The nation’s largest company involved with overseeing homeowners association responsibilities, which has a presence in the Charleston area, unveiled a high-tech accounting system geared to guard against fraud.

Dallas-based Associa calls itself “the worldwide leader” in community management with more than 10,000 employees housed at 180 branches in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. “Handling associations’ financial resources is the single most important job that a board member and a managing partner have,” the company says.

Associa Carolinas, a management firm subsidiary, says the company’s doing what no one else in the industry has accomplished to protect HOAs from fraud and “ensure that association dollars are accounted for.” Associa created “the first and only client shared service center,” designed to provide communities with convenient, efficient and transparent accounting practices.

The center not only safeguards association finances but also streamlines the way community managers handle accounts, the firm says.

“Association boards are aware of the horror stories about managers or board members stealing HOA money. What we have in place is something that no other company can provide to ensure the safety of those finances,” says Edward Corless, Associa Carolinas president.

“We’ve basically opened the books for HOAs,” Corless says. “We are earning trust through transparency and doing all of this at a centralized facility so community managers are not burdened with bookkeeping and instead can focus on unsurpassed customer service,” he says.

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