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Real Estate Transactions for Sunday, December 29, 2019

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real estate transactions

Real estate transactions for Sunday, December 29, 2019.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Oct. 14-18.


Edward O. and Theresa M. Cox sold 6057 Mossey Grove Lane to Jeff and Renee McCaslin for $1.3 million.

Tina M. Herndon sold 8150 Doar Road to William and Laura Grayson for $355,000.


The Bee St Condo Co. LLC sold Unit G, 12 Bee St. to Vernon B. Harvey for $420,000.

Marvin Henry Smalley sold 212 Ashley Ave. to 212 Ashley Avenue Partners LLC for $750,000.

Marvin Smalley sold 111 Cannon St. to 111 Cannon Street Partners LLC for $950,000.

Taylor L. and Richard H. Tate sold 1 Aston Place, Harleston Green to Spencer Snyder for $560,000.

Christine Roby Wilson sold 9 Limehouse St. to Paul Ausley for $4.1 million.

Matthew G. Hayden sold Unit 124, 1 Cool Blow St. to Michael Manesiotis for $260,000.

Benjamin J. Poucher sold 13 Porters Court to Jacquelene and Duncan J. Elliott for $372,000.

Charlene C. and G. Dewey Yarborough sold 83 Romney St. to Denise Claire Morrissette for $308,500.

Oak Tree Enterprises LLC sold 78 San Souci St., Rutledge Heights to Matthew Standridge for $720,000.

92 and 107 Spring Street Development Partners LLC sold 107 Spring St. to 107 Spring Street LLC for $1.9 million.

John Malory and Sylvie Violette McNeel sold 19 State St. to 19 State Street LLC for $1.5 million.

Mary B. Rich Whittemore and Bath Savings Trust Co. sold Unit 235, 33 Calhoun St. to Joseph G. and Vanessa A. Fitsanakis for $610,000.


Anthony K. and Carma B. Kolgaklis sold 7285 Commodore Road, Parish Point to Paul and Connie J. Macdonald for $395,000.

Charles W. and Sandra C. Groetsch sold 5209 Myrtle Cove Lane, Stono Ferry to Timothy and Julie L. Donoghue for $506,500.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. sold 5387 Halfway Creek Road to Blondell and Marilyn Wright for $446,250.

Isle of Palms

Robert F. and Mary Ann Peffer sold 614 Palm Blvd. to Island Development Group LLC for $700,000.

Round Two LLC sold 3004 Palm Blvd. to IOP Beach Front LLC for $2.1 million.

Judith Anne Royal sold Unit 108, 1300 Ocean Blvd., Sea Cabin on the Ocean to Stephanie and Zane Haecherl for $304,000.

Phillip Emory and Kimberly Rogers Raines sold Unit 2011, 8500 Palmetto Drive, Tidewater to Donald and Sabrina L. Seeley for $685,250.

Arthur E. and Patricia A. Giardino sold 3906 Waterway Blvd. to Thomas M. Miller for $635,000.

James Island

Maria Kelly Simancas sold 1091 Wayfarer Lane, Bayview Farms to Joseph Mistretta for $420,000.

Christopher J. McAlister sold 1828 Cornish Ave., Camp Road Estates to David M. Wood for $600,000.

Sheila Kuritz and Janice Gail Howard sold 469 Trapier Drive, Fort Johnson Estates to Robert Tyler and Kelli P. Williams for $425,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 824 Porcari St., Harborwalk to Monika Gooz for $399,540.

John G. and Bernice K. Larkins sold 1582 Kentwood Circle to Christopher Basso for $285,000.

Shane and Tara Spurling sold 783 Lake Frances Drive, Lake Shore Commons to Kenneth Scoggins for $425,000.

Sunfish Properties LLC sold 898 Dills Bluff Road, Lawton Bluff to Sean and Joy Colby for $290,400.

Laura Murray and William M. Kemp sold 1065 Secessionville Road, Lynwood to Elizabeth and Trevor Chichester for $393,000.

Leigh Ann Blackman sold 1093 Kingswood Drive, Lynwood to Remy G. Funfrock and Claudia C. Varas for $311,900.

William H. Sewell sold 1071 Renwood Drive, Lynwood to Jeffrey Snouffer and Kelly Anne Jenkins for $345,000.

Shane M. and Sarah M. Halse sold 1537 Blaze Lane, Meridian Place to Matthew and Pamela Baker for $260,000.

David M. and Davida M. Ecklung sold 1343 Sea Bass Cove, Seaside Estates to Micah Utt and Janelle N. Riolo for $620,000.

