real estate transactions (copy) (copy)

Real estate transactions for Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between June 18-22.


Justin and Amy Bishop sold 958 Bee Hive Road to Jerome Plewniak for $307,000.


Stacy J. Scott-Shelton sold Unit B, 9 Franklin St. to Kathryn Lacey for $290,000.

Nilesh I. Lodhia sold Unit 818, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Anda Olsen for $535,000.

Carol Y. and M. Brooks Gallagher sold Unit 614, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to David C. and David Austin Pitts for $325,000.

David M. Furchgott and Fetneh A. Fleischmann sold Unit 10H, 330 Concord St., Dockside to Susan R. Wallace for $600,000.

Cynthia Brickey sold 72 Cypress St. to SC Land Trust LLC for $300,000.

Phoebe L. Byers sold 75 Cypress St. to Sarah Deierlein for $505,500.

SFT Investments LLC sold 170 Fishburne St. to William S. Stevens and Sarah E. Eckberg-Stevens for $285,000.

Richard A. and Anne L. Saunders sold 13 Legare St. to Eugenia Cox Mann for $2.6 million.

The Gathering at Morris Square LLC sold 32 Dereef Court, Morris Square to Joshua Henry and Lisa Sarah Lipschutz for $775,000.

Blanks Brothers Properties LLC sold 443 North Nassau St. to Tyler Garret Hall for $345,000.

Crosstown Development Partners LLC sold 11 Norman St. to Christopher Hoffman for $550,000.

Brian S. and Danielle J. Taylor sold 207 Fishburne St. to Sallie Winter and David Alan Dreyer for $467,000.

3.5 Maranda Holmes LLC sold 430 Sumter St. to Andrew W. Geer and Kristin A. Loke for $629,999.

Ameriland Group LLC sold 38 Grove St. to Louis Richard Doelling Jr. and Meg Elizabeth Sawyer for $395,000.

Patricia Christine Fei sold 158 Wentworth St. to Peter T. Kennedy for $425,000.

Edisto Island

Nina Nelson Smith sold 925 Edding Creek Drive, Beckett Plantation to Brenda G. Brodie and Judson M. Brodie III for $580,000.

Sabie M. Simmons sold 8231 Simmons Pond Road, Middleton to Shawn Howell for $875,000.

Edgar Williamson III and Josephine Williamson sold 8550 Oyster Factory Road to Stephen K. and Gayle L. Blyth for $660,000.

Folly Beach

Krissa E. and Kevin R. Watry sold Unit B, 208 West Cooper Ave. to Prozo LLC for $525,000.


Catherine M. Smith sold 5031 Old York Course., Plantation at Stono Ferry to Robert W. and Megan G. Jacques for $1.6 million.

Captain Jimmy Bell's Right Off The Boat LLC sold 4398 Highway 174, White Point to Roxbury Mercantile LLC for $350,000.

Isle of Palms

William P. Hurd sold 13 Links Clubhouse Court, Links Clubhouse Villas to Kenneth D. Collins and Stephanie Collins for $425,000.

Melissa B. Barber sold 19 22nd Ave. to Brandon W. and Hayley R. Beane for $749,500.

Thomas A. Brophy sold 28 28th Ave. to Adam J. and Katelyn M. Young for $675,000.

NS and BBC LLC sold 33 42nd Ave. to William S. and Christine G. Walston for $1.2 million.

James R. and Suzanne S. Galloway sold 26 Hidden Green Lane to Kelly G. Campbell and E. Kelly McSwain-Campbell for $995,000.

James Island

Christian S. and Heather C. Anderson sold 665 Beauregard St., Clearview to Benjamin S. and Danielle M. Snider for $393,000.

Douglas T. and Kelly S. Williams sold 1264 Adela Hills Drive, Freeman's Point at Seaside Plantation to Brian and Kristina Diedrick for $439,000.

Anthony G. and Cynthia C. Beasenburg sold 1117 Blue Marlin Drive, Harbor Woods to Petar Lazarevski Jr. and Lindsey E. Lazarevski for $522,000.

Elizabeth Brennan sold 841 Harbor Woods Circle, Harbor Woods to Emily Brennan for $460,000.

Eugene E. Roberts IV and Kelly A. Roberts sold 818 Weir St., Lawton Bluff to Leslie E. Bunting for $315,000.

Wappoo Investments LLC sold 1521 Camp Road, Lee Jackson Place to Karen B. and Reid R. Updyke for $415,500.

Amy J. Klaren and Tracey R. Arthur sold 669 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Tatiana M. D'Amico for $355,000.

Emily Brennan and Christopher Barbato sold 1414 Surfside Court, Ocean Neighbors to Eric M. and Katie E. Gage for $420,000.

Paul A. and Betty W. Sandifer sold 921 Parrot Creek Way, Parrot Creek to Erik D. and Leia E. Oberg for $1.1 million.

Orioles LLC sold 1118 Sea Eagle Watch, Seaside Estates at Seaside Plantation to Dawn M. Rooke for $900,000.

