real estate transactions (copy)

Real estate transactions for Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 19-23.


Paula D. Lewis sold 8 Longmarsh Road, Seewee Preserve to Harvey L. and Audrey G. Glick for $420,000.

Roger Dale Blevins sold 4049 Longmarsh Road, Seewee Preserve to Philip and Paula O'Reilly for $385,000.


Talley F. Culclasure Jr. and Teresa Culclasure sold Unit E, 9 Meeting St. to Anne Gaud Tinker and John D. Henderson II for $1.2 million.

Jason Sandoval sold Unit 804, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Alan D. and Kim Sutker Kaye for $420,000.

J. Alex McMillan III and Caroline H. McMillan sold Unit 206, 3 Chisolm St. to Gregory Van Schaack for $1.1 millino.

Lowry D. Hughes III and Constance L. Hughes sold Unit B, 146 Coming St., West Court to Byron L. and Pamala S. Bass for $279,000.

Slambovia LLC sold 242 Ashley Ave. to Richard Harden for $287,500.

Chalmers Realty L.P. sold 126 Church St. to Grateful Restoration LLC for $1.8 million.

Finest City Home Buyers Inc. sold 21 Cleveland St. to Leah A. Donaldson and Jerod P. Clabaugh for $689,000.

Eleanor R. Gray sold 9 Colonial St. to Peter J. and Wendy S. Walsh for $1.4 million.

Angela E. and Timothy A. Stoe sold 188 Grove St. to Jonathan R. and Eleanor D. Oakman for $530,500.

Melissa A. and James L. Medford sold 299 President St., Hampton Park Terrace to Romina Gil IlIC for $675,000.

Aaron G. Pope and Christian Rodriguez Bueno sold 28 Hanover St. to Patrick Napolski and Julia Lane Willis for $595,000.

Richard T. Brewer and Sigrid Anne Eilertson sold 2 Larnes St. to Andrew Michael and Christine Ann Brennan for $335,500.

Bradley P. Green and Alison D. Canada-Green sold 164 Mary Ellen Drive, Longborough to Catherine Frances Juhas for $850,000.

Stacey G. Koon sold 34 Mary St. to 99 Nassau Street LLC for $1.1 million.

The Gathering at Morris Square LLC sold 61 Dereef Court, Morris Square to Jucheng Zhao for $500,000.

Preservation Development LLC sold 25 Sheppard St. to Colleen A. Flanagan-Taylor and Jack F. Taylor for $479,500.

Nancy L. Brown sold 42 6th Ave. to Rob and Keri L. Concannon for $615,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon sold 3396 Forest Glen Drive, The Willows to Cerberus SFR Holdings L.P. for $244,000.

Folly Beach

Robert A. Baldesari sold 212 East Erie Ave. to Valerie and Randy L. Parron for $655,000.


Anne S. Groover and Carol S. Dailey sold 6317 Highway 162 to Wise LLC for $270,000.

Isle of Palms

Kimberly A. Dunn sold 20 42nd Ave. to Gregory D. and Nancy J. Stewart for $1.1 million.

M. Patricia Stone sold 4 5th Ave. to Michael A. Harris for $725,000.

Keith H. and Gina R. Moore sold 1207 Oak Harbor Blvd. to Mary Jane Gallagher-Masonis for $1.6 million.

William M. and Molly J. Hammonds sold 3 Shad Row to Justin and Margaret L. Lefevre for $975,000.

Jeffrey S. McCall sold 2205 Waterway Blvd. to Brent A. Braun for $2.4 million.

James Island

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 821 Riverton Way, Bay Front to Charles W. Koebler Jr. and Amy Block Koebler for $523,396.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 1106 Bright Court to Joshua and Julie Woolworth Hirschhorn for $503,190.

Holly H. Behre sold 753 Collette St., Clearview to John Robert Delphry and Tasneem Amin Dharamsi for $387,000.

