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Real estate transactions for Sunday, June 3, 2018. Leroy Burnell/Staff

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between April 9-13.


Carolyn L. Price sold 3437 Thunder Gulch Trail, Pepper Plantation to James E. Roberts and Lori Roberts Hauser for $1.2 million.


Barry T. Davison sold Unit C, 87 East Bay St. to Dana Paul and Katherine Connor Boyette for $1.4 million.

Betty Y. Segal sold Unit 401, 175 Concord St. to Donald D. Leonard for $1.9 million.

Michelle Ferguson sold Unit 211, 99 St. Philip St., St. Philip's Place to 99 St. Philip Street LLC for $250,000.

Preservation Property Co. LLC sold 11 Nunan St. to Kelly Elizabeth and Patrick J. Doyle for $577,500.

Brandon D. Brown sold 12 Moultrie St. to Gail G. and Henry G. Garcia for $600,000.

John D. and Susan D. Osteen sold 17 Felix St. to Ahmed Elhalawany for $600,000.

William Q. and Kathleen M. Burke sold 184 Mary Ellen Drive, Longborough to Kevin and Mary Steelman Adams for $680,000.

Sumdeveloper LLC sold 266 Ashley Ave. to Michael D. Criswell and Catherine E. Kister for $463,750.

Robert H. and Sharon R. Bruner sold 277 Coming St. to Eric C. Meckley and Cassie E. Bray for $325,000.

Charles E. McKenzie sold 3 Judith St. to Michael L. and Elizabeth A. Masiowski for $350,000.

Finest City Home Buyers Inc. sold 30 Sheppard St. to Helen Tucker Herpel and Phillip C. Tucker for $638,000.

Charles E. and Sela D. Morris sold 4 Rutledge Ave. to Karen Hoover and Shane T. McBride for $1.4 million.

Russell B. and Tara P. Guerard sold 41 Tradd St. to 41 Tradd Reverse Exchange LLC for $2.1 million.

Ivy W. Coleman sold 45 Peachtree St. to PUI 1 LLC for $370,000.

Joseph A. and Kathryn L. Martina sold 46 Pitt St. to Riccardo and Jennifer Crowley Campinoti for $905,000.

Leah Avery Riley and Lucas Cobb sold 55 Carolina St. to Megan L. Riddle for $475,000.

Michael L. and Elizabeth F. Johnson sold 57 Vanderhorst St. to Michael D. and Melaina M. Jones for $915,000.

Remigio Cramerstetter sold 76 Murray Blvd. to IRH Investments LLC for $690,000.

Edisto Island

Thomas L. and Lucy S. Tiller Jr sold 641 Foredeck Lane to Susan R. Hawk for $478,000.

Folly Beach

Donna T. and Steven R. Bowling sold 1 Sumter Drive, East Folly Beach Shores to David Roebuck and Sarah R. Patel for $1.1 million.

Margaret A. Norred sold 119 East Hudson Ave. to Melissa Moeckel for $625,000.


Thomas L. Dabbs. Jr. and Joan N. Dabbs. sold 4645 Archfield Ave., Archfield Plantation to Richard S. and Wanda B. Barrett for $850,000.

James C. and Judith K. Beall sold 4706 Gold Cup Lane, Plantation at Stono Ferry to James R. Fenstad and Maria C. Silva-Fenstad for $710,000.

Walter F. and Delellis H. Scott sold 4846 Highlander Lane, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Wallace L. Reed Jr. and Caroline B. Reed for $669,000.

Min D. and Mei Q. Gao sold 4847 8th Tee Drive, Stono Ferry to Patrick A. McBride for $340,000.

Isle of Palms

TSMT Properties LLC sold Unit 236, 1300 Ocean Blvd., Sea Cabin on the Ocean to John E. and Elizabeth J. Crowley for $300,000.

Carron P. Smoak sold Unit 135, 1300 Ocean Blvd., Sea Cabin on the Ocean to Martha E. Dieckmann for $315,000.

Robert A. and Helen Clear sold Unit 106, 1140 Ocean Blvd. to Henry C. Watkins for $824,000.

Dolores A. Korz sold 1 57th Ave. to Abigail Elizabeth Smith and George Matthew Knab for $715,000.

