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Real Estate Transactions for Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Real estate transactions for Sunday, July 2, 2017.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 15-19.


Erika V. Harrison sold Unit D, 2 Francis St. to Alexandria C. Hendricks for $209,900.

James S. and Katherine L. Douglass sold Unit A, 108 King St. to Donald and Kelly S. Austin for $1.9 million.

Jeffrey D. and Denise F. Carter sold Unit 87, 247 Rutledge Ave. to Carmichael Rental Partnership LLC and Alexa Carmichael for $425,000.

Graywade 1 LLC sold 1 New St. to John J. White for $2.3 million.

Doreen Lincoln Bullard and Alexine Ford sold 107 Saint Margaret St. to Howard Lee Gatch III for $300,000.

H. Prop LLC sold 13 Ascot Aly, Harleston Green to Menace Enterprises LLC for $550,000.

Rodney Knowles IV and Alan Corey sold 132 Bull St. to Patricia C. and William F. Moore for $855,000.

15 Sires Street LLC sold 15 Sires St., Cannonsborough-Elliottsborough to Ramnarine Jaglal for $900,000.

Neil R. Glover sold 15 Thomas St. to Eric P. and Kimberly L. Strickland for $1.1 million.

Bonita Elizabeth Burn Cecil sold 165 Dunnemann Ave. to John Franklin and Frances Lee Bressan for $415,000.

Stacey M. Lathem Bailey sold 2 Shand St. to Caitlin Maguire for $360,000.

Patrick C. and Molly F. Pearson sold 236 Rutledge Ave. to C & M LLC for $840,000.

Slambovia LLC sold 256 Rutledge Ave. to 256 Rutledge Ave LLC for $1.3 million.

C Squared Enterprises LLC sold 30 Sheppard St. to Finest City Home Buyers Inc. for $300,000.

Sean and Ellen Norton sold 30 State St. to David R. and Deborah Jojo for $835,622.

Brent R. and Kimberly L. Huillier sold 361 Ashley Ave., Hampton Park Terrace to James M. Ravenel Jr. and James M. Ravenel Sr. for $650,000.

Katherine W. Pogorzelski and Edward P. Willard Jr. sold 40 Savage St. to Stephen P. Osmond for $685,000.

David P. and Lela Agnew sold 59 King St. to Anthony Stephen and Marilyn Schelfe Horwath for $1.2 million.

6 Radcliffe LL sold 6 Radcliffe St. to 457-479 King Street LLC for $1 million.

Eric P. and Kimberly L. Strickland sold 71 Rutledge Ave. to Scott D. and Alesia A. Ross for $2.2 million.

Katherine M. Maybank sold 78 Murray Blvd. to Howard S. Tuthill for $3.6 million.

Samuel J. and Rebecca M. Roberts sold 84 Cypress St. to Jacqueline Elizabeth Willis for $365,930.

John F. and Frances L. Bressan sold 993 Ashley Ave., Rutledge Heights to William Mellick and Erin O'Connor for $472,500.

Edisto Island

Henrietta S. Sanders LLC and West Bank Plantation LLC sold 1 Wharf Ferry Road, Legare Creek Plantation to Robert Todd and Catherine Gail Johnson for $300,000.

Folly Beach

James T. and Darlene O. Rawls sold Unit A, 110 W Cooper Ave. to Timothy Hunter McCarrell for $525,000.

John D. and Kerri S. Grawe sold Unit 2J, 2393 Folly Road, Marsh Winds to Owalla LLC for $200,000.

Kevin Campbell sold 2202 Folly Road, Waterfront Point to Alan J. and Carolyn J. Wollman for $460,000.

Kenneth B. Andujar sold 505 West Beach Court, Sunset Point to Christopher T. and Rebecca Britten Carter for $550,000.


Theodore C. Tanner sold Unit 111C, 5272 7th Green Drive, Ironwood to Richard W. and Sandra Jo Mayberry for $230,000

Isle of Palms

Linda Penza sold Unit A, 10 Palmetto Drive, Mariner's Walk to Erin Elizabeth Vickers and Linda Carol Goldstein for $500,000.

Arnold E. Schaewe sold Unit 105A, 7600 Palmetto Drive, Shipwatch to Bruce A. Vande Berg and Amy C. Vande Berg for $595,000.

Philip J. Tralies sold 11 Seagrass Lane, Wild Dunes to Linda S. Smith for $1.6 million.

Lubella Realty LLC sold 24 Commons Court, Wild Dunes to Jody R. and Laurence McCoy for $825,000.

James C. Kammer sold 2403 Palm Blvd. to Robert E. Fulton for $799,000.

James Steven Steinbach and Kevin M. Meuse sold 4 Marsh Point Lane, Wild Dunes to Sean Y. and Catherine H. Griffin for $1.5 million.

Margaret O. and James W. Crawley sold 6 Conch Court to Jess Patterson for $625,000.

James Island

Christopher Barnette and Brian Bukovitz sold Unit D, 25 Brockman Drive, Pelican Cove to Jason M. and Julie O. Krusen for $205,000.