John R. and Kathy H. Salter sold 842 Fort Johnson Road to Celena B. Skidmore and Joshua Morrison for $226,000.

Joseph B. and Margaret E. Valachovic sold 1690 Tower Battery Road, Fort Lamar to Michael and Michelle Garrity for $515,000.

David W. Sikes and Shelia D. Redmon sold 2256 Woodland Shores Road, General Lee Estates to Joel and Jamie Abdullah for $367,500.

Matthew E. Molony sold 1760 Mohawk Ave., Laurel Park to Robert Blake Coffey for $316,000.

Richard F. and Diane F. O'Connor sold 744 Fort Sumter Drive, Lawton Bluff to William Chadwick and William Donald Moore for $278,000.

Herman L. Knight sold 1623 Camp Road, Lee Jackson Place to Sanctuary Recovery Centers LLC for $365,000.

Robert J. and Ruby H. Germroth sold 1689 Dexter Lane, Meridian Place to Dale S. Baumrind for $210,000.

J.R. Millender sold 1286 Apex Lane, Meridian Place to Ross and Danielle Hartill for $208,000.

Ryan C. and Kristin L. Taylor sold 1541 Ocean Neighbors Blvd. to John A. Castleberry and Kara E. Tammany for $340,000.

Jamie M. Powell Capa sold 1068 Yorktown Drive, Queensborough to Frank and Tracy Smith for $358,570.

John M. Hurley and Priscilla P. Shumway sold 2182 Parkway Drive, Riverland Terrace to Port City Homes LLP for $240,000.

Kathryn M. Cockrill sold 854 Stiles Drive, Stiles Point to Carol L. Koon for $201,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 853 Shutes Folly Drive, The Villages at Stiles Point to Brandon Ross Graham and Lindsay Graham for $675,178.

Robert W. Newman Jr. and Carol R. Newman sold 696 Clearview Drive, Water's Edge at Folly Townhomes to South Park Storage LLC for $670,000.

Johns Island

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1402 Tannery Row, Brownswood Village to Harry Winston Horne Jr. and Krysten M. Horne for $304,449.

John and Jennifer Neumann sold 4317 Raccoon Key Court, Hope Plantation to Kenneth J. Knapp and Robert Carroll for $300,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 2901 Fontana St., Maybank Village to Benjamin Dakota Webster and Emma Lynn Burke for $262,810.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 3095 Vincent Astor Drive, Oakfield to Joshua and Megan Burke for $301,140.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1040 Pigeon Pointe, St. John's Lake to Randall Arthur and Barbara A. Pence for $304,900.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1063 Pigeon Pointe, St. John's Lake to Richard K. Martire for $311,450.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 2623 Colonel Harrison Drive, Stonoview to Ashley Regan Burke for $460,410.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 2723 Battle Trail Drive, Stonoview to Charles Mallan Kramer for $415,080.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 2693 Battle Trail Drive, Stonoview to Steven and Janet Laflamme for $405,880.

Scott T. and Nicki S. Waida sold 1106 Saint Pauls Parrish Lane, The Commons at Fenwick Hall to Matthew E. Marasco for $238,000.

Christopher G. and Hope H. Bentley sold 1803 Towne St., The Cottages at Johns Island to Boding Zhang for $293,000.

Gary S. Slaughter sold 5115 Coral Reed Drive, The Villages of St. John's Woods to Elizabeth Whitaker Dolby for $362,500.

Margaret Emilie Fulmer sold 1502 Silverbell Lane, Whitney Lake to Jeffrey Worthington Fitzgerald and Coralle Cowan for $214,500.

Kiawah Island

Bret and Michelle A. Lovejoy sold 4301 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Charles Nelson Shields Jr. and Jo Buffington Shields for $652,500.

Mount Pleasant/East Cooper

Judy B. Rose sold Unit 605, 858 Catalpa Court, Waterford to Mary Anne Rochester and John Crawford Rochester Jr. for $208,000.