De Villier Investments LLC sold 14 Fairway Oaks Lane, Fairway Oaks to Radford Properties LLC for $555,000.

IOP LLC sold 17 44th Ave. to Nancy J. McGinley and Stacy Rubin for $732,000.

Joon So sold 17 Sandcrab Court to Rosemary E. Aigner for $685,000.

Uxbridge LLC sold 300 Charleston Blvd. to Neely Woodson Powell for $1.6 million.

Mary Kathleen H. Rambo sold 3600 Hartnett Blvd. to Lawson S. and Lisa M. Owen for $1.2 million.

Louise O. Moore sold 42 Fairway Dunes Lane, Fairway Dunes Villas to Erik K. and Mciani Insko for $647,500.

Jimmie H. and Kim K. Lenz sold 42 Ocean Point Drive, Wild Dunes to Samuel J. and Rubina J. Batt for $1.6 million.

Paul S. and Sondra L. Hopmeier sold 56 Grand Pavilion Blvd., Wild Dunes to Five Roses LLC for $1.1 million.

Cynthia J. Walters-Holm sold 7 49th Ave. to Thomas and Kathleen McLaughlin for $1.4 million.

James Island

Tammy Spake Ric sold Unit 104A, 1984 Folly Road, Pelican Pointe to John David and Suan C. Dawkins for $250,000.

Judith M. Courter sold Unit 4, 608 Harbor Creek Place, Harbor Creek to R. Lee Holz for $389,900.

Russell A. Posch sold Unit B, 116 Howard Mary Drive, Sable on the Marsh to William Beck and Jeanette Arvay for $374,900.

Isaac Haldeman sold Unit 109, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat at Riverland to Thomas Madison and Sherry Anne Baker for $200,000.

Jason C. Selby and Jamie L. Minster sold 109 Sea Cotton Circle, Planters Trace at Seaside Plantation to Amy Bryda for $299,000.

Michael James Boyles sold 1216 Midvale Ave., South Riverview to David Nathan Gifford and Allyson R. Hoffman for $270,000.

Hauxwell Homes LLC sold 1263 Chicorie Way, Quail Run to Hannah and Bradford Bangel for $385,000.

Matthew J. Jennings and Todd Nuhfer sold 2053 Terrabrook Lane to Gerald J. and Diane R. Maus for $481,500.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 214 Swiftwater Road, Grand Oaks to Vincent Joseph and Jenelle Esther Sorrentino for $367,730.

Andria D. Stevens sold 2151 Wappoo Hall Road, Wappoo Hall to 2151 WHR LLC for $420,000.

Jan Elizabeth Elliott sold 2179 Stonewood Drive, Riverland Golfview to Caitlin Boninti for $295,000.

John W. and Christin L. Austin sold 554 Parrot Point Drive to Todd Eugene and Regina Murphy Slawter for $1.4 million.

MSR-EB Waterfront Venture LLC sold 617 Stono Shores Point, The Pointe at Stono Shores to Lara S. and Jonathan B. Harpe for $245,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 805 Shutes Folly Drive, The Village at Stiles Point to Ryan J. and Tiffany Smith for $544,051.

Martha L. and Richard K. Hutto sold 870 West Madison Ave. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. for $215,000.

Clyde Michael Poplin sold 958 Mikell Drive, Stiles Point to Elizabeth Mallory Kohler for $475,000.

Laura Anne Union sold Unit C, 804 Harbor Place Drive, Harbor Place Villas to Michael Price for $220,000.

Johns Island

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1717 Sparkleberry Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Koldo Mirena Eceiza Ramos for $297,699.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 1206 Segar St., Swygerts Landing to Michael D. Scalise for $399,500.

Wendy Schmunk sold 1316 Fenwick Plantation Road, The Commons at Fenwick Hall to Candice Marie Chuppa for $210,000.

Sample Investments LLC sold 1533 Langston Drive, Island Estates to John P. Robertson IV for $228,000.

Marianne E. Harvey sold 1544 Maple Grove Drive, The Retreat at Johns Island to Ryan Edward Tracey and Samantha Marie Williams for $256,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 2590 Private Lefler Drive, Stonoview to Alexander Terry and Shelly Dee Kelley for $444,287.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 3061 Vincent Astor Road, Oakfield to Dennis M. and Hope T. McKiernan for $269,965.

