Beazer Homes Charleston wins award from Energy Star efficiency program

The kitchen in the Edisto model from Beazer Homes is elegant in design and also energy-efficient.

A national builder erected enough energy-efficient homes locally to save owners close to $90,000 and cut emissions equivalent to 100 cars.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized Beazer Homes Charleston as a 2015 Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader.

According to Atlanta-based Beazer, the award points to the “important contribution” the company fostered in terms of energy-efficient construction and environmental protection. The builder raised more than 280 Energy Star certified homes in 2014. All told, the houses will save homeowners $87,920 on utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 472.92 metric tons each year, Beazer says.

“We at Beazer Homes Charleston are proud to lead the market of new homes in the construction quality and efficiency elements necessary to meet Energy Star certification,” says Doug Schwartz, division president of Beazer Homes Charleston.

“Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of Beazer Homes,” he says.

According to the Energy Star program, environmental savings cancel out greenhouse gases of 100 passenger cars a year or consuming 1,100 barrels of oil. It’s also equal to the savings of “planting and growing 12,127 coniferous trees, such as pine or spruce, for 10 years,” it says.

Energy Star certified homes must meet “rigorous” EPA standards and undergo third-party testing. They are up to 30 percent more efficient than typical new homes built today, the program notes.

Features of the homes earning Energy Star labels include proper sealing and insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, properly-sized and installed heating and cooling equipment and energy-efficient lighting and appliances. “These value-adding features lead to a more comfortable, energy efficient and durable home that will reduce utility and maintenance costs, while helping protect the environment,” the program adds.

“We’re proud to recognize our Energy Star partners that provide new homes designed and built better from the ground up,” says Jonathan Passe, director of EPA’s Energy Star residential branch.

According to the program, families living in Energy Star certified homes nationally have saved $619 million on their utility bills and avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to more than 674,000 vehicles last year.

Beazer Homes builds houses in 13 states, including South Carolina.

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