Marvin M. and Paula A. Swindle sold Unit 204, 1495 Cambridge Lakes Drive, Cambridge Lake to Hanna and Tomasz Suchowierski for $235,500.

Sara L. Markert sold Unit A, 1398 Cassidy Court, Remington Forest to Jay A. Tobin for $320,000.

Blakeney MP LLC sold 1319 Appling Drive to Matthew W. Sjostrom for $250,000.

Tyler M. and Tiffeny T. Smith sold 1020 Bowman Woods Drive, Carolina Park to Joy Altman for $465,000.

Mark D. and Tracy D. Buchman sold 908 Searle Court, Cooper Estates to Jack Edmund Joynson III and Natalie Jean Tucker for $535,000.

Catalyst Builders Inc. sold 3689 Nassas St., Copahee View to Julie A. and Jack L. Smythe for $529,820.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 441 Woodspring Road, Darrell Creek Plantation to Keith R. Lucas and Helen R. Baldwin for $610,000.

Christopher A. and Sonia Bates sold 3571 Holmgren St., Darrell Creek Plantation to Ted and Bonnie Mengel for $633,000.

E. Malcolm Hunt sold 109 Friend St. to Ronald S. and Katherine Rothenberg for $871,000.

Paul C. and Kristin H. Volpe sold 613 Stewardship Road, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Nancy Zuegel for $219,000.

Bryon T. and Mary E.K. Urig sold 534 Hidden Blvd., Hidden Cove to Todd Vogelmann for $660,000.

Peter M. Loy sold 402 Hobcaw Drive, Hobcaw Point to Phillip J. Dugan and Kelly Lashley for $755,000.

Frederic L. and Kathleen C. Buhr sold 31 Eastlake Road, I'On to Charles E. Dorkey III and Andrea Rose Rousseaux for $1.2 million.

410 Mill Street LLC sold 410 Mill St. to Up Shem Creek LLC for $3.5 million.

Stuart Hill sold 3580 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to David H. and Beth K. Wolk for $245,000.

Brian L. and Stacy L. Meyer sold 2254 Magnolia Meadows Drive, Magnolia Woods to Christopher John and Elizabeth Ann Neumann for $580,000.

Michael T. and Jennifer Hartley sold 3013 Riverwood Drive, Marsh Cove at Dunes West to Bradley Neil French and Shannon Elizabeth Hudnall for $535,000.

Pat R. Ross and H. Thomas Sanders sold 1497 Seminole St., Osceola Heights to 282 River Oak LLC for $445,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1569 Fort Palmetto Circle, Oyster Point to Chase Daniel and Alyssa Thompson for $621,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1541 Red Tide Road, Oyster Point to Timothy G. and Melissa T. Jansen for $683,757.

James R. and Yvonne M. Pierce sold 120 Palm Cove Way, Palm Cove at Dunes West to Charles David Shepherd for $349,900.

David R. and Christina O. Shipman sold 3095 Pignatelli Crescent, Dunes West to Ashley Puerzer Lewandowski and Erick Melton Iverson for $820,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2962 Clearwater Drive, Riverview to Jonathan Patrick Mayer and Ashley E. Rigter for $506,521.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2345 Brackish Drive, Riverview to Robert F. and Maria C. Giordano for $532,476.

William G. Tatum sold 625 Royall Ave. to FB 625 Royall LLC for $620,000.

Geraldine C. Daly sold 1001 South Shem Drive, Shemwood to Shannon D, Marchell for $487,600.

Chersonese McElroy LLP sold 1201 Chersonese Round, Snee Farm to Frank J. Brescia and Mary C. McElroy for $550,000.

Jason E. and Jamie H. Simpson sold 969 Casseque Province, Snee Farm to Joelle G. Carpenter and Ronald Nelson Carpenter II for $875,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 1168 Peacehaven St., The Abbey at Park West to Morgan R. and Tina G. McCoy for $493,250.

Paul M. and Michelle M. Wittsack sold 207 Oak Point Landing Drive, The Enclave at Longpoint to Jeffrey Devon and Krista Ann McMurray for $555,000.