Lindsey C. Thomas sold 3414 Needwood Forest Drive, Staffordshire to Susannah K. Runkle for $250,000.

Luke Theodore Schellhase sold 3584 Berryhill Road, Cedar Spring to Kevin P. Leheny for $295,000.

Travis L. Miller sold 3614 Hilton Drive to Jacob A. Blasko for $200,000.

Kiawah Island

Sheri and Malcolm McQuilkin sold 235 Queens Cottage Lane, Garden Homes at Cassique to C. Donald Brasher Jr. for $575,000.

Jay W. and Nicole S. File sold 1350 Dunlin Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to Sultan Siddique and Lani Siddique for $455,000.

Diana M. Klinedinst sold 191 Sandwedge Court, Middlewoods West to 191 Sandwedge LLC for $845,000.

304 Victory Bay Lane LLC sold 304 Victory Bay Lane, Ocean Park to Peter Marks for $3.2 million.

Judy E. Chitwood sold 34 Marsh Edge Lane, Marsh Island Woods to Charles E. Youngstrom for $325,000.

James C. Morton Jr. and Susan P. Morton sold 90 Belmeade Hall Road, Inlet Cove Club to Leif D. and Amy J. Anderson for $1.1 million.


Alison J. Henning sold 3735 Blackjack Road, Spencer Creek Woods to Charles Antonio and Tammy Gilchrist for $210,000.

Lamanuel and Kayla Hightower sold 3809 Annapolis Way, Wellborn Village to Tyler Laflin for $207,500.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

N Boulware Enterprises LLC sold Unit 202, 1459 Stuart Engals Blvd. to Suite 202 LLC for $402,500.

Theodore A. Eyrich sold Unit S, 2005 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Kevin Shiver for $222,100.

Carol Diamond sold 1827 Parc Vue Ave., Montclair to Jason Diazmori for $210,000.

William K. Westley III sold 1808 Belle Chez, Montclair to Sean Y. and Catherine H. Griffin for $211,000.

Matthew and Rachel W. Stanley sold 1307 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Erin Rauton Shiver for $265,000.

Gill Holdings LLC sold 1008 Bowman Woods Drive, Carolina Park to Charles Samuel and Jill Newman Deich for $480,000.

Jayme L. Mason sold 1008 Zinser St., Waverly to Michael J. and Tina Marie Schwartz for $275,000.

Chen Wang and Jun Gu sold 1144 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Donald Clayton and Wendy Crisp Helms for $430,000.

Edward and Cina Haas sold 1214 Sam Snead Drive, The Orchard at Charleston National to Geoffrey Creighton Eddings for $356,000.

Tupelo Bend LLC sold 133 Bratton Circle, Village Park to Joan M. and Steven D. Young for $520,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1387 Rivella Drive to Ronald G. and Catherine Mary Pfitzner for $674,990.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1396 Founders Way to Tracy Lynn and Brannon S. Edney for $717,000.

Matthew F. Sparrow sold 1403 School House Road, Harbour Creek of Oakhaven Plantation to Kyle A. and Sara Green for $330,000.

Lawrence G. Southard IV sold 1419 Masthead Drive, The Harbour at Dunes West to Sean G. Bailey for $604,000.

Jesse and Andrea Freiwald sold 1446 Periwinkle Drive, Copahee View at Whitehall Plantation to Michael N. Russo Jr. for $387,500.

Keith S. Wickizer sold 1450 Appling Drive, Shellpoint to Chris and Kristina Rae Ennis for $564,000.

Johnnie Brent Thomas sold 1466 Glencoe St., The Highlands to 1466 Glencoe LLC for $512,000.

Constance K. Franzblau sold 1472 Cypress Pointe Drive, Cypress Pointe of Dunes West to Robert Pace and Nadine Rochler for $352,000.

Elka Construction Specialties LLC sold 1491 Astley Road, Cassina Plantation to Stewart and Emily Jane Watson for $520,000.

Ronald L. Dula sold 1498 Seminole St., Osceola Heights to GRS 1498 Seminole LLC for $395,000.