Stobo Holdings LLC sold 939 Paul Revere Court, Stiles Point to Richard E. and Mary W. Lassiter for $1.3 million.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division Properties LLC sold 517 Yellow Tower Terrace, The Village at Stiles Point to Song Chen and Xiu Lin Zheng for $643,987.

Dennis and Diane Gentile sold 1125 Sabrina Circle, Westfield Place to Julianne M. Stokes for $424,000.

Brian Kenneth O’Connell sold 1542 Harborsun Drive, Wexford Sound to Thomas and Lynda Berner for $300,000.

Michael Shawn and Madison Brooke Anderson sold 1582 Harborsun Drive, Wexford Sound to Eleanor Santy for $355,000.

Rockne and Meghan Hymel sold 1263 Valley Forge Drive, Whitehouse Plantation to Andrew Gilberti for $312,500.

Johns Island

Hampton Thomas sold 1111 Hughes Road, Bulow Plantation to David and Sarah P. Kelley for $843,000.

Ernest D. Whitlow and Timothy Blair sold 3113 Edenvale Road to Billy J. and Laura Carson for $568,900.

Shelley and Gary S. Tucker sold 1571 Stanwick Drive, Fenwick Hills to Matthew S. Kimball and Erin L. Collins for $277,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2203 Kemmerlin St., Oakfield to Byron K. and Corliss D. Edge for $448,225.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2031 Lanneau Lane, Oakfield to Miguel and Joeli Valladares for $347,890.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2018 Lanneau Lane, Oakfield to Mary Jordan and Katherine Trimarco for $323,540.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2016 Lanneau Lane, Oakfield to John and Meredith Janiak for $335,265

Steven R. and Brenda G. Corey sold 3912 Regal Oak Lane to Thomas and Lauretta J. Scally for $540,000.

Britta K. Parchois sold 6140 Rio Vista Lane to Kevin Greene for $365,000.

Bradley J. and Maeomee L. Devos sold 2920 Split Hickory Court to Jordan and Jeremiah Barker for $300,000

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 5060 Catfish Loop, St. Johns Lake to Mary London for $329,205.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3291 Olivia Marie Lane, Waterloo to Christina Votaw for $518,194.

Kiawah Island

Michael J. and Joyce L. Hagan sold 40 Atlantic Beach Court, The Village at Turtle Beach to Alicia and Jeffrey Harris for $4.1 million.


William L. and Eileen D. Wallace sold 120 Oak St. to Elizabeth B. Geer for $650,000.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 3017 Caspian Court, Bessemer Park at Park West to David and Susan Bruce Mason for $442,361.

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 3057 Caspian Court, Bessemer Park at Park West to Frances Michelle and Thomas Ravan III for $455,520.

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 3021 Caspian Court, Bessemer Park at Park West to Kirsten E. Frizol for $459,521.

Cline Construction LLC sold 3724 Goodwater St., Carolina Park to Wayne J. and Patricia K. Caudill for $851,262.

Gordon G. Dabrasky Jr. and Leslie J. Dabrasky sold 3551 Backshore Drive, Carolina Park to Gary D. and Anita B. Simpson for $600,000.

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 3845 Maidstone Drive, Carolina Park to Alan J. and Amanda Mary Beers for $493,545.

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 1701 Banning St., Carolina Park to Matthew and Keri Y. Peterson for $449,910.

David Peters Wilborn Jr. sold 715 Lakenheath Drive to Robert and Lauri M. Petit for $499,000.

Larry E. and Jean L. Wyatt sold 1089 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park to Larry E. and Jean L. Wyatt for $365,000.

David V. and Cynthia J. Smith sold 645 Pelzer Drive, Cooper Estates to Stephen and Terri Ann Herubin for $675,000.

Luke S. and Kendall Winterer sold 1545 Landings Run, Coopers Landing to John Jenkins for $370,000.

Ronald J. and Lynn A. Mariani sold 4032 Harleston Green Lane to Kenneth G. and Jennifer H. Johnson for $375,000.

Sally S. Hickerson sold 3628 Billings St., Hamlin Plantation to Laura M. Davis for $280,000.

Stewart and Lydia Boyd sold Unit M9, 243 Heritage Circle, Heritage Village to Caitlin Marie Yaniec for $275,000.

154 Hobcaw LLC sold 154 Hobcaw Drive, Hobcaw Point to James W. and Sheryl W. Schnell for $3.7 million.

Richard M. and Brenda J. Lemen sold 1417 Goblet Ave., Jasper Terrace to Guy and Wendy Ando for $350,000.

