The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between April 02-06.

Francena G. Butt sold Unit A, 11 Perry St., Perry to Patrick B. Guglielmo and Eric J. Snyder for $194,000.

Scbt NA sold Unit A, 338 King St., King to 338A King Street LLC for $800,000.

Gary D. Jobe sold Unit 404, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Loft to Federal National Mortgage Association for $225,000.

Wharfside Associates sold Unit 1F, 2 Laurens St., Anson House to William G. and Nancy J. Shaffner for $495,000.

Rebekah Hughes Unger sold 10 Halsey St., Halsey to William Clifford and Vicki Roberts for $675,000.

John Lloyd sold 1019 Ashley Ave., Ashley to Edward L. Knisley Jr. for $257,000.

Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz sold 14 Lockwood Drive, Ashley House to Kathleen M. Dubose for $225,000.

Steven B. Shapiro sold 173 Mary Ellen Drive, Longbranch to Dela LLC for $437,850.

Jane H. Lucas sold 59 Radcliffe St., Radcliffe to Hanns-Peter Gerd Ulber for $238,125.

Colleen M. Jackson sold 6 Brewster Court, Brewster to John L. Steinmeyer III for $500,000.

Beverly McGee Kinder sold 2145 Bailey Island Lane, Baileys Island to Jeremy G. Mikell Wilson and Eleanor P. Wilkerson for $630,000.

113 East Arctic LLC sold Unit C, 113 East Arctic Ave., The Dolphins at Folly to Judy Goldberg Markowitz for $642,167.

John Eldon Tillman sold 214 West Arctic Ave., Ocean Pointe Villas to Mark D. and Linda A. Slagle for $540,000.

Trine Family Trust sold 313 West Ashley Ave., Ashley to Charles D. and Judith D. Bond for $1,050,000.

Thomas D. Wingard sold 503 East Arctic Ave., East Atlantic to J.D. Tipton LLC for $1,000,000.

Claire B. Delany sold Unit C, 103 Palmetto Drive, Port O'Call to Christopher R. Cangelosi and Susan Gant Cangelosi for $236,500.

Martin J. Wisse Jr. sold 18 Seagrass Lane, Wild Dunes to John A. and Cathy Lynn Mart for $1,300,000.

IOP Investments LLC sold 4 46th Ave., 46th to 4 46th Ave LLC for $1,100,000.

Edwin M. Halkyard sold 59 Ocean Point, Wild Dunes to Carolyn Andrea Newton for $1,700,000.

David M. McInnis sold 6 Commons Court, Commons to John P. and Elizabeth Schupp for $650,000.

Emily L. and Ralph T. Sadler sold 44 Wappoo Creek Place, Wappoo Creek to Michael Light and Yalani L. Vanzura for $319,000.

Raymond L. Clise sold 1063 Five Oaks Drive, Patriots Plantation to James and Deborah Flowers for $238,000.

Robert F. Zinko sold 1350 Seabass Cove, Seaside Estates to Linda A. Ferguson for $435,000.

South Carolina Federal Credit Union sold 1802 Aylsford Court, Queensborough to Brian P. Herrick for $164,900.

Kelley Ann Jones sold 927 Yorktown Drive, Jamestown Estates to John F. Zaehringer for $162,990.

Edward L. Knisley Jr. sold 2767 Summertrees Blvd., Summertrees to Malcolm and Tabitha Matheson for $249,000.

David Falk sold 9 Nicklaus Lane, Nicklaus to David John and Kelly Rogers Sach for $2,845,000.

Mary M. White sold 109 Historic Drive, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Sherry J. Jordan for $295,000.

Charles George sold 1117 Mathis Ferry Road, Queen's Row to Erin M. Harmon for $236,000.

Peter L. Rouse sold 1226 Spotted Owl Drive, Laurel Grove to Kimberly A. Murphy and Eric C. Duhamel for $190,000.

I'On Company LLC sold 13 Duany Road, I'On to Patrick T. and Jennifer A. Vail for $300,000.

Robert Allen Boozer sold 133 Historic Drive, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Judith A. Massie and Travis Wright Massie for $340,000.

Askins Quarters LLC sold 1408 Goblet Ave., Jasper Terrace to Tobey Andrew Wagner Jr. for $320,000.

Elizabeth M. Holland sold 1427 Harwick Road, Cassina Plantation to Tyler Sidener Beneficiary Trust for $980,000.

Geoffrey Tyson sold 1496 Wellesley Circle, Wellesley Place to Bac Home Loans Servicing Lp for $190,000.

Anthony Cavalea sold 1883 North Smokerise Way, Smokerise to Richard T. and Jeannine C. Martin for $329,000.