Christopher W. and Megan A. Onysko sold 1509 Oldenburg Drive, Pepper Plantation to Edward P. Brady III and Susan M. Brady for $364,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1552 Prince Edward St., Oyster Point to Michael K. Reidenbach for $437,870.

Nicholas J. and Shera L. Wiscons sold 1561 Bourne Crossing, Carolina Park to Mel Clark for $535,000.

Eric P. and Diana E. McAllister sold 1564 Cranes Nest Road, Carolina Park to Victoria Crawford for $475,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1574 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to Raymond and Ann Marie Manfredi for $750,500.

JOG EP LLC sold 1581 Porchers Bluff Road, Hamlin Plantation to Lucy Ford and Christopher Ford Findlay for $440,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1590 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to Thomas J. and Lynne M. Graves for $821,980.

William B. Flaherty sold 1633 Sewee Fort Road, Wheatstone at Park West to SC Sunset Properties LLC for $635,000.

SBC Home LLC sold 1825 Carolina Park Blvd., Carolina Park to John T. and Jane E. Marino for $951,122.

Michael J. and Lisa E. Laplant sold 1921 Lone Oak Point, The Point at Rivertowne Country Club at Parker's Island to Nicolena M. Waldsmith for $980,000.

James A. and Karin S. Commette sold 1946 Armory Drive, West Point to Luke W. and Janah R. Riddle for $335,000.

Scott G. Kafka sold 2012 Hammond Drive, Berkleigh to Philip J. Crescenzo for $330,000.

Cassidy Two LLC sold 2028 Azimuth Court, Ravens Run to Steven M. and Susan Gayle Bussanmas for $1.4 million.

James and Jean A. Beckley sold 2102 Sewee Indian Court, Dunes West to Logan W. and Caroline S. Edwards for $550,000.

Stewart and Emily J. Watson sold 241 River Oak Drive, Grassy Creek to Christopher P. and Anna D. Shugart for $845,000.

Emily Lynne Allenspach sold 2468 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Robert Scott and Lauren Goley Hammond for $359,000.

Harry V. Smith III and Karen S. Smith sold 2509 Charter Oaks Drive, Westchester at Charleston National to John N. Cagle III for $575,000.

James P. and Susie F. Lesesne sold 2704 Palmetto Hall Blvd., Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Jane and Matt Augusty for $331,400.

Mark E. and Sara B. Chmielewski sold 2727 Seastrand Lane, The Colonnade at Brickyard Plantation to Aaron and Jessica Wilkerson for $450,000.

David E. and Tina D. Mattews sold 276 Oak Point Landing Drive, The Enclave at Longpoint to Michael P. and Nancy C. Conwell for $825,000.

John S. and Jacqueline Madden sold 2787 Gaston Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Kim Sigvart and Jane Rainey Olson for $643,750.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 2851 Wagner Way, The Covington at Park West to Richard and Anna Ebeling for $565,403.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2909 Yachtsman Drive, The Harbor at Dunes West to Timothy R. and Melodie R. Smith for $735,000.

Adrian Reuben sold 304 North Hobcaw Drive, Hobcaw to Thomas A. Dingledine for $1.7 million.

John E. and Elizabeth J. Crowley sold 3375 Queensgate Way, The Gates at Park West to Hassan Salama and Hayam Abdalla for $231,000.

Arthur M. Degiovine and Kathryn M. Church sold 3424 Southern Cottage Way, The Village at Hamlin Plantation to Jana P. and James R. Richter for $582,500.

Cindy L. Hart sold 3455 Claremont St., Kensington to William A. Huggins for $308,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 3627 Spindrift Drive, Carolina Park to Jeannine A. and Carlos A. Linomontes for $515,000.

James Robert Porter sold 367 Pluff Mud Aly, Hidden Cove to Stephen Bourne and Kathryn Johnson Flint for $655,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 3767 Copahee Sound Drive, Copahee Landing to Tricia Meneses and Andrew French for $444,870.

Timothy J. and Sally Key sold 3905 Fifle St., Carolina Park to Aaron Garrett for $882,000.

Carl R. and Terry L. Johnson sold 524 Dean Hall Court, Longpoint to David E. and Lisa J. Auer for $765,000.

Sarah M. Vallini sold 585 Galera Lane, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Virginia S. Green for $660,500.