Amanda Padgett sold 3588 Billings St., Madison to Lisa Jewell for $255,000.

Skipper Investments LLC sold 3505 Billings St., Madison to Debra Newman for $280,000.

Lee M. Tormos sold 2656 Magnolia Woods Drive to Magnolia Woods LLC for $500,000.

James G. Pearl sold 2266 North Marsh Drive to Collin and Jennifer Weyer for $492,000.

CPD Phase E LLC sold 1899 Bolden Drive to Carolina Cottage Homes LLC for $250,000.

Anna Barrett Ludlam and Roland Armes Ludlam Jr. sold 1552 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to William J. Miller and Karen M. Mohrwinkel for $815,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1634 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to John and Jennifer Leigh Witt for $920,000.

Jason Dennis and Cortney Marie Hanson sold 1629 Pin Oak Cut, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Ryan Paul and Amy Melissa Wenger for $379,900.

Linda S. Kelly sold 1552 Wellesley Circle, Park West to Andrew Ewing for $280,000.

Rachel Bullington sold 3246 John Bartram Place, Park West to Melissa Gergits for $295,000.

Allyson A. Smith sold 1432 Endicot Way, Park West to Ian M. Chernisky and Timothy Allen Johnson for $385,000.

Marshall Forrester Jr. and Lisa H. Forrester sold 1481 Endicot Way, Park West to David W. Davison and Kristen T. Smith for $383,000.

James E. Davolio and Francoise Endter sold 1328 Whisker Pole Lane to Thomas B. and Donna Lyerly Graham for $585,000.

Patricia L. Brooks sold 1841 Palmetto Isle Drive, Rivertowne Country Club to Robert and Liuying Wang McKenzie for $387,500.

Susan R. Nevers sold Unit 707, 656 Coleman Blvd. to Eric M. and Jennifer L. Elkins for $460,000.

Rohan Lewis sold 1979 N. Smokerise Way to Maureen and Jason Tokarczyk for $380,000.

Ruford Joseph Bolchoz III and Melia Courtney Bolchoz sold 1048 Royalist Road, Snee Farm to Weston and Jaclyn T. Mallon for $495,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 1435 Stratton Place, Stratton by the Sound to Daniel and Chelsea P. Jones for $800,000.

Edward Leslie and Vilma S. Vance sold 2258 Show Basket Way, Sweetgrass Village to Scott and Karin G. Myers for $520,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2283 Primus Road, The Oaks at Primus to Peter W. and Marci E. Mitchell for $533,140.

Patricia A. Rabun sold 2756 Gaston Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Whitney Naramore and Christopher David Huff Jr. for $400,000.

Seth W. Whitaker sold 716 Pitt St. to James M. Brewer for $814,125.

Victor R. Moody Jr. and Andrea Charlene Rose Moody sold 1756 W. Canning Drive, Winterbrooke to Linda Beith and Mark M. Fitzsimmons for $815,000.

North Charleston

Griffin Stafford North Charleston LLC sold 7582 Stafford Road, Ashley Hill to 7582 North Charleston LLC for $7.3 million.

Toby Arnold Griffin sold 5080 Lambs Road to Janelle M. and Zachary J. Via for $306,000.

SM Charleston LLC sold 4629 Holmes Ave., Mixson to Benjamin Carver for $322,000.

Michael J. and Judith B. Wolk sold 4939 France Ave., Oak Park to Benjamin J. Kuhlman for $350,000.

JMC Investments Properties LLC sold 4440 Spruill Ave. to Lucky Little Dog LLC MJ Properties of Charleston LLC for $450,000.

Seabrook Island

Phantom Real Estate LLC sold 2905 Atrium Villa to Paul Aitchison for $319,125.

Franklin H. and Jan M. Yoho sold 1221 Creek Watch Trace, Creekwatch Villas to Thomas Webster for $387,000.

Thomas E. and Patricia M. Taylor sold 1160 Summerwind Lane, Summer Wind Cottages to Kelly S. McDevitt for $250,000.


Dennis Kolody sold 3407 Kirkwall Drive, Buckshire to Cristobal Rodriguez for $287,500.

Torrence R. and Kelley Levis sold 9616 Stockport Circle, Buckshire to James Jamal Simpson for $250,000.

Wadmalaw Island

Eva T. Carter sold 6696 Bears Bluff Road to Barbara Nikolychik for $715,000.

James B. and Susan K. Heyer sold 7052 Maybank Highway to Francis Wilson for $468,000.

