Real Estate Transactions (copy)

Real estate transactions for Sunday, January 7, 2018.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Nov. 13-17.


WCCS LLC sold 651 Awendaw Lakes Road to William Thomas Albrecht Jr. and Beverly Ward Albrecht for $465,525.


Jenna L.T. and Jonathan Bruce sold Unit D, 114 Beaufain St. to Shari and Madeline Katers for $440,000.

Claire C. Vogels sold Unit A, 35 Ashton St. to 35 Ashton Street LLC for $490,000.

Bruce E. and Paulette W. Smith sold Unit A, 7 Kracke St., The Rainbow at Midtown to Cara E. Sherry for $290,000.

David and Scott Branham sold Unit 3, 21 Hester St., Gedding's Farm to Meghan E. Bowes for $242,500.

Carolyn L. Willson sold Unit 9H, 330 Concord St., Dockside to Vinaya and K.V.R.K. Rao for $588,750.

David E. and Mary P. Blanton sold 74 Anson St. to Peter and Diane Dirkes for $1.4 million.

President Line LLC sold 211 Line St. to Garrett Lagnese and Ian Michael John Poynter for $575,000.

Lewis S. Kunkel sold 80 East Bay St. to Celeste H. Patrick for $4 million.

Thomalind M. Polite sold 496 Huger St., Hampton Park Terrace to Anna Deyton and Thomas Dyllan Rankin for $535,000.

Samuel Mylrea sold 386 Huger St. to Preservation Development LLC for $310,000.

Carmen A. Sims-Gaston sold 28 Jasper St. to Skaai LLC for $266,750.

Cynthia L. Brady sold 8 Kyle Place to Stefan Ross Kutsko for $527,000.

Daniel D. Labar sold 371 Huger St. to 371 Huger LLC for $350,000.

August Investments LLC sold 82 Devereaux Ave., Peachtree Heights to Eloise P. and Eric Thome for $440,000.

Gary L. Raymond sold 10 Porters Court, Porters Row to Gregory Ness for $515,000.

Tamara L. Ford and Ida W. Johnson sold 1197 King St., Rutledge Heights to Northwest Properties of Summerville LLC for $310,000.

Joseph and Devonne R. Calabrese sold 57 Society St. to John M. and Deborah S. Beatty for $2 million.

Sarah Chitsaz sold 143 St. Margaret St., Wagener Terrace to John C. McElroy and Alexandra B. Creason for $475,000.

Folly Beach

Jemo Holdings LLC sold 508 East Huron Ave. to Keith Duffy Evans for $827,000.


D. Dale and Linda S. Hyers sold 4928 Pointe Pleasant Lane, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Lisa Clark for $921,000.

Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc. sold 4030 Ten Shillings Way, Poplar Grove to Jack Byrum and Barbara A. Kurent-Byrum for $730,657.

Bonnie D. Hood sold 5001 Stono Plantation Drive, Stono Plantation to Jon and Camille Campbell for $830,000.

Isle of Palms

Terry A. and Rebecca W. Henderson sold Unit 208B, 7600 Palmetto Drive, Shipwatch to Jeannette Love and James Stephen Dye for $541,000.

Richard G. Sears sold Unit C 202, 9000 Palmetto Drive, Port O'Call to Jared M. and Amey E. Dougherty for $385,000.

Stephen W. MacNeal sold 23 31st Ave. to John and Cynthia Beall for $550,000.

John S. Staudt sold 3006 Cameron Blvd. to Richard A. and Glenda C. Nemes for $2 million.

1 Source Services SC Inc. sold 3203 Hartnett Blvd. to Oscar Gerald Robertson Jr. and Jennifer Lindsay Robertson for $660,000.

Integrity of South Carolina LLC sold 2402 Palm Blvd. to Steven Drew and Donna Carol Schwartz for $5.8 million.

Back Court LLC sold 20 Back Court, Racquet Club Villas to Michael G. and Amanda O. Houston for $412,500.

James Island

Thomas C. and Ruth A. Meier sold Unit 9, 34 Meander Row, Rivers Point of Centerville Plantation to David and Linda Marie Paddock for $225,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 831 Riverton Way, Bay Front to Matthew S. and Kayla N. Fitzgerald for $500,820.

Teri Lynn Herbert sold 1738 Santee St., Centerville to Jonathan Reid and Cassandra Jean Bush for $274,000.

Amanda E. Lewis and Donald W. Hare sold 1504 Swamp Fox Lane, Jamestown Village to Jamie Ann and David Antony French for $312,000.

George R. Wilkins III and Erin B. Wilkins sold 1110 Winborn Drive, Lawton Bluff to Mitchell J. and Julianne L. Isaac for $334,900.

