The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 28-31.

C. David and Janis Fite sold 93 East Bay St. to Margaret D. Farrell for $2 million.

Phyllis L. Price sold 979 King St. to Shawn D. Phillips for $245,000.

J. Grier and Rebecca P. Bomar sold Unit 611, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Frank R. Hayden Jr. and Donna C. Hayden for $420,000.

47 Cannon Street LLC sold 47 Cannon St. to Michael John Quinn and Emily Anne Matles for $440,000.

EcoVest Development LLC sold 303 St. Philip St. to Matthew F. and Stephanie Fortner for $247,000.

Amanda A. Frisby sold Unit 6, 21 Hester St., Gedding’s Farm to R. Playford LLC for $158,000.

George E. Powell sold 28 Cooper St. to Antebellum LLC for $213,000.

George Rodney Derrick sold 67 Radcliffe St. to Blake Eric Miller for $165,000.

NA3 Homes LLC sold 926 Ashley Ave. to Stephanie K. Sargent for $375,000.

Amanda A. Weingarten sold 55 Warren St. to Thomas J. and Bernice I. Rowe for $595,000.

Edward C. Rutherford and Lynda R. Abram sold 401 E. Huron Ave. to Suzanne P. Huey for $295,000.

JMH at Deerfield LLC sold 5216 Fallow Fawns Road, Deer Field to Gabriella L. Smith for $234,626.

Maria Santoro sold 4806 Stono Links Drive, The Plantation at Stono Ferry to Gregory E. Rupley and Delores Jordan for $417,500.

Arlene M. Nash sold Unit 103A, 8000 Palmetto Drive, Summer House to David L. and Wendy D. Buckley for $590,000.

James C. Kammer sold 3003 Palm Blvd. to Neil Turkewitz and Jocelyn Lamond for $655,000.

Nicole Kokolis sold 4400 Palm Blvd. to Ping E. Yeung and Jing Shen for $732,500.

Kathleen and William Harleston Jr. sold 552 Wampler Drive, Eastwood to Bridgeview Landing LLC for $825,000.

Lawrence E. Lee sold 2212 Maxcy St., Green Acres to Craig C. and Mary H. Studemeyer for $190,000.

Laura Y. Jones sold 1137 Quail Drive, Lawton Bluff to Drayton C. Parker for $153,000.

Phillip P. Rideout sold 950 Bradford Ave., Lee Jackson Place to Gene H. Anderton Jr. for $175,000.

Wanda Rozier sold 1477 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Ransom White III and Mary L. White for $220,000.

Bobbie A. Stewart sold 1574 Ocean Neighbors Blvd., Ocean Neighbors to Mariah C. and Zachary P. Schwartz for $273,500.

Robert E. Post II and Nicole R. Post sold 1807 Day Lily Lane, Ocean Neighbors to Stacy Lynn Patteson for $268,000.

Herman Neel Hipp III sold 68 Rivers Point Row, River Point to Marcus L. and Deborah C. Strickland for $250,000.

Charles R. and Erin M. Jones sold 2153 Welch Ave., Riverland Golfview to Jennifer M. Gilson and Colin E. Alstad for $250,000.

Catherine J. Murdaugh sold 930 Paul Revere Court, Stiles Point to Patricia A. Sedlacek for $1.3 million.

Daniel G. Gailor sold 1207 Hepburn St., Westfield Place to Derek W. Day for $405,500.

Anthony S. and Shannon C. Moore sold 1392 Crystal Shore Court, Wexford Sound to John Barrett Ulm for $280,000.

Daniel A. and Ashley S. Snelwar sold 1035 Sunnybrook Drive, Chisolm Green to Barbara A. Constantine and Harry D. Toler for $430,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 1233 Updyke Drive, Swygert’s Landing to Cory D. and Beth A. Dearolf for $248,050.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 2945 Waterleaf Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Glenn M. and Brenda S. Maley for $267,000.

Patricia L. Baumann and Michael T. Swomley sold 74 Pepper Vine St., Inlet Cove Club to Katherine Teague Schill for $540,000.

Brent G. and Jaycee F. Kirby sold 4663 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to Timothy and Patricia Russart for $385,000.

Telas LLC sold 5516 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Cove Villas to Daniel G. Jarvis Jr. for $270,000.