John Wieland Homes sold 2008 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Marc E. and Linda M. Levitan for $249,900.

Marilyn M. Skinner sold 2072 Millbrook Court, Longpoint to Felix J. and Lauren J. Almaguer for $382,500.

Brian J. Kavanagh sold 267 Bampfield Drive, Hobcaw Point to Todd R. and Elizabeth Tyler for $210,000.

Timothy P. Mason sold 276 Beech Hill Lane, Longpoint to Timothy P. and Caroline M. Mason for $340,000

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 2865 Caitlin's Way, Carol Oaks to James B. and Rose M. Sanders Jr. for $260,000.

Kurt Charland sold 3308 Heathland Way, The Orchard to Kurt Charland and Rose Mary Windham for $250,000.

Brian Podmenik sold 467 Old Carolina Court, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Gennaro Baldassarre and Jolanda Mazzocchi for $292,000.

Christopher B. Game sold 573 Chimney Bluff Road, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Ashley E. Magrath and Charles M. Condon Jr. for $308,000.

Charles Lee Allen III sold 773 Creekside Drive, Creekside Park to Gregg Loguidice for $470,000.

Duane and Deborah Rowe sold 603 Palisades Drive, Oakridge Estate to Donald M. and Elizabeth K. Best for $198,000.

Bradley B. Newman sold 2668 Goldbug Ave., Goldbug to Allen S. Porter for $870,000.

Ronald P. Maultsby sold 1706 Afton Ave., Northbridge Terrace to Federal National Mortgage Association for $262,908.

Deckcrafters sold 1811 Elsey Drive, Elsey to Robert Jack and Jennifer Sheffield Jr. for $175,100.

Centex Homes sold 3270 Conservancy Lane, Ricefield of Carolina Bay to Katrina L. and Justin W. Suiter for $220,230.

Campbell Construction sold 380 Meadow Breeze Lane, Sylvan Shores to Ronald Wells and Michelle Snyder-Wells for $210,000.

Willie Robinson sold 417 Meadow Breeze Lane, Sylvan Shores to Gecko Realty Inc for $250,000.

Charles J. Linkski III sold 600 Fair Spring Drive, Schieveling Plantation to Ellis K. and Linda L. Widner for $253,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between March 26-30.

Teresa C. and Tony Kinard sold 1151 Barnyard Road, Macedonia to Juanita and Billy J. Hammonds for $178,500.

Centex Homes sold 1159 Euclid Drive, Cain Crossing to Svetlana Gibson for $162,746.

G. Bretnell Williams sold 112 Cartright St., Daniel Island to Earl R. and Pamela S. Bridges for $343,000.

Natalie T. and Stewart R. Halbauer sold 154 Balfour Drive, Daniel Island Park to Kacie M. and Jason M. Highsmith for $2,000,000.

Kriena N. Raffin sold 1303 Elfe St., Daniel Island to Robert B. Graham for $400,000.

Mary S. and Steven D. Gray sold 319 Ralston Creek St., Daniel Island at Ralston Creek to Gay F. and Thompson H. Butz for $1,380,000.

Synovus Bank sold 1726 Pierce St., Daniel Island at Smythe Park to Daniel P. and Gabriela B. Dalnekoff for $250,000.

David L. and Susan M. Stover sold 167 Thousand Oaks Circle, Crowfield to Shawn Patrick and Kelly N. Laffey for $240,000.

Lisa H. and Timothy Johnson sold 106 Keighley Drive, Crowfield to Michael J. and Jane Brown for $232,000.

Martha A. Archibald sold 151 Foxborough Road, Foxborough to Cindy M. Gervais and Cindy Kelley for $150,000.

Centex Homes sold 513 Flycatcher Drive, Mulberry Park to Earl D. Hiott for $178,299.

Iron Gate Homes LLC sold 133 Mellard Drive, Saint James Estate to Josh C. and Kara J. Cain for $154,900.

Centex Homes sold 338 Clayburne Drive, Brick Barn Pointe to Brandi L. W. Rabon for $190,675.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 405 Butterfly Bush Drive, Liberty Village to Gladys R. and Armando E. Solarana for $159,606.

Benjamin and Joanna Brabham sold 105 Heatherlock St., Kennsington to Ben T. McCurry and Jennifer A. Armstrong for $225,000.

Dinh M. and Minhchau N. Bui sold 63 Sorento Blvd., Otranto to William A. McCullough and Elizabeth L. Baker for $255,000.

Catherine O. and Larry A. Gill sold 1218 Scotch Pine Lane, Tall Pines to Matthew Charles Skinner for $155,000.