Stephanie Bliss sold 3185 Queensgate Way, The Gates at Park West to Frank and Lori Ann Cafasso for $225,000.

Mary M. and Timothy M. McLain sold 3124 Queensgate Way, The Gates at Park West to Michael J. and Joyce D. Keeney for $225,000.

Paul O. Garrett sold 1019 Lakeview Drive, The Groves to Stephen C. Lanier and Nancy O. Garrett for $330,000.

Steven C. and Peggy J. Cox sold 1460 Heather Drive, The Highlands to Patricia T. Durlach for $513,109.

Robert J. and Nina A. McArthur sold 1405 Walking Trail Court, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Paul J. and Paula J. Stress for $744,278.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 3820 Tupelo Branch Row, Tupelo Row to Jame Nguyen and Rose S. Le for $430,035.

Helen L. Smith sold 722 Harbor Lane, Waterway Arms to Benjamin Michael and Beverly Harris Carnell for $330,000.

Uptick Ventures LLC sold 2979 Treadwell St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Cynthia Marie Sellers for $262,000.

John G. and Jamie Kolasinski sold 1160 Wexford Park, Wexford Park to Natasha Bullock for $448,000.

North Charleston

Charleston Landmark Builders LLC sold Unit 119, 5155 Celtic Drive to Derek David and Tammy E. Flovin for $340,475.

The Shoppes at Centre Pointe Two LLC sold 4952 Centre Pointe Drive, Centre Pointe to Cp2 Realty LLC for $8.7 million.

Southwind Home Builders LLC sold 5474 Turner St., Charleston Farms to Robert C. Hock III for $288,000.

Rhiannon Rainsford and William Houser sold 4932 Durant Ave. to Simon Juul-Hindsgaul for $213,000.

Charleston Landmark Builders LLC sold 5122 West Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Brian and Chelsi N. Fitzgerald for $344,249.

Charleston Landmark Builders LLC sold 5121 East Liberty Park Circle, Oak Terrace Preserve to Veronica Andreina Gil for $349,475.

Milbourn LLC sold 4711 Marlboro Road to Ira Goldstein for $215,000.

John Parker and Joseph Luttrell sold 2861 Hagerman St., Shadow Heights to Chad E. Carney and Bridgett McCarty for $246,500.

Betty B. Gentry and Elizabeth Richberg sold 9032 Hackney Court, The Elms of Charleston to Ernestine M. and Leslie A. Salvo for $205,000.

Chanice M. Reid sold 3053 Nantuckett Ave., The Reserve at Colony North to Theodore C. Wright for $209,000.

Seabrook Island

Howard L. Siegel sold 2413 High Hammock Road to Christopher T. and Andrea J. Daley for $679,966.

Richard C. and Rita L. Tyler sold 2931 Captain Sams Road to Gordon Kenwood Gilson Jr and Debbie Gilson for $480,000.

Peter and Joscelyn K. Matthewman sold 2776 Hidden Oak Drive, Live Oak to Cheryl A. and William D. Tibbetts for $270,000.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 9621 Stockport Circle, Buckshire to Devon Frazer and Leigh Miller for $264,960.

HandH Constructors Inc. sold 206 Angora Way, The Pines at Gahagan to Nuggehalli and Prema Vasuki for $313,748.

Jordan Brooke-Hill Lum sold 199 Angora Way, The Pines at Gahagan to Raymond E. and Eleanor G. Dzierzak for $277,500.

Lauren B. and Allan J. Pearson sold 605 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Yea Tang for $242,000. 

Wadmalaw Island

Shawn L. Thackeray sold 1364 Harts Bluff Road to Bohicket Farms LLC for $320,000.

Kent J. Parker and Tania E. Toney-Parker sold 1389 Polly Point Road to Mark D. and Andrea S. Schueler for $745,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Bruce M. Schultz sold Unit 61P, 164 River Breeze Drive, Waterway South to Kathleen A. O'Shaughnessy for $225,000.