Elton Bryson Stephens III sold 4887 Retriever Road, Rosebank Estates to TCC III Retriever LLC for $4 million.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Centex Homes sold 2855 Merriams Drive, Carolina Bay to Cooper Grady and Bethanie M. Kirts for $467,131.

Daniel A. and Svenja F. Xeller sold 1776 Grovehurst Drive, Carolina Bay to Patrick Russell Simonis and Rachel Elizabeth Simonis for $343,000.

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Linda A. Simpson sold 2751 Rutherford Way, Carolina Bay to Wade Paul Myrabo and Shonette Marie Devitt for $438,000.

Shane P. and Adriana K. Mattingly sold 3058 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to James L. and Rebecca H. Lawrence for $365,000.

Joshua L. and Karen M. Weston sold 1687 Dotterers Run, Forest Lakes to Decimus and Charlene Barbot for $292,000.

Richard Lee and Debra Denise Myers sold 102 Gazania Way, Grand Bees to Arnold and Barbara Kelley Davis for $294,900.

Lennar Corp. LLC sold 130 Claret Cup Way, Grand Terrace at Grand Oaks to Carol and Jordan J. Breit for $275,920.

Aubrey B. and Sheila D. Sullivan sold 2954 Duren Court, Hill Plantation to Richard K. Buckheister for $326,000.

Michael Keel sold 41 Arabian Drive, Marsh Cove to Michael Andrew Mouzon for $305,000.

Vera H. Heyward sold 2336 South England St., Melrose to Larico Bolds and Ashley Arlette Heyward Bolds for $259,900.

John T. Ravan III and Frances Michelle Godwin sold 4169 Westerly Lane, River Oaks to William and Anita McDuffie for $270,000.

Michael G. Bell and Susan A. Watson Bell sold 3410 Pawtucket St., River Oaks to Brian Evanger for $279,000.

Jeannette A. Barnette sold 511 Ivy Circle, Grande Oaks Plantation to Catherine and Charles Laffitte for $285,000.

Derek Crawford Riggs sold 16 Guerard Road to James S. Calvert for $1.8 million.

Dorothy N. Joyner sold 1945 Teakwood Road to Kenneth S. Newman for $257,000.

Jason C. and Maureen J. Tokarczyk sold 2643 Lake Myrtle Drive to Nathanael Sierralta for $260,000.

Jeffrey A. and Theresa Nelson sold 1626 Seloris Court to Christopher T. Williams and Paulette R. Buncombe for $315,000.

Jessica L. Teich sold 333 Cross St. to Reagan Anthony for $272,000.

Kathryn A. Krepp sold 1779 Grovehurst Drive to Joel Manley and Nicole Girard Miller for $335,800.

Kristen M. and Paul M. Rast sold 34 Anita Drive to Raffaella Riva for $310,000.

Patrick R. and Rachel E. Simonis sold 2646 Lani Court to Emily E. House for $269,000.

W. G. Boyce Jr. sold 45 Yeadon Ave. to Robert Leonard Quinlan for $289,000.

W. G. Thompson Services LLC sold 203 Hickory St. to Alicia Stafford for $369,000.

Jeffrey and Alice Fisher sold 1521 Dawn Mist Way, The Pointe at Rhodes Crossing to Darren and Amy M. Diobilda for $348,000.

Talmadge D. Anderson sold 1622 Indaba Way, Tidewater at Carolina Bay to Gail Keys for $268,500.

Kaila M. Thorpe sold 35 Bossis Drive, West Oak Forest to Christopher Michael and Lauren Carswell Baliya for $350,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Oct. 21-25.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 1102 Burkets Bend Lane, Oak Bluff to Jason M. Holt and Zreena Malik for $334,721.

Scott W. Shellhaas sold 1240 Blue Sky Lane, Beresford Creek to Ronald J. and Carolyn T. Mirek for $579,000.

Douglas E. Perkey sold 319 Cypress Walk Way, Nelliefield Plantation to Laurie S. and John G. Morrin for $300,000.

Robin K. Becker sold 1215 Rivers Reach Drive, River Reach Pointe to Michael William Carr for $590,000.

Ryan Robert North sold 334 Cypress Walk Way, Nelliefield Plantation to Michael Tally for $300,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 1268 Crooked Oak Road, Oak Bluff to Elizabeth A. and Scott T. Strandberg for $411,264.

Daniel Island

Deborah K. Jessup sold 6050 Grand Council St. to Elaine B. Meuli for $545,000.