Philip J. and Anna K. C. Pedone sold 710 Old Plantation Road, Stiles Point Plantation to Ward E. Stare and Anna M. Rolandi for $547,000.

James B. Kendall sold 672 Goodlet Circle, Stonebridge at Seaside Plantation to Thomas L. Read Jr. and Sheila K. Read for $423,500.

Ryan and Virginia Cavey sold 620 Thomas Glenn Court, Stono Shores to Matthew Paul and Lindsey Ann Read for $465,000.

Martschink Properties LLC sold 1683 Backcreek Road, The Village at Secessionville to Jonathan and Jenifer Bonoma for $500,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 825 Shutes Folly Drive, The Village at Stiles Point to Lavonne Kelly Fore and Joel Mack Karesh for $625,159.

Patricia A. and Alvin W. Wand sold 1409 Battalion Drive, The Waterfront to Steven E. and Sheila A. Harvey for $355,000.

Johns Island

Cheryl L. Hancock sold 4289 Charles Freer Lane, Briars Creek Golf View to Karen A. Sadik-Khan for $4.8 million.

Jana E. Brady sold 588 Main Road to Graham H. Hood for $600,000.

Nicole K. Anthony sold 2005 Royal Crown Blvd., Cedar Hills to Aaron G. Perry for $765,000.

Leslie Hubbard Pelzer sold 3533 Legareville Road, Chaplins Creek to 3533 Legareville Rd LLC for $820,000.

Aaron J. McCune sold 3232 Arrow Arum Drive, Fenwick Hills to Marchent Faustin for $295,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1539 Castlewick Ave., Fenwick Hills to John D. Murray for $315,000.

Naomi Ruth Gabriel sold 1538 Regimental Lane, Headquarters Island Plantation to Christine Wegmann and Kenneth Robert James for $485,000.

Tom H. Connolly and Pamela H. Prescott sold 3251 Johnstowne St., Hope Plantation to Michael and Cyndie Norwood for $425,000.

Sabal Homes at Whitney Lake LLC sold 3055 Sweetleaf Lane, Johnston Point at Whitney Lake to Wade Michael and Kema Bryant for $355,495.

Sabal Homes at Whitney Lake LLC sold 3009 Sweetleaf Lane, Johnston Point at Whitney Lake to Jillian M. Morris and James T. McNeil for $365,820.

Sabal Homes at Whitney Lake LLC sold 1732 Sparkleberry Lane, Johnston Point at Whitney Lake to Jonathan A. and Melanie D. Bowlds for $328,000.

Brenda and Nicole M. Cormeny sold 3306 Zoe St., Lakeside Park at Brownswood Road to Jacob A. Martin for $360,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1920 Mossdale Drive, Oakfield to Douglas A. and Cindy K. Ferguson for $393,015.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1954 Shadetree Blvd., Oakfield to Sandra A. Jones for $370,000.

Mark D. and Andrea S. Schueler sold 3329 River Landing Road to Randall L. and Roasanna Jones for $790,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1075 Pigeon Point, St. Johns Lake to Matthew and Casey Cline for $337,443.

Joshua N. and Samantha R. Mize sold 2053 Chilhowee Drive, Staffordshire to Matthew J. and Brandi M. Smetana for $310,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 2570 Private Lefler Drive, Stonoview to Rebecca Arrington and Paul Larry Bailey for $429,335.

Adam D. and Mary L. Gelzinis sold 2824 Ortega Drive, Swygerts Landing to Corley See and Donald Pearse for $380,000.

Carolyn P. Altman sold 1216 Twitchell St., Swygerts Landing to Jeralyn and Jeremy Ditlevson for $350,000.

Jonathan T. and Michael K. Smanz sold 1122 Rearick Road, Swygerts Landing to Jon Paul and Ashley Sullivan for $306,000.

Brooke Ann Shadwick and Kevin Douglas Bennett sold 4105 East Amy Lane, The Villages of St. John's Woods to Diane C. Morgan for $370,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3475 Acorn Drop Lane, The Villages of St. John's Woods to David B. Groce for $522,555.

Jacob H. and Alyson K. Biles sold 5047 Coral Reef Drive, The Villages of St. John's Woods to Joseph Martin and Rosemarie Royal for $430,000.

Joseph P. McGuinness sold 3037 Marlin Road, Tremont to Steven Richard Rotvik for $278,900.

Kiawah Island

Recon 3 LLC sold 4962 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Point Villas to Matthew J. and Wendy N. Meister for $450,000.

Henry O. Bennett Jr. and Linda Dowd sold 1353 Dunlin Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to AFLP-7 LLC for $355,000.

Patricia A. and Gilles O. Einstein sold 1340 Sea Elder Drive, Fairway Oaks Villas to Bryan C. and Anne F. Fulmer for $468,000.

Kimberly B. Jessee sold 262 Governors Drive, Egret Pintail to Susan Armstrong Hamberger for $1.4 million.