Sandra T. Vineyard sold 30 Rhett’s Bluff Road to Kurt C. and Leslie Koch for $3 million.

28 Rhett’s Bluff Road LLC sold 28 Rhett’s Bluff Road to Sandra T. Vineyard for $1 million.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3702 Crescent Way, Wellborn Village to Travis J. Watson and Chasity Charron Leek for $190,000.

Preservation Row Developers LLC sold 2877 Batham Lane, Rivertowne to Darren L. and Rachel T. Juszkiewicz for $455,118.

Charles N. and Elizabeth M. Myers sold 1120 Simmons St. to St. Angela LLC for $256,000.

Jeffery L. and Mary B. Moore sold 2980 Treadwell St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Edward R. Feagins Jr. and Kathy J. Feagins for $208,500.

Patrick Keith Pittson sold Unit B1, 672 Long Point Road, One Belle Hall to Karen Thomsen and Thomas A. Dove for $155,000.

Derrick A. Kroll sold 740 Kent St., Hobcaw to South Carolina Coast and Lakes LLC for $194,500.

Thomas R. and Laurie S. Bates sold Unit 1, 314 River Oak Drive, The Retreat at Grassy Creek to John H. and Cynthia D. Albrecht for $450,000.

Quality Properties Asset Management Co. sold Unit 201, 1311 Chuck Dawley Blvd. to CNH Properties LLC for $450,000.

Edward A. Golberg sold 100 Bay Water Way, Back Bay Village to Steven R. and Mary M. Poehlein for $950,000.

David B. Evans sold 627 Baytree Court, Bay Tree to Kyle Cruz for $179,000.

Hasan Ercan sold 604 Bridlewood Lane, Bridlewood to Cody L. Hopper and Nicole M. Hicks for $232,000.

Christopher Ryan Smith sold 710 Dragoon Drive, Creekside Park to Albert D. Oliphant IV for $508,000.

Joseph B. and Sally W. Mansfield sold 739 Lavalier Square, Glenlake to Darius P. Tavasoli for $253,000.

Bristol Construction LLC sold 265 River Oak Drive, Grassy Creek to Samantha Perry Kinninger for $150,000.

Diane C. Byrd sold 1462 Hamlin Park Circle, Hamlin Park to Jean P. and Graciela Fouillade for $235,500.

Kevin and Nicole Ferraro sold 608 Galera Lane, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Don J. and Susan S. Harrison for $775,000.

Dayna Y. and Kenneth Bledsoe sold 367 Pluff Mud Alley, Hidden Cove to James Robert Porter for $543,000.

Graham Creech sold 1670 Marsh Harbor Lane, Marsh Harbor to John W. Hill III and Kathy B. Hill for $1.1 million.

James D. Harris sold 1175 Lazy Lane Court, Old Georgetown Crossing to Lane Y. Ragsdale for $270,000.

Graham M. Eubank Jr. and Rebecca S. Eubank sold 791 Navigators Run, Olde Park to Sallie Jill Messervy for $1.4 million.

Barbara D. Cox sold 1016 Provincial Circle, Patriots Province to Laurie and Edward R. and Taylor N. Langford for $243,250.

William J. Mims sold 522 Antebellum Lane, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Daniel D. and Lauren E. Beech for $250,000.

Guustaaf Gerard Sipkes sold 529 Pritchards Point Drive, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Diane M. Dewitt and Valentine G. Przezdecki for $300,000.

Robert A. and Loren E. Roderick sold 318 Mallard Court, Sandpiper Pointe to Shelley D. and Jeffrey B. Wygant for $233,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1416 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Mark E. Semler and Candace K. Percival for $633,025.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1408 Scott’s Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to Jennifer D. White for $655,385.

Timothy Goodwillie sold 1314 Horseshoe Bend, Sweetgrass to Brett A. and Mary E. Creese for $261,000.

Catalin K. and Michelle Juncu sold 1587 Home Farm Road, The Home Farm to John H. Disher III for $215,000.

Mary Holly Colvin sold 346 Jardinere Walk, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Christina and Kris Lewin for $294,000.

Kim E. Phillips sold 1914 Kiln Court, Dunes West to Daniel and Olivia O. Flynn for $529,000.

Michael P. Anderson sold 1474 Belcourt Lane, Ellington Woods to Frank P. and Virginia R. Reilly for $165,000.