Clam Farm Partnerhsip LLC sold 1013 Lighterman Way to Gerry C. Coggin II for $490,000.

William J. Farah sold 1018 Birchdale Drive, Ashcroft Hall to Rebecca Lee and Phillip Jason Heath for $265,000.

John Bruens sold 1022 Stono River Drive, Riverland Crossing to Marc A. Gold and Kelly Nutt for $295,000.

Rebecca S. and Adam M. Moore sold 1159 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Maureen K. and John Santanello for $360,000.

Thomas R. and Sarah M. Copeland sold 1177 Oakcrest Drive, Oakcrest to Therese Maria and Richard David Gordon for $275,000.

Jose Bordallo sold 1220 Sea Aire Drive, Teal Acres to Curtis John McCarthy for $216,000.

E. Donald and Madelyn F. Bowick sold 125 Plymouth Ave., Wappoo Hall to Obnovi LLC for $249,000.

Thomas D. and Victoria L. Foran sold 1303 Fort Lamar Road, Secessionville to Lee B. and Bess C. Allen for $284,210.

Neil Pierce Eynon sold 1440 Amanda Park Lane, Meridian Place to Sarah M. Glass for $214,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1904 Fleming Woods Road, Fleming Park to Gentry T. Radwanski for $376,895.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1934 Fleming Woods Road, Fleming Park to Warren Barrett and Helene Stephens for $451,290.

Rebecca Brown Detreville sold 2157 Saint James Drive, Riverland Terrace to Michael J. Creasy for $360,000.

Brittany M. German sold 2179 Sol Legare Road to Adam Kemp Fox and Shari Lynn Jesteadt Fox for $210,000.

Jaimee C. and Dean R. Curbishley sold 469 Lindberg St., Stono Terrace to Kimberly Rae Bartsch for $410,000.

MSR-EB Waterfront Venture LLC sold 609 Stono Shores Point, The Pointe at Stono Shores to Catherine M. Partyka for $830,000.

Robert Miller Brice III sold 695 Travers Court, Whitehurst of Lawton Bluff to Colleen Lurwick and Joseph Anthony Jackson for $720,000.

Jeffrey and Diane Maxwell sold 700 Goodlet Circle, Stonebridge at Seaside Plantation to Casey Helton and Brandon P. Pendley for $389,900.

Cynthia B. Easterlin sold 721 Sterling Drive, Clear View to Tobin Stewart for $230,000.

Lisa Burkhardt sold 765 Leafwood Road, Dellwood to Margaret May Jamison for $310,000.

Kimberly Ann Auten Braswell sold 8 Wyecreek Ave., Crosscreek to Sally W. and Stephen Elliott for $328,000.

Stephen A. Liverani sold 802 Sage Bird View, Eaglewood Retreat to Pamela Maly for $408,000.

Sheila M. Gianatos sold 817 Robert E Lee Blvd., Fort Johnson Estates to Crystal Freshwater for $495,000.

George D. Hooker III and Carolyn W. Hooker sold 836 Affirmation Blvd., Lawton Harbor to Joshua Joel and Lauren Frederick Visserman for $371,000.

Monocle Investments LLC sold 964 McElveen St., Lawton Park to Charles Matthew Walker for $399,900.

Johns Island

Magnolia Building and Renovation LLC sold 3404 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Elizabeth Spencer and Steven Bernthal for $285,000.

Robert John Yellitz sold 1168 Hammrick Lane, Summertrees to John J. and Deniece L. Mentesana for $248,000.

Mark and Mary A. Enourato sold 1266 Fenwick Plantation Road, The Commons at Fenwick Hall to Andrew Dudas for $215,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1542 Thoroughbred Blvd., Sea Island Farms to Mark A. Vallier and Mary H. Riley for $405,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1553 Fishbone Drive, Fenwick Hills to Stephanie Anne and Matthew B. Coiner for $317,856.

Douglas James Wheat and Patricia S. Ostrowski sold 1557 Regimental Lane, Headquarters Island Plantation to Anita M. and Gary F. Ladd for $495,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1558 Thoroughbred Blvd., Sea Island Farms to Christopher Barnett Baker Jr. and Lauren Little Baker for $407,155.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1559 Thoroughbred Blvd., Sea Island Farms to Christopher and Rebekah Meredith for $310,241.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1659 Fishbone Drive, Fenwick Hills to Christine S. Loehle for $317,288.

Kenneth W. Bath sold 1971 High Meadow St., Winnsboror Lakes to Kahterine A. Luffy for $212,000.

James H. and Diane V. Lee sold 2658 Colonel Harrison Drive, Stono Pointe to Kathy L. Dickson for $240,000.

Kerry L. Botz sold 3058 Sugarberry Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Margaret D. Reed for $233,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3183 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Sarah A. Danikas for $377,720.

3219 Maybank LLC sold 3219 Maybank Highway to JTSJ Holding LLC for $500,000.

Red Tide Construction LLC sold 3359 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Michael Charles O'Laughlin and Brynn Nicole Donnelly for $274,000.

Red Tide Construction LLC sold 3360 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Kristin L. Teets and William Horlbeck for $254,900.

