Incorporating home automation designs into security systems should be consumer-friendly for the most part

Home security companies are adding home automation systems as a natural extension of their business (Dreamstime).

BALTIMORE, MD. (PRWEB) - Most home security companies are adding home automation features to their offerings in 2014, an industry reviewer says.

That's why "experts" have completed home automation security system reviews, to help consumers understand what's new in home security and automation.

One of the best things for consumers in today's tech-savvy age is user-friendly features to any system they're using.

Home security has been catching up and at the same time making its own breakthroughs in providing better, more stable and easier systems to maintain. Home automation is one of the newest features for companies that want to offer the best and latest to their clients.

Essentially, home automation features incorporated into security systems offer consumers better handling over their home. Whenever alarms or security measures are tripped, the system can send a text, email or message to the service provider or owner without prompting.

The more sophisticated the setup, the more comprehensive and sensitive the response is when the security measures are activated.

The trend for 2014 is to incorporate home automation systems beyond what is normal for the security companies. Instead of focusing on just protecting the home, automating some functions such as water, electricity and heat use can conserve energy and costs on the part of the homeowner.

The technology used to sense changes in the home is the same for security systems as those for basic automation features so why not include them overall? has picked up on this trend and has compiled reviews on companies that offer this kind of feature in their security systems. Separate home automation systems are available with some service providers. Experts have begun to compile extensive information and reviews on what this new feature can give to consumers.

Essentially, adding home automation features to already-existing security systems cuts costs and expands the range of many security measures. Some already-installed systems may be ready to let users incorporate home automation system functions to their homes with a simple update or a DIY (Do it Yourself) tutorial. This provides home users with even more functions and value for the money they spent in their home security system.

A home automation system is one of the newest features that security companies have begun to offer. In case a consumer wants to include this feature in their setup, they have to understand that there is a lot of room for improvement. Although the technology is there and lots of equipment is readily available, it's not in the field of expertise yet. This is why security experts are excited but cautious of new developments.

Nonetheless, recognizes the fact that home automation systems are here to stay and are going to get better in the future. Thus the site offers comprehensive reviews and advice on the systems that different companies offer.

This year is shaping up to be the year that home automation breaks out into the market fully, and industry experts have predicted that home users may catch on quickly.

Being able to control the water pressure, heat and utilities at home through special sensors lessens the burden on so many other systems and gives users the option to just trust the system to handle extraneous functions.

In a continuous effort to give consumers the best advice and information on security systems, has reviewed a myriad of systems, companies and technology.

With the help of third-party experts who give unbiased reviews on each system and company, the website is now a good resource and starting point for any consumer looking into purchasing any kind of security system.

The developers and experts believe that relevant and accessible information is always needed for potential buyers to make the best decision for their home or office.

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