Steven E. Potts Jr. sold 1408 Smythe St., Smythe Park to Andrew J. Russell for $260,000.

Goose Creek

Lennar Corp. sold 140 Daniels Creek Circle, Liberty Village to Robert George Brinson for $296,075.

Lennar Corp. sold 199 Daniels Creek Circle, Liberty Village to Brent Ian Phillips for $263,885.

John Webb sold 451 Green Park Lane, Brickhope Greens to Jamal and Tiffany Fikes for $280,000.

Lennar Corp. sold 109 Sequoia Lane, Liberty Village to Jubal D. Schmit and Taylor D. Schmit for $266,250.

Lennar Corp. sold 150 Daniels Creek Circle, Liberty Village to Mark Christopher Frias and Mariano Frias Bugarin for $286,585.

Lennar Corp. sold 114 Daniels Creek Circle, Liberty Village to Raymond Anthony and Colleen Elizabeth Knauer for $347,525.

Harry Kriss Schillereff sold 106 North Knightsbridge Court, Hamlets to Scott E. and Tammy L. Bowman for $309,900.

Songer Construction In.c sold 445 Gianna Lane, Montague Plantation to Jeremy R. and Cherokee S. Davidson for $284,500.


Donald A. Verdery sold 1417 Chimney Swift Lane, Tanner Plantation to Johnny J. Joyce for $262,500.

Jason M. Pereira sold 7506 Whispering Oak Drive, Tanner Plantation to Quinton C. Wells for $304,000.


Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1400 Hermitage Lane, Hunters Bend to Michelle L. Carollo for $284,990.

Moncks Corner

Cody C. Fleming sold 523 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank to Kelley and Corey Hall for $253,500.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 236 Red Leaf Blvd., Foxbank to Calvin James and Tabetha Gigette Bentley for $316,206.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 229 Catawba Branch Way, Riverstone to Kathy L. West and Vicki L. Richardson for $258,520.

Cathy M. Noble sold 448 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank to William Douglas Gay for $270,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 238 Red Leaf Blvd., Foxbank to Eulanda Cameron-Bethea and Terrance E. Bethea for $299,105.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 140 Lakelyn Road, Cooper Estates to Matthew Paul and Angel Chrobocinski for $379,980.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 239 Red Leaf Blvd., Foxbank to Nhat Phan and Robert Michael Rogers for $324,803.

Thomas Dybowski sold 493 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank to Jayme Lunt for $305,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 331 Mincy St., Spring Grove to Victoria L. Zehring for $272,925.

Toll Southeast LP Co. Inc. sold 127 Ricewood Lane, Foxbank to Concetta M. and Thomas D. Dybowski for $327,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 335 Mincy St., Spring Grove to Sean and Julia Hatch for $252,680.


Encore-Carnes Crossroads LLC sold 2519 North Main St., Carnes Crossing to Howard W. and Kay H. Krauss for $2.8 million.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 300 Parish Farms Drive, Carnes Crossroads to Joseph T. and Holly M. Stromeyer for $418,005.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 118 Camelia Park Lane, Nexton to Debra V. and Dennis F. Warren for $505,090.

Epcon Marrington LLC sold 208 Village Stone Circle, Marrington Villas at Cobblestone to Vonceil R. and John J. Mansolf for $306,720.

Ladd Shuford sold 301 Dunlin Drive, Nexton to Tu T. Phan and Linh T. Vu for $360,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 104 Potters Pass Drive, Nexton to Marilyn J. Baird for $397,815.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 403 Hidden Meadow Lane, Nexton to Judith A. and James W. Wilkerson for $423,665.

Daniel W. Barcus sold 202 Linden Preserve Blvd., Cane Bay to James C. and Cynthia D. Stewart for $339,900.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 125 Stagecoach Ave., Cane Bay to Britton Richard and Ellen Ann Walling for $277,890.

True Homes LLC sold 384 Dunlin Drive, Nexton to Candida Cook and Michael A. West for $325,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 101 Camelia Park Lane, Nexton to Sandra A. Mayer for $535,990.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 441 Spanish Wells Road to Janovia M. Nelson for $256,795.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 461 Spanish Wells Road to Katie A. Rohrbach for $257,715.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 459 Spanish Wells Road to John D. and Deaneille R. Dixon for $284,520.