Nicholas and Ellen Tsakanikas sold 1099 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to Steven E. and Tracey D. Kramer for $200,000.

Debra Elliott Rickett and Frances Hartel Elliott sold 1916 Rock Fish Road, Pimilco to Doreen Baker for $254,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 523 Chaff Lane, Fishers Wood at Spring Grove to William and Dawn I. Macek for $259,000.

First Barony LLC sold 300 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Bruce E. and Cynthia A. Barber for $167,617.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 156 Red Leaf Blvd., Faxbank Plantation to William H. and Sarah E. Nobles for $195,315.

First Barony LLC sold 309 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Jennifer M. Curley for $168,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 131 Maywood Drive, The Abbey to Robert E. and Chrystal D. Wiseman for $176,830.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 310 Freeland Way, Foxbank Plantation to Robert D. Richardson and Cynthia L. Page-Richardson for $173,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 215 Maywood Drive, The Abbey to Jonathan and Theresa Douglass for $179,998.

Weekley Homes LP sold 423 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank to Robert A. and Linda J. Pettitt for $201,801.

Belinda L. and Judy L. Poynter sold 132 Sacora Lane, Summervale Acres to Christian Thomas and Amanda Janine Hanley for $365,000.

Centex Homes sold 503 Cinder Court, Cane Bay to Gregory F. and Kim Miller for $253,909.

First Coast Homes of SC LLC sold 304 Sanctuary Park Drive, Cane Bay to Jason E. Covell for $182,000.

Epcon Marrington LLC sold 102 Village Stone Circle, Marrington Villas at Cobblestone to Patrick G. and Dalphne Boan for $195,850.

Centex Homes sold 120 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to Kevin M. and Erin E. Bryant for $159,465.

Pulte Home Corporation sold 512 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to Ann P. Stelmat for $248,000.

Pulte Home Corporation sold 507 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to James W. and Sharon M. Cummins for $277,265.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between March 26-30.

Centex Homes sold 4819 Hawkins Drive, McKewn Plantation to Azhar M. Shah for $150,915.

Centex Homes sold 4823 Hawkins Drive, McKewn Plantation to Laura Masso for $189,282.

Timothy T. Barbero sold 9050 Parlor Drive, Tranquil Hill Plantation to David Javier Torres for $160,000.

BFH Builders LLC sold 5521 Indigo Makers Trace, Indigo Fields to Jill M. Boorman for $260,142.

Gregory Cook sold 5413 Dwight Drive, Whitehall South to David A. Crouch Jr. for $202,000.

Valerie L. Murphy sold 8149 Governors Walk, Indigo Fields to Robert J. Brooks for $195,000.

Anthony H. Pope sold 108 Old Postern Road, Parsons Road to Patrick W. and Carol A. Seally for $350,000.

Bradrick O. and Angela E. Pitts sold 138 Heart Pine Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to James M. and Brenda G. Thomas for $239,000.

Brian and Margaret Greene French sold 5218 Mulholland Drive, Birkdale Village at Wescott to Teri E. Lake and Nicholas A. Coblio for $215,000.

Calvin and Latasha Lindsey Summers sold 9417 Divot Lane, Oak Forest Village at Wescott to Susan L. Bishop and Renee S. Davis for $178,000.

Eric F. and Elizabeth Sears sold 106 Glendale Drive, Briarwood to Robert Michael Dagnan for $182,000.

Gaetano Mangano sold 5237 Stonewall Drive, Pebble Creek Village to Allen W. and Nancy L. Hitchcock for $175,000.

Jason J. Hazard sold 19 Muirfield Village Court, Pine Forest Country Club to Harold M. and Mary Lou Core for $185,000.

Harry W. and Judy A. Bean sold 128 Duck Blind Court, Boykin Creek to Ronald B. and Lauri Schultz Watson Jr. for $220,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 127 Musket Loop, The Ponds to Harris N. Cabaniss and Haley E. Trexler for $239,551.

Kara and Joseph Salisbury sold 143 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Judith and John Theis for $174,900.

Greenwood Development Corp. sold 125 Musket Loop, The Ponds to John P. and Olivia S. Bolton for $230,211.

BFH Builders LLC sold 2017 Culloden Drive, Glen at Summerset to Brandon T. Sharpe for $164,980.

Randel E. Salley sold 4901 Pineridge Road, Wescott Plantation to William C. and Ashley R. Dean for $150,000.

William C. and Deborah T. Craig sold 1005 Mayfield St., Ashborough to Louis P. and Kelly M. Raucci for $280,100.