Magnolia Building and Renovation LLC sold 3410 Dunwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Michaele O'Shaughnessy-Moody and James David Rhett Moody for $256,575.

Robert C. and Elizabeth A. Griffith sold 3411 Berryhill Road, Cedar Spring to Charles D. Wilson Jr. and Amy M. Millett for $215,000.

Joseph A. and Marielena C. Raya sold 4063 Pine Creek Road, Mary Ann Point to Carolyn Ann Gentles and Vicki Lynn Dailey for $500,000.

Michelle C. Rutman and Caryn Lisa Pernick sold 632 Double Eagle Trace, Wedgewood Villas to Vera Oliveira Lester for $206,900.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah Home Development LLC sold 223 Beauty Berry Court, Garden Homes at Cassique to Karl Evan Lutz and Elizabeth Keyes Kroger for $675,000.

Patricia E. Dettinger sold 5111 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to RNR Realty LLC for $780,000.

Todd and Jennifer Brock sold 4806 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Cove to Bradley Harold and Leigh Ann Haertel for $377,500.

Marcheta M. Scott sold 4401 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Brendan and Diane P. Fahy for $254,000.

Allan A. and Marilyn George sold Unit B, 1409 Shipwatch Road, Courtside Villas to Francis Xavier Prudent for $200,000.

Frederick H. and Mary J. Armbrust sold 1369 Dunlin Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to Sheldon SC Property LLC for $510,000.

Jesse G. Mangone sold 6017 Green Dolphin Way, The Maritime at Kiawah to Bradford C. and Aileen M. Westover for $1.9 million.

Justin S. and Edina Swartz sold 4576 Park Lake Drive, Parkside Villas to Harold and Linda Terry for $395,000.

Harry F. Bell Jr. and Carrie G. Bell sold 205 Chinaberry Lane, The Preserve to John F. and Ellen B. Metzger for $310,000.

Warren R. and Daria Lippeatt sold 434 Sea Lavendar Court, Oceanwood to TWW LLC for $805,000.


JHH at Ladson LLC sold 4646 Toddler Trail, Charleston Chase to Sonji R. Greene for $215,031.


D. Rex Snyder sold 1406 Tibwin Road to Ashlie Nichole Wilson and Shawn C. Moore for $237,000.


Beverly Wileman-Pratt and James W. Pratt sold 7377 Commodore Road, Parish Point to Douglas A. Wrightington Jr. and Lori J. Wrightington for $315,000.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

Marilyn Burgett sold Unit T, 1905 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Shrimp And Grits LLC for $315,000.

Donna K. Daily sold Unit 1203, 656 Coleman Blvd. to Patrick McBride and Alicia Gayer Flick for $510,000.

Woodrow G. Senn Jr. and Anne W. Senn sold Unit 1103, 656 Coleman Blvd. to Sharon Rose L. Francisco for $524,500.

Philip and Sonya Woschenko sold 1003 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Norbert W. Steele III and Kerry Steele for $435,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1015 Banker Court, Tupelo Plantation to Maria D. and Leontina M. Amaral for $427,000.

Walter Pringle IV and Marsha L. Pringle sold 1015 Royalist Road, Snee Farm to Jay S. Orvin for $500,000.

Thomas M. Daffron sold 1121 Kilarney Road, Rosemead to Bryan Welling Blalock and Bryan Welling Blalock Jr. for $350,000.

James D. and Diana L. Sciarro sold 1140 Shady Grove Lane, Snee Farm to Vicki Bowman for $480,000.

Mark S. Swatta sold 1169 West Park View Place, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to George A. Jackson Jr. and Carley H. Jackson for $410,000.

Michael B. and Sara M. Barrett sold 1170 Chersonese Round, Snee Farm to James A. and Tiffany P. Merklinger for $692,000.

John Boniface sold 1181 Main Canal Drive, Harborgate Shores to David Tice for $298,000.

Sally LLC sold 121 Bratton Circle, Village Park to Michael Stephen Russell for $560,000.

William R. and Megan E. Hand sold 1219 Spotted Owl Drive, Laurel Grove to Maryna Zadorozhna for $315,000.

Kristopher and Holly J. Kut sold 1247 Falling Moss Drive, Laurel Grove to Ella And Isadora's Investment Corp. for $345,000.

Thomas C. and Cassandra M. Neal sold 1255 Center Lake Drive, Center Lake Community of Hidden Lakes to William J. and Linda L. Mitterer for $380,000.

Level Properties LLC sold 1328 Penshell Place, Watermark to Kevin S. and Kristen L. Johnson for $764,583.

Stone Cold Properties LLC and Stone Cold Property Management LLC sold 1332 South Barksdale Road, Wakendaw Lakes to William R. Zipperer II and Carrie P. Zipperer for $435,000.

Stacy N. Sergent Lawton sold 1341 Old Tabby Lane, Eastwood Townhomes to Lauren Kent Jarrett for $219,000.

Daniel M. and Meredith Hughes sold 1371 Center Lake Drive, Center Lake Community of Hidden Lakes to George J. and Tara B. Powell for $405,000.