Douglas Newman Risher sold 11 Stratford Road, Avondale to David and Halley Friedman for $306,000.

Gwendolyn L. Wright sold 840 Bent Hickory Road, Bees Landing to Charles and Deborah A. Richardson for $231,000.

Shanna R. and Patrick L. Addair sold 1600 Nautical Chart Drive, Bolton's Landing to John and Katie Hoff for $300,000.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 1591 Roustabout Way, Bolton's Landing to Justin Scott Game for $298,185.

Beazer Homes LLC sold 1520 Roustabout Way, Bolton's Landing to Nelson O. Huerta and Ysis Sanchez for $309,990.

Centex Homes sold 2784 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Lawrence E. Tocco and Clara R. Broughton for $283,615.

Centex Homes sold 2684 Doubletree Court, Carolina Bay to Warren and Rounette P. Altman for $286,390.

Centex Homes sold 2805 Conservancy Lane, Carolina Bay to Wayne Ballenger for $296,215.

Andrew F. Coates sold 2236 Mariners Fry, Forest Lakes to Dorothy Fales Houck for $227,000.

Deborah G. Welch sold 241 Gazania Way, Grand Bees to Cerberus SFR Holdings L.P. for $290,000.

Joshua P. Kovach sold 302 Weeping Willow Way, Grand Oaks to Cerberus SFR Holdings L.P. for $235,000.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 301 Sterlington Way, Grand Oaks to Christine Anne and Henry James Schultz for $404,578.

Leon L. and Sandra R. Burton sold 2071 Green Park Ave., Greenwood Park to William J. Donahue and Chelsey L. Desmarais for $200,000.

Franklin D. and Louise C. Stalvey sold 1544 Sanford Road, Harrison Acres to Kyle R. Stanshine for $345,000.

JMadford Properties LLC sold 1723 South Nicole Place, Hemmingwood to Kandis and Evan Miller for $218,000.

John H. Sachleben sold 2003 Bayhill Drive, Hickory Hill Plantation to Amanda Farr and Brent James Stover for $355,000.

Margaret Linda Stephens and Nancy S. Goettel sold 41 Lord Calvert Drive, Indigo Point to William Wooten Zervos and Hannah Karras Dunbar for $320,000.

Nancy B. Turner sold 1388 Tara Road, Lenevar to Jeffrey S. Leonard Jr. for $285,000.

Sandra M. Coulon sold 1253 Camelot Drive, Lenevar to Jordan Bell and Sarah M. Shewmaker for $330,000.

Nicholas J. Pastis Jr. and Angelia N. Pastis sold 140 Brogun Lane, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Parkway to Jason and Jennifer Sessions for $490,000.

James W. and Helen M. Whitehair sold 295 Cabrill Drive, Moss Creek at Grande Oaks to James M. and Kathleen T. Williams for $302,000.

Homer D. and Illa C. Barnes sold 2195 Becky Road, Pierpont to Lun Kim Loen for $259,000.

Brenda D. and Jemel Washington sold 3186 Conservancy Lane, Ricefield of Carolina Bay to William F. and Ann E. Berry for $325,000.

Cashton B. and Elizabeth S. Spivey sold 9 Transom Court, Ripley Cove to Keith H. Moore for $1.3 million.

Karen L. Wolla sold 52 Shrewsbury Road, Sandhurst to Keith and Jennifer Townsend Robinson for $345,000.

Jason C. and Margaret E. Alderman sold 521 Stonecreek Drive, Stonecreek to Joseph and Dorothy Sue Czarnik for $287,000.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 340 Grouse Park, The Landing at Grand Oaks to Steven A. Walters and Julie A. Johnson for $310,000.

Ed Ravenel and Sons Construction Co. LLC sold 776 Bunkhouse Drive, The Ponderosa to Shelby S. Robison for $230,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon sold 3396 Forest Glen Drive, The Willows to Cerberus SFR Holdings L.P. for $244,000.