Claudia S. and Noah T. Gainey sold 641 Schooner Road, Lighthouse Point to Sarah B. Vouwie for $265,000.

Nathan E. and Cori M. Wiedrich sold 1124 Galleon Road, Lighthouse Point to Matthew and Corinne Quinlan for $440,000.

Priscilla Bell Sarpy sold 1032 Windward Road, Lighthouse Point to Douglas and Kristy Williamson for $273,000.

Classic Construction of Summerville LLC sold 1427 Downwood Place, Lynwood to Benjamin Walker for $312,000.

Adam Hedges and Anjali Shah sold 700 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Jennifer and Gene L. Von Stein Viers for $397,000.

Ion Venture LLC sold 1560 Blaze Lane, Meridian Place to Barbara J. Wade and Gerald F. Wade for $217,800.

Sylvia and Nicole Newman sold 1479 Amanda Park Lane, Meridian Place to Thomas C. and Deborah T. Christian for $235,000.

Thomas Clayton Johnson sold 554 Water Turkey Retreat, Parrot Creek to David C. Irvin for $601,000.

Lorraine M. Denicola sold 1318 Ptarmigan St., Quail Run to Charles J. Organ and Lorie F. Shepperd for $275,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 590 Saltgrass Pointe Drive, Saltgrass Pointe to Jackey R. Frye Jr. and Lauren D. Frye for $489,990.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 586 Saltgrass Pointe Drive, Saltgrass Pointe to Christopher and Rachael Will for $530,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 569 Saltgrass Pointe Drive, Saltgrass Pointe to Michael J. and Rebecca C. Stewart for $465,107.

Kim D. Backman sold 1206 Secessionville Road to Carrie M. Danker for $275,000.

George B. and Marie G. Smith sold 1486 Springwater Court, Wexford Sound to Judy K. Ng and Michael J. Simone for $438,000.

Murray T. Greer III sold 426 Woodland Shores Road, Woodland Shores to Lorraine M. Denicola for $335,000.

Jennifer L.W. and Steven C. Ross sold 505 White Chapel Circle, Woodward Pointe to William Michael and Jessica Degrandis Lewis for $555,000.

Johns Island

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3334 Tabard Road, Brownswood Village to Tyler Vance Brock for $268,256.

Michael Scott sold 1935 Gasque St., Cedar Spring to Jeffrey A. Becton for $222,000.

Sharyn M. and Christopher D. Sandstrom sold 1603 Southwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Robert Henry and Carroll L. Ayers for $264,000.

Steven R. Selengut sold 3906 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Hickory Hill Plantation to Scott M. and Stacy Stevenson for $1.6 million.

Sylvia P. Nista sold 4502 Hope Plantation Drive, Hope Plantation to Kriss B. Hilborn and Ronald F. Haase for $680,000.

Thomas B. Wood III and Heather J. Wood sold 3213 Johnstowne St., Hope Plantation to Mary Ann and Michael A. Meador for $457,000.

Scott and Stacy Stevenson sold 2704 Jenkins Point Road, Jenkins Point Plantation to Jared D. and Jessica L. Brown for $1.2 million.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 3007 Sweetleaf Lane, Johnston Point at Whitney Lake to Adam T. Vittum and Laura E. Meagher for $373,775.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1513 Chastain Road, Lakeside Park to Kaitlyn Gillespie and Christopher Rodger Hall for $366,466.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 3116 Grand Bay Lane, Maybank Village to Catherine Holland Chase for $280,280.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2011 Elvington Road, Oakfield to Michael R. and Bethany R. Hines for $291,865.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2015 Elvington Road, Oakfield to Daniel R. and Casey E. Thaler for $247,165.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2022 Elvington Road, Oakfield to Loren M. and Kelly O. Vevon for $282,215.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2910 Gantt Drive, Oakfield to Simpson M. and Lynn F. Parker for $425,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2013 Elvington Road, Oakfield to Romar Antonio Benson and Maria Benson-White for $285,740.

FD Communities LLC sold 2413 Lieutenant Dozier Drive, Stonoview to James C. Yerkes Jr. and Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes for $556,317.

Andrew B. Hale sold 2877 Summertrees Blvd. to Michael A. and Amanda M. Ostrom for $200,000.

Loren M. and Kelly O. Vevon sold 1738 Towne St., The Cottages at Johns Island to Teresa M. Westbrook for $268,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1622 Emmets Road, The Oaks at St. Johns Crossing to Kristina Danielle Johnson for $272,464.