John David Sikes sold 1418 Moultrie St. to George Anderson and Margaret Rawlins Douglas for $546,200.

Nicholas B. Selk sold 1485 Indian St., Osceola Heights to Randall and Charles Epps for $625,000.

Thomas J. and Nancy Rehm sold 1486 Astley Road, Cassina Plantation to Jennifer K. Crider for $620,000.

Merritt S. and Frances D. Clement sold 1549 Longview Road, Candlewood to Sarah and Joshua Bannister for $375,000.

Marjorie L. Beecher sold 1561 Appling Drive, Shellpoint to Carl W. and Helena C. Ahlert for $593,500.

Smoak Land Development LLC sold 1573 Omni Blvd., Ravens Run to Timothy Darin and Kelli G. Matthews for $750,000.

Pragnesh N. and Neeta D. Shah sold 1611 Marsh Harbor Lane, Marsh Harbor to Geoffrey M. and Lois J. Smith for $1.3 million.

Benjamin A. and Colleen B. Yelm sold 1652 Lauda Drive, Wando East to Jared T. and Sarah K. Ryan for $363,000.

Paul R. and Vicki L. Peters sold 1707 Lauda Drive, The Reserve at Wando East to William Paul Franklyn III and Jennifer Elizabeth Franklyn for $250,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 184 Red Knott Lane, Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Chuxin Jiang and Qi Xiang Chen for $452,000.

Theresa M. and Mitchell E. Wise sold 1910 Carolina Towne Court, Carolina Walk at Towne Centre to Inga Rita Gorman for $625,000.

C. Jason and Molly R.T. Bundy sold 2034 Shell Ring Circle, Dunes West to Stanley P. and Dena M. Davis for $610,000.

Maria Anna Julia Westerink sold 2096 Amenity Park Drive, One Hamlin Place at Hamlin Plantation to Kevin D. and Lisa M. Johnson for $720,000.

Rolina Homes LLC sold 2191 Annie Laura Lane to Richard C. and Laura W. Parks for $386,724.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2216 Hamlin Sound Circle, Oyster Pointe to William J. Brittelli Jr. and Bridgette Tiffany Brittelli for $423,395.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2266 Hamlin Sound Circle, Oyster Pointe to Susan K. and William M. Connor for $502,455.

Mary Ellen Proctor sold 23 Krier Lane to Kurt R. Kraft and Colleen Hughes-Kraft for $1.1 million.

Kevin McFadden and Kristin G. Swisher-McFadden sold 2612 Lohr Drive, Linnen Place to Clement Batut for $410,000.

Elizabeth Ann Carducci sold 2616 Alderly Lane, Rivertowne to Stephen A. and Solveig R. McShea for $532,000.

Eric W. and Nancy H. McGregor sold 2645 Palmetto Hall Blvd., Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Justin G. and Patricia Epperson for $345,000.

Thomas Bennett Jr. and Dwight Bennett sold 2662 Rifle Range Road to Cary Matheson for $499,000.

Benjamin W. and Lauren G. Anderson sold 2732 Gaston Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Thomas Carter and Cassandra Neal for $630,000.

Amy M. Alinea sold 2952 Loebs Court, Cotton Creek at Planter's Pointe to Jerry D. and Sharon Lynn Swisshelm for $351,000.

John H. and Celia L. Galberry sold 3033 Monhegan Way, One Hamlin Place at Hamlin Plantation to Larry W. Guill for $564,000.

Gregory C. Lannes Jr. and Brittney A. Lannes sold 3248 Heathland Way, The Orchard to Gregory and Amanda Healey for $389,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 330 Turnstone St., Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Qin Jiang and Jing H. Guo for $567,270.

Kelly H. Williams and Lori R. Smoak sold 3310 Cottonfield Drive, Dunes West to Jay and Ana Carlson for $500,000.

Kyle and Sarah Martin sold 3413 Whites Cabin Road, Tennyson at Park West to Scott and Cassie S. Patterson for $623,000.

Darragh Doran sold 347 Jardinere Walk, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Michael Dean and Pepper Kellyn Bushman for $343,000.

William A. Hamilton IV and Nikole E. Hamilton sold 3505 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge at Park West to Christopher David Casavale and Kellie Marie O'Connell for $485,000.

Paul E. and Sandra S. Scarpa sold 36 Montrose Road, I'On to Amy K. Minella for $1.3 million.

DR Horton Inc. sold 360 Turnstone St., Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Frederick and Sharon A. Dieter for $427,190.

DR Horton Inc. sold 3912 Ashton Shore Lane, Park Island in Park West to Ella V. and Jeffrey J. Farricielli for $1.6 million.

Amy J. Lewellyn sold 4479 Downing Place Way, Hardford Village to Darin and Meleah Reynolds for $575,000.

Shannon and Kerry L. Wren sold 48 Salty Tide Cove, Etiwan Pointe Townhomes to Christopher M. and Stacy F. Miers for $319,000.

Alvin H. Ginn III and Claire M. Ginn sold 527 Commonwealth Road to David E. and Katherine L. Vinson for $650,000.