John C. and Carrie S. Lanning sold 1317 White Drive, West Oak Forest to Ord James Fink Jr. and Doreen K. Fink for $270,000.

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Eric Hynes Nelson sold 4 Brennon St., Westwood to Adam John and Tiffany Weber for $382,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 12-16.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 213 Waning Way, River Reach Pointe to Margaret and Jeremiah Field for $425,966.

Katherine G. Gay sold 475 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Suzanne M. Smith and Kaitlin E. Casazza for $430,000.

Hailey M. Smith sold 1098 Bennington Drive, Cain Crossing to Terra M. Moscalink for $235,000.

Daniel Island

Carmen S. Watson sold 1054 Blakeway St. to Tiffany E. Richter for $675,000.

David Nance sold 2248 Daniel Island Drive to Dewitt T. and Marta L. Ring for $505,000.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 2584 Josiah St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Tommi M. Rantanen for $700,000.

Goose Creek

David L. Rubenak sold 316 Foster Greens Court, Brickhope Greens to Kayla N. Torres for $200,000.

Eric Hapke sold 100 Adthan Circle, Adthan Place to John Edward and Rebecca J. Starzyk for $220,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 239 Wathen Drive, Medway Landing at Montague Plantation to Brian R. and Brandi J. Gehrman for $235,046.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 258 Urbano Lane, Montague Plantation to Kendra Pitt for $241,650.

LCR Investment Group LLC sold 104 Remington Place, Crowfield to Ryan Phillip Barrineau and Lara Margaret Bolchoz-Barrineau for $242,000.


Glenn D. Ivett sold 1401 White Ibis Court, Eagle Landing to Gerald A. Linder for $290,000.

Joseph C. Huyck sold 7615 Stargazer Drive, Tanner Plantation to Joshua Alan Carraway for $327,500.

Matthew Stewart Simmons sold 5916 Commonwealth Circle, Dominion Hills to Whitney Harkness and Jeffrey Allen Troxel for $285,000.

Nancy Mauldin sold 1019 Dennis Drive, Berkeley Hills to Jacob A. Davis for $240,000.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 4048 Exploration Road, Hunters Bend to William Young for $226,153.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 4058 Exploration Road, Hunters Bend to Shaun R. Turner for $245,707.

Moncks Corner

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 138 Cypress Plantation Road, Strawberry Station to Donald Paul and Megan Allen Burch for $254,620.

Grayhawk Homes of South Carolina Inc. sold 112 Mulberry Crossing Lane, Mulberry Crossing to Walter G. and Lorraine R. Nichols for $374,000.

James L. Aiken sold 337 Silver Leaf Lane, Cypress Grove to Jevonta and Laverne Henderson for $257,500.

Jeremy S. Bauman sold 158 Harvest Moon Road, Ricefield Way to Taylor R. Sooter for $203,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 146 Cypress Plantation Road, Strawberry Station to Deanna K. and Andrew Carter for $248,990.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 127 Yorkshire Drive, Foxbank Plantation to Erica Nicole Martinez for $237,841.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 228 Weeping Cypress Drive, Cypress Grove to Alisha R. Crawford for $245,300.

DR Horton Inc. sold 510 Glady Road, Spring Grove to Jun Silva for $238,750.

True Homes LLC sold 125 Rockingham Way, Steeplechase to Kelsey Haynes and Devan Lawrence for $214,445.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 206 Devonshire Drive, Foxbank to Tyler James and Hillarey Dawn Menth for $274,778.

Travis Miller sold 453 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank to Kellie Jett for $237,500.


Russell L. Faulkner sold 136 Almond St. to Daniel B. and Jessica C. Wilson for $367,500.


Beazer Homes LLC sold 444 Northern Red Oak Drive, Cane Bay to Jamie R. Close for $265,110.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 409 Bright Leaf Loop, Nexton to Margaret Patricia Fowler and Susan Allena Alexander for $454,820.