Peggy B. and Timothy L. Barnes sold 329 Catbrier Court, Middlewoods East to Pop's Retreat LLC for $850,000.

Michael E. Brown sold 4138 Bulrush Lane, Night Heron to Charles B. and Jeannie E. Shannon for $587,000.

Mary L. Barter sold 44 River Marsh Lane, Rhett's Bluff to Douglas E. and Dianne J. Buckminster for $7.3 million.

Dale H. and Karla T. Mugler sold 4792 Tennis Club Lane to Christopher J. and Barbara A. Bagnall for $435,000.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

WMF LLC sold Unit B2, 1040 Ewall St. to S. Scott and Natalie P. Bluestein for $270,000.

Catherine T. Carter sold Unit 28, 1551 Ben Sawyer Blvd., Simmons Pointe to Norman Dale and Cynthia Lindner Tall for $610,000.

931 Pitt Street LLC sold 121 Cooper River Drive, Tides to Robert W. and Janice Norton for $1.4 million.

Amy Lynn Lucia sold Unit 1201, 656 Coleman Blvd. to Judith Kim Berlin for $530,000.

Christian A. Lie sold Unit 105D, 1519 Cambridge Lakes Drive, Cambridge Lakes to Michael D. Scarafile for $264,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1650 Mermentau St., Avian at Park West to Sarla Menon and Anjana Menon Young for $432,105.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1620 Mermentau St., Avian at Park West to Elizabeth Leanne Welling for $395,000.

John Madden sold 257 Indigo Bay Circle, Back Bay Village to Christopher M. and Heather L. Michaelis for $750,000.

Tanglewood Equities LLC sold 2077 Emerald Terrace, Beaumont to Rory M. and Kimberly J. Isaac for $253,000.

Robin K. Carter sold 4911 Seewee Road to Cedar Plantation LLC for $393,000.

John E. Guerry III and Caroline Guerry sold 14 Vincent Drive, Brookgreen Meadows to LGSF Investments LLC for $385,000.

Arroyo Cap II LLC sold 3548 Wilkes Way, Carolina Park to Weekley Homes LLC for $312,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 3618 Spindrift Drive, Carolina Park to Jason C. and Patricia Howison for $508,874.

Michael A. and Robyn L. Degennaro sold 3708 Orion Lane, Carolina Park to Jennifer McGuffee and Justin Clark Smith for $585,000.

Timothy L. Bond sold 1382 Center Lake Drive, Center Lake to Huseyin Cengiz Narin for $465,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1376 Founders Way to Ghayth A. Tahat for $725,000.

Erica W. Salek sold 1101 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park at Park West to Karen Sue Warsaw for $351,000.

P. Legrand and Carla M. Forbes sold 1221 Knightbridge Lane, Churchill Park at Park West to Shelly Olive Pauley Shattuck for $360,000.

Ryan B. Heil sold 3582 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge at Park West to Kent and Linda Schulte for $517,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 2812 Wagner Way, Covington at Park West to Matthew Merschbach and Audra Wagaman for $524,825.

Donald Roberts Jr. sold 705 Kirk Court, Creekside Park to Elizabeth F. and William Charlton Wieters for $757,500.

Christopher S. and Cryste T. Carroll sold 1554 Diamond Blvd., Crown Pointe to Andrew and Missy Hamilton for $490,000.

Michael J. Eovino Jr. and Kathleen A. Eovino sold 1921 Dunes Mill Way, Dunes Mill at Dunes West to Nathan L. and Katherine Elizabeth Dewey for $559,900.

Carolyn C. Wysong sold 3766 Colonel Vanderhorst Circle, Dunes West to Brian and Monica Wolverton for $606,250.

Clarence E. and Beverly S. Blanton sold 2432 Wagner Creek Court, Dunes West to John J. and Maureen A. McGinty for $1.6 million.

John E. Richters and Ann T. Carroll sold 2105 Williams Veneer Court, Dunes West to Daniel R. and Gena J. Middleton for $654,750.

Marilyn E. and James P. Smith sold 745 Bloomfield Drive, Glenlake to Thomas Barguirdjian and Abigail A. Arday for $385,750.

Merlin E. Beatty Jr. and Mary B. Beatty sold 4461 Downing Place Way, Hartford Village of Dunes West to James E. and Lucy H. Richmond for $550,000.

Kevin and Regan W. McKinney sold 608 Stewaship Road, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to John Michael and Nicole Beth Semeraro for $1.3 million.

Michael C. and Ann W. McGahey sold 318 Nevis Trail, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Amy Collins and Jason Christopher Milner for $632,000.

Kenneth E. Morgan sold 460 Settlers Rest East, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Wade W. Hathaway III and Lesley C. Hathaway for $810,000.

Robin Elizabeth Cavendish sold 146 Hobcaw Drive, Hobcaw Point to Mohammad I. Chaudry for $900,000.