Nicole A. Ross sold 610 Chimney Bluff Drive, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Alan George and Michelle E. McMahon for $616,000.

Margo T. Halliday Payne sold 745 Veron Place, Glenlake to Ashley Kristine McDonald and Ana Redondo for $405,139.

Lane Commercial LLC sold 749 Bowman Road to Buck Investments L.C. and Wappoo LLC for $2.9 million.

William C. and Gina J. Jordan sold 848 Toler Drive to Frank Andrew and Eva B. Perri for $433,500.

Paul Walker sold 935 Lansing Drive, The Groves to Gideon and Melanie Besson for $635,000.

Christopher L. and Whitney J. Jacobs sold 963 Governors Court, Snee Farm to Monroe A. and Ginger B. Cochran for $422,500.

Timothy A. White sold 973 Cottingham Drive, Cooper Estates to Mark S. Swatta for $445,000.

Warrick Oaks LLC sold 979 Warrick Oaks Lane, Warrick Oaks to Barry C. and Sharon B. Sellars for $506,941.

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Edwin M. Griffin Jr. and Molly H. Griffin sold 821 Harbour Watch Court to Catherine R. Tarrant and Stephen A. Tarrant Jr. for $745,000.

North Charleston

Randall Investments LLC sold 1408 Mosstree Road to Thomas Dalton Cornforth and Carly Suzanne Snyder for $305,000.

Miller F. and Carole Coggins sold Unit 103, 4255 Faber Place Drive to John and Connie R. Beauston for $485,000.

Vonda V. and Lavern L. Jones sold 1059 Buist Ave. to Henry Caleb Sauls III for $250,000.

Stanley and Deborah Piontek sold 1067 Buist Ave. to John Phillip Barber Jr. and Matheus Augusto Viana Jovaneli for $337,500.

Dennis E. and Jennifer E. Amborn sold 2647 Hanford Mills Lane, The Elms of Charleston to Edward E. Moore for $245,000.

Charles H. and Wanda L. Yoho sold 4314 Flynn Drive, Wando Woods to Nestor Gabriel Gonzalez-Pereyra and Samanda Gonzales-Iorio for $219,000.

Del Diversified Inc. sold 4403 Rugheimer Ave. to Southern Hawk LLC for $305,453.

Adam P. Wamer sold 4515 Overbrook Ave. to Alex E. Donayre and Quintana O'Neill for $282,500.

Joshua Matthew Cain sold 4815 Berckman Road to Melissa Karim for $262,475.

Robert S. Armstrong sold 4961 Durant Ave. to William K. and Anna C. Brooks for $275,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 7755 Discovery Road, Colony North to Jenell Nelson and Kirsten Damon Morrison for $240,725.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 7771 Desoto Drive, Colony North to Brittany Latrease Bing for $224,500.

Susan E. and Clifton L. Akin sold 9047 Delancey Circle East, The Elms of Charleston to Tracy H. and Donald Chappel for $209,900.


5509 LLC sold 5509 Savannah Highway to Raeski LLC for $675,000.

Seabrook Island

Allan S. and Frances M. Meade sold 2465 Racquet Club Drive, Racquet Club Villas to William L. Sax for $227,500.

Joanne M. and Chanda S. Ryan sold 2720 Gnarled Pine to David L. and Patricia M. Stein for $375,000.

Richard C. and Rita L. Tyler sold 2931 Captain Sams Road to Gordon Kenwood Gilson Jr. and Debbie Gilson for $480,000.

Barbara M. Martin sold 2943 Captain Sams Road to Theodore Michelfelder and Gerrianne D. Delaney for $485,000.

Roy B. and Mary C. Sessions sold 3060 Marshgate Drive to William P. Mulligan III and Ruth A. Merrigan for $1.1 million.

David C. Mitchell sold 3627 Loggerhead Court to Vincent Domenic Pellegrini Jr. for $1.9 million.

Sullivan’s Island

Lauren Lewis sold 2101 Pettigrew St. to Bradford G. Dake and Darla J. Oathout for $6.8 million.

Charles M. Anderegg Jr. sold 1730 Thompson Ave. to Fred Thompson III for $1.4 million.

Douglas Langford Heath sold 2618 Goldbug Ave. to Christopher J. Levesque and Jacquelyn Dusault-Levesque for $1.6 million.

James E. and Margaret T. Marianski sold 2808 Jasper Blvd. to Nobori LLC for $3.2 million.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 158 Alpine Road, Wynfield Forest to David Michael and Kristi D. Wilson for $245,515.

Los Homes LLC sold 163 Keaton Brook Drive, Carrington Chase to Herman S. Heyward for $204,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 205 Alpine Road, Wynfield Forest to Quentin Z. Starkman for $236,295.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

RSR Partners LLC sold Unit 111 K, 2345 Tall Sail Drive, Seagate to Nicholas Suggs for $234,900.

Geoffrey Samuels sold Unit 1, 940 Orange Grove Road, Parkshore Row to Edward Deloach Page for $252,000.

Harper L. Tucker sold 1207 Parkwood Estates Drive, Parkwood Estates to Todd W. and Kristen K. Gandy for $375,000.