James K. Neill III sold 611 Bridgewater Court, Cane Bay to Timothy W. and Lacey N. Smith for $289,000.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 318 Fish Creek Court, Cane Bay to Susan E. Chipman for $299,964.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 536 Tidewater Chase Lane, Cane Bay to Michael James and Sharon M Bohara for $326,949.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 534 Tidewater Chase Lane, Cane Bay to Mark D. and Christine Schwartz for $391,665.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 531 Tidewater Chase Lane, Cane Bay to Veronica Lee Paradise and Jimmy Franklin King for $443,064.

K Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay LLC sold 464 Four Seasons Blvd., Cane Bay to Jeffrey Thomas Grant for $379,290.

Mildred B. Taylor sold 139 Schooner Bend Ave., Cane Bay to Philip Friedman and Cynthia H. Macri for $260,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 353 Saxony Loop, Cane Bay to Rhonda L. Cumbee for $382,975.

Pulte Home Co. LLC sold 300 Watergrass St., Nexton to Todd P. and Dana A. Benjamin for $415,065.

True Homes LLC sold 345 Dunlin Drive, Nexton to James and Christel Austin for $328,815.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 317 Garrison St., Saint James Park to Elizabeth Henderson for $283,256.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 12-16.


Eric M. Gauweiler sold 102 Reading Court, Eagle Run to Justin C. Schoof and Katherine R. Martinez-Schoof for $235,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 9664 Roseberry St., McKewn to Susan L. Roling for $225,000.

North Charleston

Allison Williams sold 5549 Colonial Chatsworth Circle, Summers Bend on the Ashley to Daniel Bradley and Amy Douglas Nalley for $206,000.

Jill M. Boorman sold 5521 Indigo Makers Trace, Indigo Fields to Curtis L. and Darleen R. Brown for $330,500.

Hearton Enterprises LLC sold 5403 Barnsley Drive, Whitehall to Kim M. Wickman for $224,500.

Amezquita Investments LLC sold 1151 Moultrie Lane to Luis Alberto Amezquita Ramos for $234,806.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 5503 Crescent View Drive, Cedar Grove to Philip G. and Paula H. Arrington for $330,398.


Andrew Trent Whisenhunt sold 1208 Out Of Bounds Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jason P. and Shawna L Berringer for $282,500.

Carol Leggett Eberhardt sold 111 Hampton Drive, Ashborough to Rudolph E. Wigger IV for $240,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 178 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Robert G. and Corinne M. Lemieux for $325,937.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 74 Crossandra Ave., White Gables to Jacob Morgan for $297,662.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 136 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Amanda R. Styslinger for $273,519.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 165 Longdale Drive, Highland Park to Eugene F. Cercopely III for $254,625.

Daniel L. Edwards sold 217 Chirping Sparrow Drive, Arbor Walk to Tana J. Hess for $210,000.

Gregory Pallay sold 104 Ridgewood Court, Irongate to Cheryl L. Difabio and Randy E. Garland for $233,000.

James M. Cosgrove sold 109 Collage Path Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jason and Nadine E. O'Connor for $308,000.

Joshua W. Cathey sold 9611 Tothill Drive, Wescott Plantation to Derek M. and Nasareth Y. Brucker for $240,000.

Kelly Dasher sold 125 Pavilion St., Reminisce to Terri and James R. Ruggiero for $269,000.

KH Ponds LLLP sold 1170 Old Field Drive, The Ponds to Gayla K. Stefani for $328,980.

Richard E. Smith sold 418 Turnbridge Lane, Wentworth Hall to Carlos P. Gutierrez III for $225,000.

Richard P. Apgar sold 108 Shea St. to Paul A. Lunny for $292,000.

Ruth Jordan Stedman Sigmon sold 131 White Pine Way, Cottages at Gahagan to Chanelle N. De Leon for $235,000.

Shameka Robinson sold 5037 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Christian Brasington for $247,500.