David and Regan Cobb sold 47 Montrose Road, I'On to Ryan A. and Jennifer Kalinsky for $1.6 million.

David M. and Jacqueline F. Vermeland sold 68 Jane Jacobs St., I'On to Adam Justin and April Cruz Monroe for $1.6 million.

Jane Thornhill Schachte sold 15 Prescient St., I'On to Loretta M. Shahade for $795,000.

Lisa Nimmich sold 177 North Shelmore Blvd., I'On to Joseph and Debra Nuttall for $919,900.

Stuart A. and Tiffany D. Small sold 34 Sowell St., I'On to Kevin P. and Gail D. Roach for $800,000.

Virginia S. Green sold 337 N. Shelmore Blvd., I'On to Timothy James and Sherri J. Ralston for $955,000.

Sean and Diane M. Murray sold 3605 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to James S. Prescott Jr. and Erica A. Prescott for $357,731.

Mark W. and Margaret M. Labrecque sold 3445 Attley St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Peter and Barbara Neels for $610,000.

Robert B. and Jodi W. Flowers sold 905 Randall Drive to William Davis and Susan Davis Gibson for $375,000.

Bailey Jackson sold 1075 Marsh Court Lane, Marsh Pointe to Tara Roberts for $315,000.

Mohammaed Alhatou sold 1351 Fairmont Ave., Moultrie Heights to Corey Eulas for $860,000.

Byron L. Glueck sold 748 Gate Post Drive, Old Village Landing to Justin C. and Karin L. Sloan for $700,000.

Suzanne R. Howard sold 779 Olde Central Way, Olde Park to Cristina A. Bumgartner Coleman for $1.4 million.

Melisa W. Gay sold 1486 Indian St., Osceola Heights to Oakmont Group Inc. for $405,000.

Anton Roeger IV sold 1521 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Mark F. and Ashley G. Jones for $625,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2239 Mother of Pearl Drive, Oyster Point to Christopher S. and Janie L. Cramer for $589,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2229 Carolina Wren St., Oyster Point to Daniel P. and Joan C. Adley for $689,135.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1593 Prince Edward St., Oyster Point to Angel L. Payton-Harmon for $425,000.

Mark F. and Ashley G. Jones sold 1459 Longspur Drive, Oyster Point to Christopher P. and Jessica Cote for $585,000.

Matthew M. and Loren Q. Zaifert sold 1528 Keshi Pearl Drive, Oyster Point to AlDavid Diminico for $616,000.

Paul and Tina Bolte sold 1357 Sassafrass Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Glen Hunter Garrett for $320,000.

Barbara Matheny sold 1283 Old Wanus Drive, Parish Place to Jessica N. Martin and Brantley Taylor Jacobs for $390,000.

William D. and Barbara H. Connor sold 1247 Wappetaw Place, Parish Place to Neil C. Robinson III for $525,000.

Susan B. Green sold 1057 Phillips Park Drive to Kyle and Maybre Osborne for $533,000.

Edward William Smith and Warren B. Faulconer sold 3158 Pignatelli Crescent, Dunes West to Robert A. and Cheryl B. Deholl for $1.1 million.

Charles F. Causey Jr. and Sarah A. Causey sold 1514 Barquentine Drive, Pirates Cove to Patricia Caroline and John E. Guerry III for $430,000.

Edward E. and Faye B. Westwood sold 3334 Lindner Lane, Planter's Pointe of Cotton Creek to Martina D. and William J. Kenneally for $358,000.

Kathleen C. Brunson and Rose Mary Windham sold 1126 Pleasant Pines Road to Jeffrey W. Morris for $400,000.

Jason T. and Jenny C. Biggs sold 1916 North Smokerise Way, Smokerise at Planter's Pointe to Rick and Eileen R. Dimicco for $353,000.

Habitat Design and Development LLC sold 995 Law Lane, Snee Farm to Blake Hunter and Elizabeth Meyer Burnett for $510,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 3492 Kayak Lane, Stratton by the Sound to Edward C. and Ann M. Tinker for $731,519.

CW-Stratton LLC sold 1460 Stratton Place, Stratton by the Sound to Ashton Charleston Residential LLC for $877,016.

Shellie P. Heymans sold 1305 Horseshoe Bend, Sweetgrass to Kevin M. and Carolyn C. Johnson for $427,500.

Mark A. Williams and Alexis J. Reeder sold 1025 Cliffwood Drive, The Groves to Beth Hipp Clifton for $610,000.

Mary Alston Gregorie Wheeler sold 978 Cliffwood Drive, The Groves to Remington B. and Catherine D. Phillips for $644,000.

Brightwater Homes LLC sold 1901 Mooring Line Drive, The Harbour at Dunes West to John Spencer and Dawn Robin Harp for $894,399.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1511 Lauren Dey Way, The Oaks to Leonard James and Amanda C. Phillips for $867,915.

Brandi Aquino and Thomas Aquino Jr .sold 1183 West Park View Place, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Jeffrey Duane and Michelle Renee Fowler for $420,000.