MFJ Properties LLC sold 1324 Winchester Drive, Sandhurst to Michael J. and Signe H. Denmark for $550,000.

Taylor B. Graves sold 1345 Memory Lane, Memminger Hall to Sheryl S. Matthews for $231,900.

Haojie Zhu and Yan Jiang sold 1368 Ashley Garden Blvd., Hamilton Grove at Bees Landing to Michelle Myrna Hyman and Justin Hamilton Hihn for $272,900.

Karen C. Adams sold 1372 Pooshee Drive, Lenevar to Edward Lucas Ford for $243,000.

Daniel R. Stanfill sold 1454 S. Edgewater Drive, Edgewater Park to Carolyn G. Souther IRA LLC and Souther Real Estate Investments LLC for $312,000.

Sarah J. and Joel V. Trantham sold 1458 N. Sherwood Drive, Forest Acres to Diane C. Perkins for $216,500.

Kelly Inc. sold 1642 Pepperwood Court, Cypress of Carolina Bay to Peter Joseph and Sarah C. Gardella for $368,000.

Laurie J. Swallow sold 1656 Pleasant Hill Drive, Cypress of Carolina Bay to Joan M. Craig and Julia A. Jacobs for $315,000.

Centex Homes sold 1857 Grovehurst Drive, Carolina Bay to Ashley L. Perez and James Robert Sweeney for $340,723.

James E. Morris sold 1863 Heldsberg Drive, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Chelsea D. Shepherd for $215,000.

Rhett C. Seabrook and Richard E. Seabrook III sold 1879 Ashley Hall Road, West Ashley Plantation to Thomas Ballard Lesemann Jr. for $230,000.

David G. and Doreen Hendley sold 1885 Cornsilk Drive, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Walter J. Dobry Jr. and Paula Dobry for $304,000.

Susan McGraw Pratt sold 189 Droos Way, Shadowmoss Plantation to Nadirah Samiyah El-Amin and Kenneth S. Ratley for $221,000.

Julie Marie Rosser sold 1913 Cedar Petal Lane, Westborough to Caley N. and Scott M. Ziegler for $226,500.

Merritt Rae Holdings LLC sold 1951 Dulsey Road to Salted Enterprises LLC for $290,000.

Elizabeth Ochoa sold 2 Colleton Drive, Byrnes Down to Maxie Wayne and Elizabeth L. Phillips for $297,000.

David K. and Patricia A. Brown sold 2079 South Shore Drive, Oakland to Matthew C. Nichols for $330,000.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 220 Brambling Land, The Landing at Grande Oaks to Matthew N. and Jacqueline C. Godfrey for $299,135.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 222 Brambling Lane, The Landing at Grande Oaks to Edward and Maryann Simpson for $282,630.

C Squared Enterprises LLC sold 2324 Furman Drive, Drayton on the Ashley to Meredith Steer for $345,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 2337 Ardeer Drive, Magnolia Bluff to Shannon Connor Shuler and Wyman Erastus Shuler IV for $327,076.

Centex Homes sold 2820 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Jamar Jakeem Frazier for $306,515.

Centex Homes sold 2864 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Antoinette R. and Michael A. Lingard for $329,515.

Benjamin R. Jones and Aurore Ernest-Jones sold 3226 Conservancy Lane, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Caroline and Leroy Roberts for $340,000.

Geoffrey A. and Allison S. Fender sold 34 Still Shadow Drive, Shadowmoss Plantation to Seth Aaron Stanton and Julie M. Howell for $395,000.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina Leasing LLC sold 4231 Scharite St., Ashley Park to Courtney J. Barber and Jeffrey L. Bird for $218,605.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina Leasing LLC sold 4233 Scharite St., Ashley Park to Wuwei Feng and Yaohui Lu for $214,529.

Benedito R. and Eliana Camargo sold 447 Shadowmoss Parkway, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to Shadowmoss Unlimited LLC for $535,000.

Douglas C. Boissoneault sold 5 Garden Corner Court to Harold Dean London Jr. and Stephanie Sipe London for $479,000.

Joshua Tutterow sold 516 Risher St., Edgewood Gardens to Michael O. and Rebecca McAdams Smith for $267,500.

Jeremy M. and Jennifer T. Tate sold 562 Saville Row, Magnolia Lakes in Grande Oaks to Terry T. Henderson Jr. and Krystal Rodgers for $255,000.

Stormie L. Albrecht sold 683 Bunkhouse Drive to Laura Jean Gensert for $230,000.

Bon LLC sold 764 Saint Andrews Blvd., Avondale to SGKF LLC for $398,000.

Benjamin Jones and Alyssa A. Rheingold sold 81 Avondale Ave. to Harris L. Pharr and Leslie A. Francis for $335,000.

Linda L. Warren and Suzanne Griffiths sold 821 Bent Hickory Road, Mt. Royall at Grande Oak Plantation to Sheila Gianatos for $245,000.