J. Philip Tomlinson sold 601 Pelzer Drive, Cooper Estates to Todd Matthew and Elizabeth Jessup for $600,000.

Elizabeth Hayes sold 708 Vision Road, Cove Inlet Villas to Raymond Lee and Danielle Renee Sipes for $290,000.

Charles W. and Mary W. Hassold sold 741 McCants Drive, Osceola Oaks to Kristin E. and Jason B. Sikorski for $550,000.

Yong Z. and Boa Z.S. Gong sold 772 High Battery Circle, Belle Hall Plantation of Battery Point to Matthew F. and Allison W. Sparrow for $595,000.

North Charleston

Patrick N. Fennell and Robin M. Herring sold 1150 Braddock Ave. to Douglas Gene Mellott Jr. and Pachee Ashley Mellott for $249,900.

Del Diversified Inc. sold 1215 Marigold St. to Jarred M. Hoelle and Patricia L. Byrd for $342,900.

Commerce Industrial LLC sold 1770 Hock Ave. to 1770 Hock Avenue LLC for $6 million.

Johnnie M. Thomas Jr. sold 2129 East St. to Sun Pearl LLC for $212,500.

John and Carole Buck sold 2689 Hanford Mills Lane, The Elms to Gary W. and Anna M. Litchenberg for $262,500.

Stobo Holdings LLC sold 4429 Marblehead Lane to Elizabeth A. Goodrich for $317,675.

Mashaal and Tammie Ahmadieh sold 4712 Ohear Ave. to William M. Koontz for $480,000.

R Playford LLC sold 4952 West Liberty Park Circle, The Towns at Oak Terrace Preserve to Solomon Morse III for $210,000.

Tuxedo Cat2 LLC sold 5018 Alpha St. to Joshua Shifflett for $250,000.

Charleston Landmark Builders LLC sold 5130 West Dolphin St., Pocket Park to Kathryn R. Buskirk for $360,000.

Yasmin Y. Pascual sold 7809 Open Court, Brookdale to James Leslie and Jeanette Woodland for $228,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 7820 Expedition Drive, Colony North to Gustavo A. Navas for $213,435.


SEFH of South Carolina LLC sold 1109 Neighborhood Lane, Poplar Grove to Paul and Debra K. Faulkner for $391,977.

Seabrook Island

Forrest Acres SFT Partnership sold Unit D2, 2016 Sterling Marsh Lane, Salt Marsh at Seabrook to Andy J. and Dee Anne Sauls for $430,000.

Salt Marsh at Seabrook I LLC sold 2060 Sterling Marsh Lane, Salt Marsh at Seabrook to Constantine Constandis and Anne Upton-Constandis for $669,000.

Margaret S. Keener sold 2875 Hidden Oak Drive, Hidden Oaks to Scott H. and Michelle M. Walker for $601,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Jeffrey P. and Lucille S. Harris sold 1801 Ion Ave. to C. Thomas Faulders III and Dana Faulders for $3.5 million.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 3368 Kinross Court, Buckshire to Mary Margaret Parker for $236,700.

Wadmalaw Island

Gary A. and Eileen S. Myers sold 29 Josie Ridge Road, Martins Point Plantation to Scott B. and Katherine M. Willis for $490,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Dennis and Rebecca C. Browne sold Unit 706F, 2329 Tall Sail Drive, Seagate to Mary Elizabeth Shearer for $235,000.

Duncan A. and Sandra L. Hutchinson sold Unit 55N, 148 River Breeze Drive, Waterway South to Robin Hand for $225,000.

Australi Investments LLC sold 1009 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Orange Grove Plantation to 1009 Sam Rittenberg Blvd LLC for $615,000.

Gregory W. Mappus sold 1249 Winston St., South Old Towne Acres to Teresa M. Scaffe for $307,500.

Jean Brickle Withers sold 1425 Cecilia Drive, Live Oak Terrace to William Troy for $275,000.

Carolyn B. Stewart sold 1598 Seabago Drive, Bolton's Landing to Barbara Ann and Michael Kenneth Bruss for $300,000.

Leonard E. Egede sold 1703 Dotterers Run, Forest Lakes to Edward J. and Amy E. Pharr for $265,000.

