and Caroline Sabine sold 211 Parkwood Drive, Sheppards Park to J. M. and Janice B. Horst for $251,300.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 2011 Barn Swallow Road, The Ponds to Susan B. Charlesworth for $435,540.

Laurie Michelle Johnson sold 102 Rosario Drive, Plum Creek to Austin Crowley and Charlee Davis for $215,000.

Rachel U. Nguyen sold 5203 Stonewall Drive, Wescott Plantation to Zachary D. and Amanda D. Piper for $282,800.

Randall J. and Vicki P. Sorrow sold 105 Ravenwood Court, Irongate to Jamie M. Stufflebeam for $221,000.

Robert L. and Kristina L. Green sold 209 Weston Hall Drive, The Ponds to David M. and Lauren Danner for $435,000.

Russell Webb sold 112 Northpark Ave., Summer Ridge to Prahladbhai and Sumit Patel for $249,500.

Sandra D. Fiedler sold 104 Dawnshire Court, Kings Grant to Christopher A. and Chelsea L. Mills for $234,000.

Scott Edward and Mei-Ling Bailey sold 118 Pavilion St., Reminisce to Gabriel Edwards for $228,000.