Melissa L. Sokolosky sold 824 Castle Ave. to Lamont M. Boles and Mary E. Pappas for $230,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 15-19.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 102 Antilles Circle, Saint Thomas Preserve to Blair and Laura Yancer Desio for $543,445.

Billy P. Snead sold 203 Hasell Court, Retreat at Beresford to Sydney Grant Cooper for $352,500.

Shannon L. Williams sold 234 Kelsey Blvd., Beresford Commons to Margaret R. Rieder for $223,000.

Theodore J. Petrides sold 1121 Peninsula Cove Drive, The Peninsula to Michael Jacoby and Wendy Hudson-Jacoby for $254,900.

Katherine McCurry and Katherine E. Vigneron sold 1144 Marsh Harbor Lane, The Peninsula to Cheryl D. Dillion for $210,000.

Daniel Island

Robert B. Vanness and Long Point Farms LLC sold 100 Cartright St. to Thomas N. and Margarethe O. Martin for $200,000.

Daniel Island Assoc. LLC sold 153 Nobels Point St. Ralston Creek to William J. Carroll III for $795,000.

Isabel H. Toth sold Unit 4108, 130 River Landing Drive, Daniel Landing to Kristin Anita Busillo for $250,500.

John Michael Hay sold 275 Beresford Creek St. to Robert F. Birtcil and Patricia H. Tackitt for $810,000.

Marilynne J. Roche sold 164 Etiwan Park St. to Christopher L. and Rachael L. Abbonizio for $565,000.

Peter J. and Leslie A. Harper sold 7020 Schooner St. to Brian P. and Catherine A. Lobb for $468,000.

Goose Creek

Bryan Williams and Kenzie Chase sold 108 Latham Lane, Mulberry Park to Arthur Pedican for $219,900.

George M. and Gayle I. Stokes sold 119 Fox Chase Drive, Crowfield to Michael P. and Alana S. Nimmo for $200,000.

Gerald M. and Marilyn Y. Walker sold 142 Red Cypress Drive, Woodland Lakes to Pradeep M. Pillai and Neela S. Nair for $260,000.

Prime Property Group LLC sold 107 Barrington Blvd., Foxborough to Noah Barnes and Vivian Tremaine for $202,000.


David J. Jones and Megan McLendon Jones sold 7226 Harrier Drive, Tanner Plantation to Sherri L. and Bradley A. Stevenson for $300,000.

Judith E. Picardi sold 1410 Song Sparrow Way, Tanner Plantation to Roy O. Thompson and Carolyne A. Poling for $333,000.


Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 1268 Discovery Drive, Hunters Bend to Timothy R. and Crystal D. Tackett for $214,390.

Moncks Corner

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 161 Emerald Isle Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Kiel O. and Kristin M. Owens for $228,665.

Marvin F. Hunter sold 218 Two Forts Road, Stoney Creek to Ramoan Ortez and Neadesha M. Howell for $200,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 424 Cypress Knees Lane, Cypress Ridge to Jay S. and Tamara R. Nielson for $200,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 100 Wild Holly Drive, Cypress Ridge to Nadia Pustovit for $203,415.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 103 Ancestry Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Benjamin I. and Elizabeth V. Morris for $241,365.


Harold W. Fitzgerald sold 1805 Fish Road to Jason P. Smith for $260,000.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 195 Basket Grass Lane, Cane Bay to Joshua and Regina Sine for $269,890.

Kelly E. Nunez sold 100 Buckfield Lane, Weatherstone to Patricia K. Johnson for $209,990.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 691 Redbud Lane, Cane Bay to Cody J. Hatteberg and Amber Nicole Nelson for $263,590.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 145 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Brandi Marie and Andrew Scott Davis for $359,315.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 235 Saxony Loop, Cane Bay to Patrick Jurica for $361,292.

Negreit Dubose Mosel Home Reit LP sold 1200 Poplar Grove Place, Summerwood to Roger and Carolyn Joyce Coggins for $214,900.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 646 Redbud Lane, Cane Bay to Kenneth W. William Soos and Lindsay N. Sweeney for $224,815.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 333 Oak Park St., Nexton to David A. and Sherry B. Dial for $362,640.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 327 Oakbend St., Nexton to Sherrelle E. Colden for $525,290.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 248 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Judy B. and Jerry K. Asbury for $371,785.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 15-19.


Coy L. Bull sold 678 2nd Bend Road to Cynthia K. and Victor A. Bull for $254,136.


DR Horton Inc. sold 9810 Seed St., McKewn to Shirani D. Rajan for $257,900.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9728 Table Mountain Lane, Coosaw Preserve to Jennifer R. and Benjamin Semple for $321,925.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9804 Black Tupelo Lane, Coosaw Preserve to Jesse and Katie Kessler for $331,685.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 5046 White Cedar Road, Coosaw Preserve to Kristin Gebbie for $256,525.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9862 Black Tupelo Lane, Coosaw Preserve to Manikandan Michattu Sivaraman and Haritha Asokkumar Nair for $320,675.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9816 Black Tupelo Lane, Coosaw Preserve to Tansa S. Ayazgok for $303,340.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 5036 White Cedar Road, Coosaw Preserve to Alexander Hamann for $232,575.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9812 Seed St., McKewn to Morgan Jones for $225,150.