Randy E. and Jean M.R. Elkins sold 1158 East Park View Place, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Robert Sumter and Alicia Marshall Culler for $465,000.

Clint Whelan Jr. and Delia M. Whelan sold 1892 Hubbell Drive, The Village at Park West to Teresa C. Mallory for $360,000.

Tupelo Holdings LLC sold 3789 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Richard B. Feinberg for $381,347.

Linda M. Balzac and Ann B. Keane sold 106 Center St. to James G. and Ann W. Calhoun for $3.7 million.

Ryan and Mary W.F. Stasik sold 801 Detyens Road, Wakendaw East to David R. Ross Jr. and Cheryl A. Ross for $547,000.

Daniel Hewlette sold 1766 Nantahala Blvd., Wando Lakes to Thomas Joseph and Valerie Amanda Weber for $309,500.

Brent A. and Elizabeth L. Jones sold 1364 Penshell Place, Watermark to Jeffrey Alan and Wesley Craig Kennedy for $950,000.

Patrick E. and Ashley T. Britell sold 1688 Paradise Lake Drive, Watermark to Joshua Peyser for $740,000.

Starfleet Marine Transportation Inc. sold 1336 Penshell Place, Watermark to Brent A. and Elizabeth L. Jones for $275,000.

Leonard Swain sold 1224 Bridgeport Drive, Waters Edge to Jennifer Ellen Prine for $300,000.

Jen Investment Trust sold 1457 Wellesley Circle, Wellesley Place at Park West to Jamie Stone and Frank Metzger for $368,000.

Steven M. and Christine E. Nagorzanski sold 1311 Belhaven Drive, Westchester at Charleston National to Ba Kim Johns for $395,000.

North Charleston

Khristie A. O'Connor sold 5069 Ashby Ave., Oak Park to Seth S. Kight and Mary M. Hart for $420,000.

Stephen E. and Jill T. Rawe sold Unit B, 9275 Medical Drive, Village Walk to 9275 BandE Medical Plaza LLC for $607,000.

Terrance Russell McKelvey sold 7824 Expedition Drive, Colony North to Rodney Simmons for $260,000.

Garret D. Duncan IV sold 1795 King St. Extension to Morrison on King LLC for $850,000.

SM Charleston LLC sold 4415 Social Aly, Mixson to Eric and Ashley Seeds for $380,805.

City of North Charleston sold 5234 East Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Eastwood Construction LLC for $330,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 5218 East Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Justin D. and Meredith Verona for $397,436.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 5141 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Lauren and Adam Holzer for $356,220.

Barteco LLC sold 4503 Oakwood Ave. to Tupelo Holdings LLC for $650,000.

Seabrook Island

Neil A. and Robin R. Macpherson sold 2113 Landfall Way, Bay Pointe Villas to Judith A. Stabile for $250,000.

Laurie Willcox Maclaren and Thomas Law Willcox Jr. sold 1913 Marsh Oak Lane, Bohicket Marina Village to Peregrine Properties LLC for $279,000.

Joan S. Fix sold 2906 Baywood Drive to James C. and Sarah S. Nicholson for $533,000.

Suzanne Marie Echemendia-Wirth sold 524 Cobby Creek Lane, Tarpon Pond Cottages to Walter M. and Carol W. Czumak for $317,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Amy E. and Kyle Ryberg Doyle sold 1753 Atlantic Ave. to Christopher J. and Tracy A. Giglio for $2.6 million.

Lucas P. Morrison sold 1741 Atlantic Ave. to David H. and Amanda N. Seay for $1.8 million.

Wadmalaw Island

Fulton D. Lewis Jr. and Amey P. Lewis sold 6365 Oak Grove Plantation Road, Oak Grove Plantation to Louis D. Wright Jr. and Patricia Wright for $1.4 million.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Beazer Homes LLC sold 1625 Roustabout Way, Bolton's Landing to Cameron and Tessa Whitworth for $348,670.

David A. Wills Jr. and Lauren P. Wills sold 1616 Wrecklers Race Lane, Bolton's Landing to Nathan R. Dykes for $337,000.

Centex Homes sold 2748 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Don Ryan S. Raesemann for $299,690.

Kristen L. and Raymond Jones sold 4258 William E. Murray Blvd., Carolina Bay to Roberto C. and Erin Intriago for $345,000.

Matthew J. and Brandi M. Smetana sold 2103 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Stephen and Lauren R. Wicker for $305,000.

Brian J. and Honey R. Lindgren sold 3 Lorne Court, Dunvegan at Shadowmoss to Wendy and James Beall for $262,500.

Frank M. and Virginia M. Stramaglia sold 1961 Clay Lane, Essex Farms to Christopher J. and Erin F. Scott for $380,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 729 Byrd Garden Road, Grand Oaks to Liang Yuan and Lin Lu for $356,718.

Anthony R. Cervino Jr. and Phyllis E. Cervino sold 425 Sycamore Shade St., Hamilton Grove to Angela Y. Huffman for $296,500.