Glenn W. Anderson II and Joan G. Anderson sold 18 Lampton Road, Harrison Acres to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. for $333,000.

Henry L. and Kathryn A. Medlin sold 1854 Carolina Bay Drive, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Zhenwu Luo for $306,000.

A And M Real Estate LLC sold 1935 South Trinity Drive, Sandhurst at St. Andrews Parish to Lynne Riding for $614,000.

Ryan P. and Jaclyn M. Sullivan sold 1965 Clay Lane, Carolina Bay to David A. and Carrie Walker for $365,000.

HBSS Homes LLC sold 2204 Forest Lakes Blvd., Forest Lakes to Diane Kidd O'Brien for $395,000.

B. Milliken sold 2317 Assembly Drive, Ashleytowne Landing to Disabilities Board of Charleston County for $271,000.

Donna F. King sold 2428 Kendall Drive, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to William Briggman and Kenneth Buckheister for $314,000.

Eugene Vo Dinh Van sold 25 Arabian Drive, Marsh Cove at Ashley Hall Plantation to Jonathan Alon and Shlomo Netanel for $259,000.

Centex Homes sold 2728 Beadboard Drive, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Tyler C. and Lauren N. Martin for $443,290.

Tracy M. Duncan sold 2880 Rutherford Way, Carolina Bay to Chase Collier and Katherine Snyder Kloka for $347,900.

Jason M. and Melanie L. Guadalupe sold 2911 Amberhill Way, Cypress of Carolina Bay to Allan Daniel and Lori Conley Cates for $375,000.

Amy D. Self sold 2933 Red Sky Drive to Jennifer Cull for $316,000.

Richard L. and Tracey R. Turner sold 3012 South Shore Drive, Battery Haig on the Stono to Gary Mizner for $456,000.

Brett M. and Trista A. Shigley sold 3021 Amberbrook Lane, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Sultan Jumani for $385,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 325 Sterlington Way, Grand Oaks to Frank and Kristine Deleon-Pennell for $401,283.

Thomas W. Wagner Jr. sold 368 Culver Ave., Citadel Woods to Alex Joseph and Sophie Duncan for $263,500.

Danielle S. and James A. Kenney sold 4 S. Hampton Drive, Sandhurst West to 4 South Hampton LLC for $295,000.

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Mark Nestleroad sold 405 Manorwood Lane, Magnolia Lakes of Grande Oak Plantation to William Joseph Brower and Jeanna Marie Kurtz for $283,000.

Jonathun and Holly A. Catapano sold 420 Sycamore Shade St., Hamilton Grove to Charles B. Privett and Andrea L. Maxwell for $355,000.

EW-MS LLC sold 508 Parkdale Drive, Parkdale to Roland C. Stone and Jennifer A. Olesh for $230,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 509 Grey Owl Way, Grand Oaks to Marta Gabriela Reinhold-Larsson and Roberto Francisco Lopez for $339,002.

William D. and Mary A. Fightmaster sold 511 Carters Grove Road, Magnolia Lakes of Grande Oak Plantation to Steven C. and Sarah E. Zimmer for $263,000.

Michael E. and Rebecca Q. Blanton sold 54 Still Shadow Drive, Shadowmoss Plantation to Mark E. Nestleroad for $408,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 717 Byrd Garden Road, Grand Oaks to Eileen M. Miller for $296,369.

William E. Beverly Jr. sold 8 Live Oak Ave., Ashley Forest to Elm of Beaufort LLC for $300,000.

Donald M. Araneo sold 811 Savannah Highway, Byrnes Down to 811 Savannah Hwy LLC for $360,000.

Diane H. Dinkins sold 9 Avondale Ave., Avondale to Thomas B. and Cynthia Burt Cousins for $372,000.

Robert D. Fogel sold 90 Fieldfare Way, Shadowmoss Plantation to Andrea L. Kittle for $287,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between April 2-6.

Daniel Island

Linda M. Baker sold 2401 Louisville St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Donna J. and Gary W. Johnson for $585,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. sold Unit 4204, 130 River Landing Drive, Daniel Landing to Jacqueline Nguyen for $201,000.

Goose Creek

Bryan K. White sold 246 Donatella Drive, Montague Plantation to Michael and Rachel A. Lee for $267,000.