Kiawah Island

4569 Park Lake Drive LLC sold 4569 Park Lake Drive, Parkside Villas to Patrick and Renee McCormick for $670,000.


JMH at Ladson LLC sold 4564 Waddling Way, Charleston Chase to Daryle L. Wright for $240,653.

Daryle L. Wright sold 103 Surlington Drive, Summerpark to AH4R Properties LLC for $201,000.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

Benjamin F. Hollett and Anna-Emilia Hollett sold 3008 Fraserburgh Way, The Retreat at Charleston National Country Club to Patricia A. and Jeffrey S. Marcus for $365,000.

Matthew W. Sjostrom sold 1745 Wyngate Circle, Ellington Woods to Quang T. and Phung K. Hang for $203,000.

John M. and Diana Roberts sold Unit 1405, 1195 Village Creek Lane, Village Creek to Shane J. Kimble for $205,000.

Anthony and Joseph A. Komins sold Unit 1208, 1481 Center St. Extension, Bay Club Homes to Joel Fay for $225,000.

Thomas L. Carter and Colleen Gail Toussaint sold 2032 Ashburton Way, Andover to Dennis J. and Barbara J. Martin for $1.2 million.

Jason D. Stroud and Elizabeth I. Majeski sold 784 High Battery Circle, Battery Point at Belle Hall Plantation to Ernest Rodenberg IV and Colleen Rodenberg for $640,000.

Parker-Nimmich LLC sold 600 Seacoast Parkway, Belle Hall Plantation to GSR Jedburg LLC for $2.4 million.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 1508 Riverlight Lane, Carolina Park to Bobby R. and Linda N. Mawyer for $720,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1473 Bourne Crossing, Carolina Park to Richard M. and Mary V. Johnson for $464,000.

Ralph M. Bell sold 1491 Astley Road, Cassina Plantation to Elka Construction Specialties LLC for $456,000.

Rhonda Rees sold 1203 Dingle Road to William K. Christy and Laura C. Anderson for $323,000.

Elizabeth Bramlett Baker sold 943 Cottingham Drive, Cooper Estates to Peter S. Whitbeck for $230,000.

Stephen A. and Stephanie B. Heckart sold 1572 Landings Run, Cooper Estates to Ashley S. Turner for $365,000.

Peter R. Heller sold 938 Scotland Drive, Creekside Park to Christopher W. and Jennifer H. Simpson for $550,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 434 Woodspring Road, Darrell Creek to Stephen G. and Nakoma J. Pishko for $664,900.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 430 Woodspring Road, Darrell Creek to Gayle C. and Samuel C. Morris for $610,000.

Christopher K. and Natalie Payne sold 3594 Holmgren St., Darrell Creek Plantation to Stephen D. and Jennifer Ann Bittinger for $833,000.

Chutarnat Sampaongern and Eelco Hillenius sold 320 Bridgetown Pass, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Katherine A. Hanson for $656,000.

Thomas H. Noren and Jennifer L. Waldron sold 331 Bridgetown Pass, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Luke J. Deutschmann for $670,000.

Eleanor B. Chambliss sold 72 Sowell St., I'On to Justin Hopson for $800,000.

Toni A. Curry sold 3051 Morningdale Drive, Ivy Hall to Nikki L. McDill for $295,000.

Nancy E. and Donald E. Baxter sold 1532 Carolina Jasmine Road, Magnolia Woods to Lynda B. Cottingham for $559,000.

Phillip D. and Emily H. Warr sold 396 Creole Place, Molasses Creek Plantation to Georges Elie and Morgan Headden Khawaja for $765,000.

Claire and Andrew Tomberlin sold 1217 Robin Road, Moss Park to Benjamin A. Albrecht Jr. and Sheila R. Albrecht for $455,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1513 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Michael Arthur and Bridget Lucas Scheidler for $645,950.

Helen J. Hudson sold 152 Palm Cove Way, Palm Cove at Dunes West to Richard M. and Janice E. Zagorski for $414,400.

Michele Basler and KandG Properties LLC sold 1570 Sweet Myrtle Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Mary Bellotti for $340,000.

Nicholas J. Engelman sold 2736 Palmetto Hall Blvd., Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Brett M. and Candice L. Halsey for $340,000.

Michael S. and Ashley S. Turner sold 1965 Omni Blvd., Ravens Run to David S. and P. Lynn Burnett for $761,450.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 541 W. Rice Planters Lane, Rice Planters Pointe to Ronald M. Roman and Katherine B. Grayson for $866,450.

James Hagan Anderson sold 1540 Appling Drive, Shellpoint to Natasha Dewitte for $615,000.

Alice Anne Zorn sold 1137 Shady Grove Lane, Snee Farm to Justin W. Holsonback and Kelli Whitsitt for $207,500.

