Former coach now juggles job as rental manager, ministry at James Island church

Shaun Horn, rental manager at Scott Hagan Builders, spends a lot of time on his cell phone. A former coach, Horn is in his office at New Beginnings Community Church, where he is the senior pastor.

If there’s something Shaun Horn knows about, it’s building and serving.

He helped craft dozens of homes for Charleston-based Scott Hagan Builders for a decade, more recently scaling back to assist tenants as the company’s rental chief.

At the same time, Horn serves God as senior pastor of James Island-based New Beginnings Community Church, playing a role in the past seven years of building the congregation to more than 125 members.

“People ask me all the time, how do you do both?” Horn says.

He gives credit to the Hagans and their family business philosophy, which he says is not that much different from a pastor’s duties and beliefs.

“Do unto others as you would have them do until you,” Horn says, quoting the Golden Rule.

Horn, who was born west of the Ashley and attended Middleton High School, has been involved in religious education almost since graduating from the Baptist College, now Charleston Southern University.

He and his two brothers were active in sports, playing football and basketball, wrestling and running track in high school. At First Baptist High School downtown, Horn was head football coach from 1987 to 1993 and also coached basketball and other sports. And he taught Christian education.

One of his students in eighth grade was Scott Hagan. He also coached Hagan on the football team. “He was a great student and athlete,” he says.

Horn says he has been friends with the Hagan family for 25 years: Scott’s father Ed Hagan launched the home construction company before his son took over.

Meanwhile, Horn went into the ministry. He and his wife, now an elementary school teacher, lived in Rock Hill for three years. They returned when Horn became a pastor at a small church in Hanahan.

Hagan, who by then lived in Hanahan, asked his old coach and teacher whether he was interested in real estate as a side job. While Horn had no prior experience in the field, he jumped at the chance. It was 1997, and the housing business “had exploded.”

Horn teamed up to build homes across the Charleston area, including in Ocean Neighbors on James Island. Today the Horn family lives in a house that he helped frame. “I have close connections with the builder,” he quipped.

In time, Scott Hagan Builders launched a rental business to lease houses that were on the market or otherwise not yet sold. Today the company has a stable of 90 rental homes.

Horn says he enjoys the leasing business. Most tenants are careful and courteous but not always. On occasion, houses even need major repairs. In those cases, he looks forward to when they are renewed, comparing it to the joy of people he ministers undergoing a spiritual renewal.

He delegates more of the rental workload now, due to the time involved in the senior pastor position. He says it wouldn’t be possible without the Hagans and his church congregation — “the best ministry I’ve been a part of. You’ve got to have a good church family; it’s a team effort.”

Horn says he wants to continue as pastor and in his real estate job, at least for the foreseeable future. “I am not a long-term planner,” he says. At the church, he begins each year in November like a football season and looks out no more than a year.

Horn’s desk in his modest-sized office at the church characterizes his fondness for sports, notably a small bronze statue of two football players and an oversized bobble-head "Rocky," the movie boxer who struggled and worked hard to reach the top. "I grew up in the Rocky-like story,” he says.

For more information, contact Horn at 843-860-2092.