Cesar A. Camacho sold 115 North Knightsbridge Court, Hamlets to Chad C. Atkinson for $298,000.

Corey D. Hagler sold 299 Clayburne Drive, Brick Barn Pointe to Tameka L. Dawson Small for $225,000.

Kyla A. Mangini sold 126 North Pembroke Drive, Crowfield to Michael T. Will for $262,400.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 104 Chaste Tree Circle, Liberty Village to Garett Allen and Beverly Loe Bagwell for $234,554.


Jeffrey Van Buskirk sold 36 South Basilica Ave. to Tiffany C. Boatwright for $325,000.


Near Zero Energy Homes LLC sold 165 Brightwood Drive to Hollis Bomar Porth for $221,000.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 4061 Exploration Road, Hunters Bend to Latrell Banks and Ronnise K. Ellison for $264,497.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1529 Sanborll Landing Drive, Hunters Bend to Michelle Whitfield O'Driscoll for $294,849.

Nathaniel L. Simmons sold 1074 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to Karie Anne Cecil and Joshua Cero Thomas Cecil for $216,000.

Thomas J. Benz sold 1072 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to James Andrew Fant for $200,000.

Moncks Corner

DR Horton Inc. sold 125 Nolin Road, Spring Grove to Michael A. Parker for $299,500.

DR Horton Inc. sold 129 Nolin Road, Spring Grove to Michael B. Smith and Sarah E. Lempert for $307,900.

Dennis H. Davidson sold 724 Old Cordesville Road to Melissa S. and Peggy Sandlin for $365,000.

Jonathan Lee White sold 325 Cicadas Song Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Carl Stephen and Brandee F. Gibson for $220,000.

Matthew D. Bocox sold 105 Weeping Cypress Drive, Cypress Grove to Russell David and Rhine Apple Mathews for $220,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 517 Lateleaf Drive, Cypress Grove to Benjamin and Marbella Ponte for $228,350.

DR Horton Inc. sold 508 Glady Road, Spring Grove to Brian J. Mikkelson and Sara J. Emerson for $242,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 202 Rubles Lane, Spring Grove to Tiffany and Stephen K. Jackson for $244,900.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 501 Lateleaf Drive, Cypress Grove to Troy King for $247,085.

DR Horton Inc. sold 528 Glady Road, Spring Grove to John Devault and Nina Panzetta Donaldson for $248,900.

Robert Sweeney sold 338 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Taylor and David W Conley for $233,000.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 216 Basket Grass Lane, Cane Bay to Susan W. Wendelberger for $294,250.

Bryan Lewis sold 419 Dovetail Circle, Weatherstone to Daniel Chavous for $212,000.

Darrell L. Jones sold 106 Rundle Lane, Weatherstone to John Maxwell Henzler for $254,000.

Jennifer L. Thompson sold 124 Trestlewood Drive to Linda C. and Jefferson Wells for $203,000.

K Hovanians Four Seasons at Lakes of CA sold 314 Fish Creek Court, Cane Bay to Phillip Eric and Paula Summers Dorvel for $348,770.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between April 2-6. 


DR Horton Inc. sold 4811 Bushel Road, McKewn to Demarcus J. Sears for $254,000.

Diane Cooke sold 5004 White Cedar Road, Coosaw Preserve to Elissa Carron for $254,000.

Jose Luis Carides De Leon sold 9706 Tackle St., McKewn to Fanaye C. Bayleyegn and Getachew W. Abey for $245,000.

Michael D. Tate sold 9654 Wilhammer Court, McKewn to Christa Hunter for $214,900.

DR Horton Inc. sold 4803 Bushel Road, McKewn to Xiao Qing Li and Yan Jin Zhang for $277,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9718 Fanning Basket Lane, McKewn to Ronald J. and Cynthia Lee Fusco for $234,500.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9662 Roseberry St., McKewn to Debbie L. and Fred L. Gadsden for $252,000.

North Charleston

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 5430 Clearview Drive, Cedar Grove to Terri M. and David M. Watts for $449,980.

Eddie Simpson sold 8713 Millerville Drive, Cedar Grove to Jarrett and Candace Hope Grant for $350,000.