Herman W. and Betty K. Walters sold 1224 Ashley Hall Road, Heathwood to Rolina Investments LLC for $580,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1477 Brockenfelt Drive, Hunt Club to Steven B. and April M. Cook for $429,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1412 Brockenfelt Drive, Hunt Club to Christopher Jordan and Elizabeth Lauren Whiteside Mann for $432,000.

Daniel Raley Middleton sold 1520 Gator Track, Hunt Club to Jaclyn Meyer and William Z. Bennett for $385,000.

MI Properties LLC sold 840 St Andrews Blvd. to 840 St. Andrews LLC for $450,000.

Geoffrey K. Marquardt sold 350 Cross St. to Lyndsey Anne Destefano for $268,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3135 Mulan Lane, Magnolia Bluff to Daniel H. Cook and Kelsey E. Conder for $310,910.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3143 Mulan Lane, Magnolia Bluff to Samuel D. and Susan B. Sanders for $314,900.

Christopher J. and Elizabeth L.W. Mann sold 1247 Sunset Drive, Parkwood Estates to Joshua Baker for $380,000.

Christopher L. Somheil Jr. and Caroline M. Somheil sold 532 Sunset Drive, Parkwood Estates to Jonathan Dubose for $265,000.

Hunter P. and Caroline A. Lawrimore sold 3258 Conservancy Lane, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Luke S. and Elizabeth L. Krawczyk for $339,000.

Alexis N. and Lewis A. Webb sold 3242 Castleford Court, River Oaks at Village Green to Patrick G. and Natasha A. McLaughlin for $255,000.

Caitlin B. and Matthew J. Goudy sold 3025 Shiloh Lane, Saltgrass of Carolina Bay to Michael Sterrling and Grecia Yelena Hamilton for $337,900.

Amelioration Dominion LLC sold 1226 Winchester Drive, Sandhurst to Karen J. and Roger A. Lobitz for $500,000.

Arland V. and Linda L. Peterson sold 25 Oatly Circle, Shadowmoss Plantation to Suzanne M. Moser and Andrew Ross Thornton for $285,000.

H.N. Ritter III and Ann K. Ritter sold 3 Guerard Road, The Crescent to Tammy Kubiszyn Connor for $1.4 million.

A. Ellison and Judith K. Berlin sold 2 Nashmor Road, Wappoo Heights to Ernie L. Cochran II and Kristin A. Cochran for $985,000.

Buffalo Creek Land Co. LLC sold 1351 Ashley River Road to Shubh Labh of Charleston LLC for $310,000.

Kyle Hutson and Lindsey Owens sold 726 W. Oak Forest Drive to Tyler Cloud for $345,000.

Ashley Park Development LLC sold 4131 Rigsby Lane to Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina LLC for $257,500.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between June 18-22.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 314 Coki Amalie Court, St. Thomas Preserve to Scott J. Spignardo for $525,980.

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Beazer Homes LLC sold 114 Antilles Circle, St. Thomas Preserve to Benjamin Lemoine for $5.2 million.

Brandon D. Markland sold 258 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to John and Cheryl L. Stanford for $347,000.

Jeri A. Oates sold 41 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Jason Thomas and Katherine Morris Holifield for $425,000.

Mark H. Van Ness sold 672 Barbados Drive, Beresford Hall to Patrick D. and Kuala L. Bless for $300,000.

Thomas E. Palmatier sold 477 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Anna Ross and Lucas Keith Kinard for $417,000.

Daniel Island

Daniel Island Assoc. LLC sold 552 Lesesne St., Ralston Creek to James Richards for $275,000.

Eric Grayham Ives sold 6026 Grand Council St. to Leslie A. Johnson for $650,000.

Juan A. Donoso sold 176 Brady St. to Megan Dinan and Charles Ryan Kirby for $570,000.

Kathleen T. Bannister sold 279 Beresford Creek St. to Eric G. and Katyrn H. Ives for $760,000.

Nathan M. Murray sold 2425 Louisville St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to William P. and Jennifer P. Sands for $580,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2606 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to William J. and Amy L. Cheverie for $899,566.

Scott A. Stocker sold 1980 Pierce St. to Eric Cuthbert for $679,000.

Travis McCory sold 324 Lesesne St., Ralston Creek to Elizabeth D. Roy and Harold S. Reed for $1.7 million.

Water Oak Land Holdings LLC sold 322 Ralston Creek St., Ralston Creek to Ellen W. O'Neel for $1.5 million.

Whitson Investments Limited Partnership sold 358 Ralston Creek St., Ralston Creek to Bette B. and Leland Atkins for $1.1 million.

Goose Creek

Allison Hurst sold 405 Pomegranate Drive, Liberty Village to Anthony L. and Danielle S. Dates for $268,900.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 116 Levis Song Court, Liberty Village to Lai Kuen and Man Leung Yeung for $258,450.