David C. Helscher Jr. and Michelle R. Helscher sold 1027 Royalist Road, Snee Farm to Conor P. and Marcelle M. Lalor for $592,500.

David E. and Laura L. Stickler sold 951 Legends Terrace, Snee Farm to Jason D. Stroud and Elizabeth I. Majeski for $610,000.

Hugh Duncan Sherer sold 1129 Deleisseline Blvd., Snee Farm to David Cannon Helscher Jr. and Michelle R. Helscher for $485,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 978 Key Colony Court, Sullivans Pointe to Joseph Illick Gramley for $474,990.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 982 Key Colony Court, Sullivans Pointe to Mark E. Fischer for $614,990.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3337 Stockdale St., The Abbey at Park West to Daniel E. Mellison for $440,413.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3416 Salterbeck St., The Abbey at Park West to Marianne C. Middleton for $497,651.

James K. and Melissa S. Daniel sold 408 Vinca View, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Plamen and Desislava Dimitrova for $494,500.

Malte and Aruni Pehl sold 510 Village Rest Court, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to John Sivewright and Mary Dacey Orr for $345,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 2815 Wagner Way, The Covington at Park West to Aaron L. Segner for $590,587.

Nancy H. Amos and Paula H. Gregg sold 989 Lakeview Drive, The Groves to Linda C. and Roy R. Watson for $475,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2883 River Vista Way, The Harbour to Paul R. and Brandi M. Canovali for $727,000.

Terrence P. and Jane A. Abbott sold 2760 Fountainhead Way, The Harbour at Dunes West to John Eric and Jennifer Louise Booth for $900,000.

Robert E. and Jennifer J. Oidtman sold 2811 Waterpointe Circle, The Landing at Brickyard Plantation to Christopher and Megan Onysko for $518,000.

Kelley and Richard Esposito sold 421 Antebellum Lane, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Lauren T. McNeill for $370,000.

Mira Pinkerton sold 3476 Shagbark Circle, The Woodlands at Dunes West to Karl R. Savatiel for $605,000.

Christopher W. and Jennifer H. Simpson sold 1381 E. Vagabond Lane, Wakendaw Lakes to Christopher A. Lee Jr. and Emily M. Lee for $482,500.

Mark Edward Angerlino sold 725 Chatter Road, Wakendaw Lakes to Emily Nell Durlach for $500,000.

Joseph A. and Hong Y.l. Ciacci sold 2001 Country Manor Drive, Water's Edge to Christopher G. Fitzgerald and Sarah Lovin for $389,900.

Luke A. Hutchins sold 2090 Country Manor Drive, Water's Edge to Devan A. Clark for $398,000.

Donald J. and Darii A. Lane sold 1295 Hermit Crab Way, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Robert Conrad and Catherine Crocker Howard for $439,900.

North Charleston

Richard and Leslee Dubois sold 5103 Dorchester Road, Bon-Aire to Jam Up Properties LLC for $550,000.

Cesar G. and Martha S. Bustamante sold 7636 High Maple Circle, Brookdale to Sameer Patel for $239,900.

FD Communities LLC sold 146 Mixson Ave. to Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC for $2.1 illion.

Bill Hall Co. L.P. sold 4740 Rivers Ave., Morningside to 4740 Rivers Ave LLC for $1.4 million.

Del Diversified Inc. sold 4524 Orr St. to Tyler Srgo and Heather Davis for $375,000.

Derek D. and Tammy E. Flovin sold 4509 Rugheimer Ave. to Zachary Wade Smith and Elena Caraba for $285,000.

Fannie Mae sold 2491 Vistavia Road, Northwood Estates to Dana Morton Sheppard and Violet Dixon Morton for $200,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 5161 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Ashley L. Knowles for $318,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 5108 West Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Kenzie J. Chase and Bryan S. Williams for $361,317.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 5113 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Heyward G. and Stacy L. Knotts for $470,447.

Master Home Builder LLC sold 5129 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Kay M. Haun for $346,345.

Mims Amusement Co. sold 1262 Remount Road to FOH Corp. for $335,000.

Ibrahim H. and Aida Dabit sold 5528 Rivers Ave., Singing Pines to Dixie Furniture Co. for $615,000.

Joshua Ian Kyle and Dacia Ellyn Wilcox sold 2434 Thoreau St., University Park to Samuel Hammons for $210,000.

MOJHC Investments LLC sold 4997 Gaffney St., Village Villas to 5 Jenkins LLC for $514,990.

Leeds Park Assoc. LLC sold 4500 Leeds Ave., Wando Woods to LC Leeds LLC for $42 million.