North Charleston

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3905 Greico Raod, Indigo Palms to Subrata Biswas for $295,000.

Gregory W. Kaneb sold 8860 Tolbert Way, Cedar Grove to Camellia D. Seabrook for $327,000.

James and Teresa Ware sold 5413 Langston Park Drive, Whitehall to Jennifer L. and Jason R. Lowery for $279,900.

Pete J. Burd sold 4005 Key Thatch Court, Indigo Palms to Curtis Craven and Anita Applegarth for $270,000.

Signature Homes LLC sold 5330 Natures Color Lane, Indigo Fields to Virgil Raynard and Sherrie Denise Parks for $484,762.

Stanley O. Perrine II sold 8673 Coppergrove Drive, Whitehall to David Aaron Lucas for $249,000.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 8773 Alexandria Drive, Cedar Grove to Ryan D. and Jenna L. Parsley for $312,189.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 5516 Crescent View Drive, Cedar Grove to Sergio and Silvania A. Kowalski for $332,950.

Villas at Charleston Park LLC sold Unit 2701, 8800 Dorchester Road, Villas at Charleston Park to Kathleen L. Geoffrion for $270,095.

Saint George

Norman R. Way and Doritta Rudd sold 145 Hunters Lane to Philip M. Goethe and Megan R. McNamee for $290,000.


Bernard J. and Danyel M. Bellush sold 7005 Lofton Court, Myers Mill to Titus and Aspen Harrison for $245,000.

Carol Ann and Jonathan D. Ellens sold 225 Berwick Drive, Wentworth Hall to Ryan Kenneth and Megan Brianna Brown for $288,900.

Charles M. White Jr. and Beverly A. Rogers White sold 112 Carolinian Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Janet L. McHugh for $262,000.

David J. and Ann M. Tomayko sold 501 Lakeview Drive, Ashborough to Jeffrey J. Townsend for $291,500.

Derrick R. and Martha C. Steinle sold 216 Weston Hall Drive, The Ponds to Joshua W. Timm for $352,250.

Dietmar Paul and Christine Monika Endres sold 114 Corrientes Court, Plum Creek to Tyler L. Juenger and Emma G. Pobodnik for $210,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 8019 Mckayla Road, Myers Mill to Stephen J. Gilmer and Kathryn E Norton for $337,610.

John D. and Victoria S. Francis sold 2003 Jubilee Crescent Court, Victoria Pointe to Shari D. and Edward D. Maskowsky for $230,000.

John Difrancesco Jr. sold 4818 Little School Court, Wescott Plantation to Mary L. and Nathan L. Jester for $292,210.

John J. and Mabel Riordan sold 100 Highwoods Plantation Ave., Highwoods Plantation to Markita T. Williams for $224,000.

John T. and Karen L. Hills sold 100 Fair Spring Court, Irongate to John Alfred and Pamela Ann Korejwa for $223,000.

John Z. Downing and Natalie Morgan Downing sold 9288 North Moreto Circle, Wescott Plantation to Tony Benjamin and Sacha Lovett for $270,000.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3096 Cross Vine Lane, The Ponds to Matthew K. and Debra S. Lazzaro for $347,425.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC sold 4177 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Thomas D. and John D. Nelms for $302,000.

Larry Tharp and Marianne Tharp sold 104 Salt Meadow Lane, Blackberry Creek to Kimberlee L. and Thomas E. Wills for $285,000.

Lauren R. and Jared K. Lethco sold 38 Creek Bend Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Jennifer Leigh Whitescarver and Robert Bryan Croley for $200,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 158 Longford Drive, Wentworth Hall to David W. and Amy L. Robinson for $213,990.

Margaret Artlip sold 710 West Doty Ave. to Nicole Ann and William Boyd Burkhart for $453,300.

Brian Alan Morris sold 208 Evesham Drive, Gahagan Plantation to Laurie and Shane Kretzschmar for $206,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1371 Wild Goose Trail, Drakesborough to William and Deatrick K. Doctor for $230,370.

Reed K. and Katie J. Bjorkman sold 110 Buckingham Ave., Ashborough to Kristopher A. Spann for $290,000.

Richard J. and Eleanor E. Magner sold 104 Manigault Drive, Parsons Road to Hector M. Orsini and Jean F. Backes for $400,000.

Robert J. and Melisa A. Beaudry sold 106 Elena Court, Whispering Fields to Sean F. and Jennifer R. Swigart for $289,000.

Robert W. Adams sold 178 Willowbend Lane, Summer Trace to Douglas and Wilhemina Reid for $225,000.

Sabal Homes at Summers Corner LLC sold 111 Nutmeg Way, Summers Corner to Wanda H. and Donald R. Black for $403,000.

Satu Mey M. Holt sold 113 Manigault Drive, Parsons Road to Chad H. and Kamilla G. Urban for $390,000.

William A. and Christy E. Sease sold 305 Ashford Circle, Summerville Crossing to Matthew R. Hillyard and Jennifer L. Ballew for $217,000.

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