Deborah Clark Marshall sold 105 Waterbrook Drive, Mulberry Park to Miguel A. and Anita P. Orengo for $252,000.

Erica Sillmon sold 211 Pagoda Tree Drive, Liberty Village to Mark Adrian and Kimberly Mullins for $310,000.

Natalie S. Crenshaw sold 137 Londonderry Road, Crowfield to Alycia D. and John F. Busche for $325,500.


Genevieve Jean Zimnox sold 6009 Rembert Drive, Belvedere Estates to Kathleen K. and Michael S. Brinson for $260,000.


DR Horton Inc. sold 235 Camber Road to Richard E. and Debora A. Jackson for $544,260.

Moncks Corner

DR Horton Inc. sold 147 Nolin Road, Spring Grove to Mathew and Jerriann M. Throne for $265,000.

Latoya Shuntaye Carter sold 363 Bradley Bend Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Frederick and Michelle Cruz for $255,000.

Matthew A. Parks sold 297 Oglethorpe Circle, Cypress Manor to Mark and Amanda Waldrop for $254,900.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 230 Basket Grass Lane, Cane Bay to Stacy and Deanna Rydbom for $339,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 411 Northern Red Oak Drive, Cane Bay to Cullen Patrick Kavanagh for $266,900.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 220 Bigleaf Court, Cane Bay to Marlon A. and Yamile Rocio Delgadillo for $286,841.

Daryl E. Bennett Jr. sold 581 Delafield Drive, Mason Park to Samuel Silvamolina for $253,000.

John Carvalho sold 214 Saxony Loop, Cane Bay to William Stanley Bobo for $298,000.

Judith A. Riska sold 415 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay to Deborah J. and George N. Parish for $272,000.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 453 Four Seasons Blvd., Cane Bay to William Alexander and Marlene B. Melvin for $310,435.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 457 Four Seasons Blvd., Cane Bay to David Craig and Susan Longfellow Bowling for $329,990.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 213 Fall Crossing Place, Cane Bay to Joseph and Carol A. D'Angelo for $278,030.

Micah E. Gipe sold 411 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Dale Edward and Christine Ann Wagner for $280,000.

Michael Ayers sold 458 Flat Rock Lane, Cane Bay to Debra Renee Decurtis for $319,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 111 Rouen Lane, Cane Bay to Heather C. and Michael Lee Jones for $350,535.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 112 Rouen Lane, Cane Bay to Edward Matthew and Susan E. Krol for $348,703.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 235 Maple Valley Road, Nexton to Joseph P. and Phyllis K. Laferte for $401,715.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 254 Maple Valley Road, Nexton to Kathleen R. Higgins for $465,265.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 327 Bloomington Way, Nexton to Bobby James and Laura Mae Matthews for $506,690.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 303 Oyster Bay Drive, Cane Bay to Laurie A. Rice and Joan O. Carlson for $408,515.

Richard E. Jenikovsky sold 149 Schooner Bend Ave., Cane Bay to John and Pamela D. James for $268,000.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 133 Sago Court, Cane Bay to Molly B. and Hunter L. Bellew for $289,000.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 173 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Timothy C. and Kathryn D. Mauch for $363,480.

Susan Fleury sold 104 Oyama Road, Cane Bay to Michael Burton Robinson and Amy Suzanne Hays Robinson for $274,000.

Thomas P. Fisher sold 308 Spyglass Drive, Cane Bay to Veronica Hinkson and Arundell A. Donovan for $355,000.

True Homes LLC sold 321 Dunlin Drive, Nexton to James Ramon and Michelle L. Knox for $311,040.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $250,000 or more and recorded between June 18-22.


DR Horton Inc. sold 9672 Roseberry St., McKewn to Sejal Patel for $272,500.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9719 Brandishing Road, McKewn to Alexander M. Wygant for $273,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9722 Brandishing Road, McKewn to Carlos E. and Katie A. Ortiz for $278,900.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 5145 Preserve Blvd., Coosaw Preserve to Leslie and Jennifer Hargrove for $280,360.

North Charleston

Linda T. Militello sold 8304 Dye Makers Ridge, Indigo Fields to Ernest G. and Linda Govan for $352,000.

Hayley Morland sold 8771 Alexandria Drive, Cedar Grove to Carolyn W. and David E. Jones for $385,000.

James David Vaughn sold 8769 Alexandria Drive, Cedar Grove to Joseph H. and Catherine McBride for $424,316.

Jennifer Zawadzki sold 4709 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Hunter A. and Hannah K. Smith for $410,000.

Joshua D. Oredson sold 5449 Kings River Drive, Taylor Plantation to Dionne D. Dent-Lockett for $282,000.

Michael F. Gosnell sold 5380 Greggs Landing, Whitehall to Jerome A. and Jamie M. Browne for $275,000.


Jamie E. Carter sold 472 Cummings Chapel Road to Robert and Shandi Crosby for $257,000.


Aaron Lee sold 302 Kenilworth Road, Newington Plantation to Joseph W. and V. Elizabeth Crigler Call for $332,900.