Homes by Dickerson SC LLC sold 703 Pine Bark Lane, Nexton to Crystal S. Feller and David Leaptrott for $400,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 230 Bering Lane, Jasmine Point to Willis Edward and Cathy Mick Noble for $319,610.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 407 Spanish Wells Road to Tyrel J. and Lilyann B. Robinson for $369,630.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 151 Stagecoach Ave. to Ashley Marie and Christopher James Summerville for $345,740.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 226 Maple Valley Road, Nexton to Christopher T. and Stephanie L. Warren for $402,140.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 335 Bright Leaf Loop, Nexton to Rick J. and Rebekah N. Wesenberg for $516,469.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between Oct. 21-25.


David M. Beasley sold 5552 Gallatin Lane, Whitehall to Joseph A. and Diane T. Budzyn for $325,600.


DR Horton Inc. sold 9646 Brandishing Road, McKewn to Christopher J. and Taylor M. Rose for $259,900.

North Charleston

Matthew John Bright sold 8509 Majestic St., Indigo Palms to Jessica Garris for $345,000.

Palmetto Signature Homes LLC sold 5317 Natures Color Lane, Indigo Fields to Michael Joseph Gerba for $352,000.


James Edward Byrd Jr. sold 201 Whetsell St. to Roy D. and Kimberly M. Knight for $290,000.


CandR Construction of Ridgeville LLC sold 1282 Carter Road to John Smith and April Webb for $299,900.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 2005 Tacoma Circle, Carolina Bay to Russell Lee and Julie Faye Milford for $352,240.

Patrick A. Mulheir sold 579 Hill Branch Road to Franklin and Lisa Raynor for $512,999.

St. George

Aaron L. Scott Jr. sold 133 Heatherwood Drive to Rebecca B. Jarrett for $390,000.


Adam Timothy Roberts sold 247 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Eugene Evans Stephenson III for $463,000.

Arbadella G. Stokes sold 99 Northpark Ave., Summer Ridge to Kyle William and Wendy A. Czajka for $250,000.

Bryan P. Staples sold 19 Plantation Circle, Newington Plantation to Andrew J. and Angela Kinard for $300,000.

Charles J. Quinn Jr. sold 142 Amen Corner, Pine Forest Country Club to Salvadore M. Sangi for $342,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 237 Angelica Ave., White Gables to Nicholas B. Rabon for $288,714.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 257 McClellan Way, Hampton Woods to Nancy Barfield Waites and Paul Llewellyn McDaniel for $261,243.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 237 McClellan Way, Hampton Woods to Joshua G. and Charmaine S. Rogers for $251,459.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 115 Dan Miler Lane, Pine Acres to Nicholas and Sara Gosnell Michnovicz for $545,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 511 Kilarney Road, Pine Forest to Richard J. and Nancy Vanderah for $313,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 162 Rushes Row, Summers Corner to Jeema Maloney and Adam Flaherty for $368,572.

Edwina Capil sold 9607 River Ridge Drive, Wescott Plantation to Guangru Li and Meiyun Wang for $325,000.

Ernest Levon Jennings sold 228 Summers Drive, Summers Corner to John Edward and Cerise Renee Hamlin for $330,000.

Eugene E. Stephenson II sold 5238 Mulholland Drive, Wescott Plantation to Colton L. and Charlotte L. Cascone for $300,000.

Granville S. Way III sold 113 Cool Blow Road to Sean P. Hanley and Marie McKillop for $407,262.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 215 Warbler Way, The Ponds to Pamela M. Gaze for $280,990.

Lennar Corp. sold 321 West Respite Lane, Limehouse to Kelly Anne and Blake Edward Sokalski for $308,325.

Lisa E. Simpson sold 163 Daniels Ridge Drive, Bluffs at Ashley River to Richard Todd and Kara J. Bell for $319,000.

Norman W. Raines sold 3013 Cross Vine Lane, The Ponds to Frank W. Molloy for $350,000.

NVR Inc. sold 263 Oak View Way, The Ponds to Deanna and William Burkhead for $314,093.

Pamela M. Gaze sold 108 Danielle Lane, Hillside Farms to Rena Westover and Daniel Harter for $340,000..

Randy C. Adams sold 5192 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Lynne A. Grosshans Dierke and Charles H. Dierke for $305,000.

Riddhish Chakraborty sold 9449 Markley Blvd., Wescott Plantation to Mark A. Beharry and Nataliya A. Marchuk for $328,000.

Stephen C. Rasor sold 202 Germander Ave., White Gables to Lee L. and Jennifer P. Lindsey for $279,000.

Wimberly Scarbrough sold 201 Turtle Point, Oakridge Estate to Cody A. and Christy J. Carey for $389,900.

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