Fannie Mae sold 8590 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Malena Alice Kee for $274,900.

Iron Gate Homes LLC sold 118 Botany Bay Blvd., Archdale to Breanna Lizzi for $209,900.

Regina D. Cook sold 3801 Battleview Court, Ricefield Plantation to Jacob R. Zehnder for $201,000.

Thomas A. Kouris sold 8728 Laurel Grove Lane, Whitehall to Ronald Wayne and Shelley R. Alber for $345,400.


Andrew F. Baney sold 3010 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Alan Cooper and Laura Wray King for $205,000.

Michael Robert Molawka sold 1021 Bridlewood Farms Parkway, Bridlewood Farms to David Michael Cottle Jr. for $218,000.


Ben McCormick Homes LLC sold 105 Patriot Place, Ashborough to Jason Andrew and Fayth Marie Deets for $364,900.

Brian Jay Bougher sold 186 Longford Drive, Wentworth Hall to Desiree L. Tantillo for $235,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 211 Gnarly Oak Lane, Summers Corner to Julie Baker and Thomas Mark Grinnell for $305,000.

Clarence W. Habersham Jr. sold 110 Mateo Court, Crestwood to Yovan Moultrie for $200,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 81 Crossandra Ave., White Gables to Justin M. and Melissa G. Gust for $331,416.

Darlene Marie Till sold 5104 Tinston Court, Wescott Plantation to Zachary Miles Parker and Christine Marie Pangburn for $288,600.

David W. Walson sold 225 Smythe Drive, Newington Plantation to James P. Kaczkowski and Deidre A. Keller for $264,000.

Dennis C. Hadberg sold 2005 Baltusrol Court, Pine Forest Country Club to Constance J. and Thomas P. Lynch for $240,000.

Derek B. Smith sold 163 Spring Meadows Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Lynda F. Fulmer for $220,000.

Edward McClellan sold 122 Pelican Lane, Teal on the Ashley to Ronald M. and Sheila M. Vickers for $355,000.

Gerald A. Linder sold 221 Crossandra Ave., White Gables to Kevin M. and Holly E. Malone for $205,000.

Jeffrey S. Baumgras sold 154 Willowbend Lane, Summer Trace to Austin Leigh and Krista Holley Young for $239,000.

Joe W. Robinson sold 73 Regency Oaks Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Thomas B. Scott Jr. for $223,000.

John C. Thomas sold 221 President Circle to Jeffrey W. and Jessa H. Carter for $444,000.

John Myers sold 118 Towne Square Road, Brandymill to Ashley and Korey James Swanson for $205,000.

Joseph L. Swanson sold 311 Black Oak Blvd., Gahagan to Aric Anthony and Heather Ann Hansen for $268,875.

Joseph M. Swails sold 104 Aviary Court, Aviary to Ronald L. and Linda Ann Burkhart for $375,000.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3073 Cross Vine Lane, The Ponds to Patricia Dean Good for $323,070.

Low Country Residential Builders LLC sold 902 Shelter Cove Landing, Summerville Country Estates to Scott A. and Patricia M. Parrish for $348,579.

Michael Bret Diggett sold 5090 Ashley River Road to Brian David Appelt for $285,000.

Michael Roe sold 900 Alwyn Blvd., Summerville Place to Michael B. and Christian Farelove for $214,900.

Bullock & O’Sullivan Construction LLC sold 105 Mary St., Summerville Heights to Peter McMillan for $219,900.

Ricky D. Whetsell sold 1304 Congressional Blvd., Pine Forest Country Club to Don J. and Patricia A. Newell for $440,000.

Sotello V. Long sold 127 Summer Trace Drive, Summer Trace to Michael David and Amanda Nicole Kaufman for $255,000.

Trudy M. Holder sold 113 New Spring Court, Brandymill to Robert C. and Carolyn E. Dejesus for $209,900.

Weston Steven Gambrell sold 97 Flud St. to Cad M. and Tanya L. Wilson for $434,000.

William Dustin Anderson sold 233 Savannah Round, Irongate to Gary T. Colpo and Karen M. Sestric-Colpo for $253,000.

William J. Irwin sold 196 Apache Drive, Indian Springs to Robert C. and Vanessa L. Kime for $200,000.