Amy M. Smith sold 125 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Timothy A. and Liza M. Grimshaw for $257,500.

Christopher O'Day sold 422 Thomaston Ave., Brandymill to Jonathan P. and Lauren E. Bolander for $250,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 109 Kahlers Way, Pametto Village to Paul R. and Sherryl L. Falvey for $299,468.

DR Horton Inc. sold 724 Kilarney Road, Pine Forest to Richard A. and Twyla H. Warden for $333,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 398 Summers Drive, Summers Corner to Todd W. and Denise E. Zimmerman for $450,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 178 Ashley Bluffs Road, Bluffs at Ashley River to Margaret M. O'Donnell for $328,208.

Dean Lee Cooper sold 1042 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Stephen W. and Sarah Murray King for $379,500.

Frank Canonica sold 4020 Wood Violet Lane, The Ponds to Jane Kanoy Kerhoulas for $306,000.

Gerald L. Horn sold 111 Mayfield St., Ashborough to David and Gina Causey for $295,000.

James B. Yates sold 239 Hundred Oaks Parkwa., The Ponds to Lawrence J. and Vira James for $345,500.

James E. Chellis sold 530 Barfield Drive, Walnut Farms to Charlene and James Amweg for $346,000.

James K. Evernham sold 4821 Hortonrest Court, Wescott Plantation to Steven C. and Danielle C. Findley for $305,000.

James William O'Brien sold 109 Pelham Drive, Huntington Farms to Orin E. and Dortha T. Parler for $619,000.

Jamie Michael McCarthy sold 104 Temuco Lane, Plum Creek to Timothy John and Tiffany L. Weitzel for $282,500.

JMH at Westcott LLC sold 8903 Skipping Rock Lane, Farm at Wescott to Alberto H. Perez for $258,009.

Kenneth Davidson sold 149 Carriage Ride Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Caroline P. and John H. Schrimpf for $310,000.

Kevin Scott Kelley sold 123 Musket Loop, The Ponds to Mark Stuart and Laura Nichole Downs for $268,750.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1143 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to Patricia C. and William G. Sawyer for $304,760.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1156 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to John S. and Roxana V. Bowman for $415,085.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1097 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to Kathy M. and Robert Ray Dively for $386,885.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3060 Cross Vine Lane, The Ponds to Shelley and George Maslankowski for $386,800.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 3077 Cross Vine Lane, The Ponds to Sherry Murrie for $258,060.

Kimberly B. Meyer sold 203 Folkstone Way, Ashborough East to Ryan Keith Searcey and Shanna Catherine Powell-Searcey for $372,000.

Lee A. Fast sold 1053 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Hermanus Jacobus and Tersia Potgieter for $275,000.

Matthew D. Sceviour sold 5221 Lenora Drive, Wescott Plantation to Barry V. and Jennifer L. Rolland for $262,900.

Matthew Lee Bullock sold 116 Pemberton Road, Orchard Hill to Kathleen Marie and James Robert Ferguson for $319,975.

Michael Kenneth Robart sold 9614 North Liberty Meadows Drive, Wescott Plantation to Christopher R. and Holly A. Gilbert for $272,000.

Nicholas Jeffrey Disney sold 5106 Village Crier Lane, Wescott Plantation to Matthew and Casey Figliotti for $299,000.

Pete A. White sold 188 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Sara Folk and Dennis Edward Engbrock for $347,000.

Richard M. Johnson sold 900 Course View Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jennifer L. Harkleroad for $264,000.

Sabal Homes at Summers Corner LLC sold 473 Watergrass Way, Summers Corner to Adam E. and Ashley E. Parker for $394,130.

Sabal Homes at Summers Corner LLC sold 225 Bumble Way, Summers Corner to David Ortiz Alexandra Osborn and Randy E. Osborn for $558,000.

Sabal Homes at Summers Corner LLC sold 166 Rushes Row, Summers Corner to Daniel P. and Lanie C. Wedlock for $399,298.

Sean M. Brennan sold 315 Branch Creek Trail, Branch Creek to Dena Kay and David S. Mauney for $265,000.

Southern Creek Investments LLC sold 103 Huntington Circle, Kings Grant to Neil and Stephanie Benes for $251,000.

Steven K. McGuinn sold 148 Ashley Bluffs Road, Bluffs at Ashley River to Paul A. Shuford and April D. Shuford Arnold for $306,500.

Thomas Elwood Milbourne sold 226 Warbler Way, The Ponds to Richard A. and Tara G. Erxleben for $448,000.

Timothy S. Medina sold 1718 Eider Down Drive, Drakesborough to Robert D. Dawsey and Nora Agnes Melfi Dawsey for $260,000.

Tommy J. McClam sold 144 Carriage Ride Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Karim and Brooke Alshaikhly for $300,000.

William D. Freeze sold 230 Medford Drive, Sunnyfield to Beth Ann and Jeremy P. Beber for $250,000.