Kimberly Frazier sold 4971 County Line Road to W.F.J. LLC for $450,000.

Seabrook Island

Henry and Tara Hudson sold 3011 Ocean Winds Drive, Ocean Winds to Bonnie Sabia for $310,000.

Dorothy A. Bostock sold 2876 Old Drake Drive to Judith Forehand Woods for $602,500.

Kriss B. Hilborn and Ronald Haase sold 2505 Seabrook Island Road to Edward T. and Kathleen M. O'Sullivan for $715,000.

Jeffrey R. and Kathryn L. Noel sold 457 Double Eagle Trace, Golf Shore Villas to Kathleen M. Airhart for $290,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Alice F. Paylor and Walter C. Regnery sold 1765 Atlantic Ave. to Lucian and Ioana Lozonschi for $4.2 million.

Wadmalaw Island

James C. Townley sold 1624 Lonnie Taylor Lane to Leonard B. Gary III and Ashley T. Gray for $422,500.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Mary F. Justice sold 256 Wappoo Road to Palmetto Home Investments LLC for $211,000.

Richard Charles Clarke sold 1519 Balsam St., Ardmore to Spencer and Nicholas Spagnola for $220,000.

Nicholas K. Molnar sold 88 Ashley Hall Plantation Road, Ashley Hall Plantation to Nicholas Mehalic for $450,000.

Angela M. Gagne sold 4079 Hartland St., Ashley Park to Ashley J. Wietor and Clark E. Schoonover for $240,000.

William Kendrik Group LLC sold 714 St. Andrews Blvd., Avondale to Rise Dominion LLC for $660,000.

Donna W. Keating sold 22 Sothel Ave., Byrnes Down to Ladson F. Mills IV and Elizabeth C. Mills for $385,000.

Centex Homes sold 2705 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to Hector and Josefina Carmona for $354,990.

Centex Homes sold 2656 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to John Alan Stewart for $310,065.

Centex Homes sold 2952 Stonestown Drive, Carolina Bay to Stacie L. Emerson for $475,040.

Cedar Lane Development LLC sold 2237 Parsonage Road, Church Creek Landing to Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC for $2.1 million.

Craig Gooding and Cortney Price sold 1846 Carolina Bay Drive, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Kenneth P. Warner and Theresa A. Pfohl for $327,000.

Nyo Win and Thien Nu sold 2916 Amberhill Way, Cypress of Carolina Bay to Derek Cianciolo for $355,000.

Liberty I. Tillman and Trenton T. Tillman III sold 409 Hawks Cay Court, Hamilton Grove at Bees Landing to Donald James and Casey Maureen Gerwin for $310,000.

Joy Blanton Scurry and Eric Andrew Haines sold 2919 Sugarbush Way, Hickory Hill Plantation to James H. Murray and Dorothy A. Zarr-Murray for $307,000.

Gorna Rac and Lara L. Hewett sold 4 Latham Circle to Heather Elaine Yorston for $360,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 2430 Lilytree Drive, Magnolia Bluff to Jacob N. Hershberger and Ryan M. Evens for $319,297.

Heather N. Johnson sold 1318 Stoney St., Memminger Hall to Nancy D. Bellavita for $270,000.

Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc. sold 483 Shadowmoss Parkway, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to Megan Pinion and Gregory Ryan Bates for $502,512.

Katie B. Stewart and Joyce M. Rea sold 7163 Windmill Creek Road, Oakleaf to Anita Denise Hamilton for $245,000.

Michael D. and Jane Nickey sold 1732 Orange Grove Shores Drive to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP for $249,100.

Alvin C. Mund sold 3238 Conservancy Lane, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Louis H. Carrier for $283,000.

James C. and Danielle L. Simmons sold 1884 Paddy Place, Rice Hollow to Justin Muratore for $330,000.

Jackey R. and Lauren D. Frye sold 20 Transom Court, Ripley Cove to Ripley LLC for $585,000.

Derrick C. and Andrea M. Ouzts sold 306 Weeping Willow Way, The Commons at Grand Oaks to David J. and Emily M. Van Auker for $245,000.

Scott C. and Nicole M. Deal sold 151 Larissa Drive, The Commons at Grand Oaks to Chandler B. Dabit for $240,000.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 342 Grouse Park, The Landing at Grande Oaks to Susan R. Lightcap and Thomas M. Lightcap IV for $288,376.

Mary D. Wise sold 1629 Timothy St., Wappoo Shores to Charles Anthony Johnson for $348,500.

SC Real Estate LLC sold 1312 Ashley River Road to Planned Parenthood South Atlantic N. Hershberger for $1.2 million.