“This isn’t your typical home,” said Raina Rubin of Carolina One Real Estate. “The aesthetics of the house are incredible – it’s like living inside a piece of modern art.”

That’s an apt description of the artistically modern and beautiful home in West Ashley’s South Windermere neighborhood. The 40-foot square, steel-framed home which has nearly 3,000 square feet of interior living space is a symphony of symmetry. It is constructed of Portland Cement Stucco over wood.

Striking describes both the home and the land on which it sits. The views? Nothing short of breathtaking.

The designer and the design

The legendary Ray Huff, emeritus associate professor and director of the Clemson Architecture Center of Charleston and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects is the creative genius behind the home. Awarded the Medal of Distinction by the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (the highest honor that AIA South Carolina has) in 2018, Huff has played a major role in shaping the university’s architectural program and in introducing modern design in the region. Huff has lectured worldwide and followers of modern architecture consider him one of the best. Formerly with Huff + Gooden Architects, the emphasis of their design is the “relationship to culture and knowledge.” Their architecture is scattered and exhibited worldwide.

The home at 25 Rebellion Road, built in the mid-80s was one of Huff’s first designs.

The home is situated on a large, deep water lot on Coburg Creek and the intercostal waterway is just a few yards away. It has a completely rebuilt 90-foot dock that includes a fixed walkway, pierhead with benches and floating dock. To soak in the gorgeous views from the back of the home – which is entirely glass – there is a 2,247 square foot deck that completely surrounds the home.

“When you walk into the home, there’s a line that leads you right out,” Rubin said referring to the line of black granite that runs right down the middle of the entry all the way out to the glassed back of the home. “It’s nearly impossible to find something like this in the area.”

The home makes a bold impression – in the evening it appears as a large square with peeks of illumination from its large and unique windows that are placed just so to impress and awe – much like a modern work of art does.

The original ash wood floors blend seamlessly with the outdoor light-colored decking so that it almost feels as if you’re outside – an integral part of the landscape that surrounds it. This design was intentional as was constructing interior elements of the home to have a less noticeable role.

“The idea of the black kitchen is that it fades away,” Rubin explained. “It’s that way so you enjoy all this beauty, the views… this is it,” she said indicating the marsh view. “You don’t need to be distracted from the view.”

The owners of the home are also art collectors who have decorated the space sparingly and precisely with modern and whimsical pieces and artwork they have collected throughout their travels and their lives. The result is a stunning space that makes one marvel at the architecture and how that architecture was placed just so to take in the outside from every viewpoint. The owners also have a home designed by Ray Huff on Sullivan’s Island.

“The furniture is superfluous,” said Rubin. “The idea is not to see things so much inside but to appreciate the geometry of the home and to continually take in the outside from every angle.”

That is most assuredly the case – the eye travels all the way up and out – the sweeping vistas, a constant companion. The living area has a glossy black fireplace, bank of floor to ceiling windows and double doors that lead to the deck. The back doors from the living and dining spaces lead to a large screened area. A bar is tucked around a corner of the generous open floor plan downstairs. There is also a bathroom on the main level.

The walls are a bright white so that the black granite and black-iron staircase pops but never competes with the views.


Once you reach the second floor, there is a resting spot with black granite tile underneath and squares of windows on one side. The owners have a round, inlaid table in this spot and to the left and right are bookcases and a place to relax or read a book. Natural light bathes the spaces.

Standing in the center area upstairs and looking down gives a view of the downstairs. Looking straight ahead, the massive windows that make up the entire back of the home portray the waterway and greenery outside as a painting – one realizes the enormity and wonder of nature.

“There is no wasted space,” Rubin noted. “This is what the owners wanted and the architect designed the home to incorporate that.”

Three bedrooms, including the master make up the rest of the second floor. Each has its own bath. There is access to the rooftop via a set of pull-down stairs in the master bedroom, as well as a generously sized screened in area. The master bath has a Jacuzzi tub and dual vanity and the master closet is very large.

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The rest

“South Windermere is a walking neighborhood and it’s about five minutes from the big bridge,” said Rubin. “The walkability is incredible with the South Windermere shopping center that has most everything you want and need right there. It’s such an active neighborhood and it was one of the first suburbs of Charleston. People know each other here – they interact with each other.”

Rubin said that many of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the 50s and 60s. “Young families are moving in and it’s really a wonderful place to live,” she said.

Minutes to downtown. Watching dolphins, egrets, pelicans, paddleboarders and boaters from the privacy of your home or backyard. Gorgeous sunsets against the backdrop of a Lowcountry waterway.

“This home is truly an architectural marvel,” Rubin said. “Someone who actually appreciates and understands modern architecture will be at home here. This isn’t just a ‘contemporary’ home – this is a completely different level.”

As of August 28, 2019, the list price for the home at 25 Rebellion Road was $2.5 million.



Raina Rubin

Carolina One Real Estate