Michael D. and Jennifer F. Brenner sold 2471 Worthington Drive, Indigo Chase to Daniel Polesovsky for $539,000.

O.Z. Tyler III sold 21 Prescient St., I’On to Kurt R. and Colleen Hughes-Kraft for $670,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3575 Franklin Tower Drive, Lieben Park to Dennis M. and Pamela J. Hamilton for $272,005.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3584 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Kirill V. and Tatyana V. Misyuchenko for $274,880.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3585 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Shen-Yin Wu and Hsiao-Ping Huang for $265,900.

Alisa Ann Carl sold 1361 Old Ivy Way, Magnolia Grove at Brickyard Plantation to Alan P. Maglione for $377,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2004 Amenity Park Drive, One Hamlin Place to Bradley K. and Valerie M. Gore for $428,707.

Rebecca J. Engelman and William D. Bradley sold 2040 Shell Ring Circle, Osprey Cove at Dunes West to William P. and Donna L. Gironda for $690,000.

Kristopher L. Bagwell sold 3940 Ashton Shore Lane, Park Island at Park West to Hardy L. and Kathryn Sorkin for $975,000.

Baron L. Hansen III and Linda Hansen sold 2177 Salt Wind Way, Planter’s Pointe to Timothy R. and Julie B. Davis for $387,000.

Galloway Family Homes LLC sold 2005 Shields Lane, Rivertowne to Melinda Benson for $436,805.

JW Homes LLC sold 3215 Hatchway Drive, The Harbour to Robert R. and Marcy K. Meiergerd for $549,865.

JW Homes LLC sold 2065 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Joel C. and Bridgette J. Detienne for $269,900.

David J. Bolger sold 2773 Merwether Lane, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Brett and Felecia Wermuth for $352,000.

Richard C. and Deborah J. Ashman sold 2770 Merwether Lane, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Clarence Patton Hilliard for $375,000.

Mark and Kristina Barone sold 4312 Savoy St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Scott C. and Katherine T. Bischoff for $525,000.

Damon T. Dabney sold 1381 Thayer Hall Drive, West Point to Andrew R. and Leslie R. Norton for $261,500.

Lance and Jessica Liebhaber sold 1143 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Edward T. and Debra A. Crowe for $340,000.

Nathan K. and Emily J. Miller sold 1087 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Matthew B. and Kristy M. Orum for $383,000.

Ronald C. Schauman and Ronald C. Schauman Jr. sold 7623 Dorchester Road, Forest Hills to BJR Enterprises LLC for $457,000.

Michael Eric James sold 8734 Hayden Glenn Drive, The Quarter at Northwoods Pointe to Kraig E. Skarka for $150,000.

Lonn E. and Katherine M. Berney sold 2931 Atrium Villa Drive, Atrium Villas to Todd M. Abrams and Mary K. Kocher for $425,000.

3650 Cobia Court No.1 LLC sold 3650 Cobia Court to Peter A. Santos and Colleen P. McCullum for $685,000.

Geraldine W. Sands sold 768 Jackson St., Lincolnville to Joshua O’Dell for $156,000.

Maury D. and Tonya S. Williams sold 309 Savannah River Drive, Lakes of Summerville to James Percy for $185,000.

The Pines Building Group LLC sold 129 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to Arthur R. and Eloise M. Dunton for $256,359.

The Pines Building Group LLC sold 135 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to Martin B. and Lila N. Serkin for $278,000.

Max and Sidsel Berry sold 5311 Peerless Drive to Dale W. and Connie S. Stogsdill for $382,000.

New Cut Plantation LLC sold 1282 New Cut Road to Carolyn F.H. Snyder for $1.4 million.

Benjamin J. and Anna G. Taylor sold 1622 Nemours Drive, Isle De Nemour to Christopher R.N. Robinson for $290,000.

William N. Thrower Jr. and Price M. Thrower sold 32 Yeadon Ave., Byrnes Down to William P. McCormack and Andria M. Riani for $235,000.

Mary Ellen Brown sold 408 Millcreek Drive, Geddes Hall to Susan O. Upchurch for $180,000.

Carol Beckmann Johnson sold 340 Betsy Road, Harrison Acres to Anna White Delamar for $235,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 2938 Red Sky Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Amy L. and Eric C. Petersen-Brown for $256,340.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1594 Seabago Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Georg Schmelzer for $205,415.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 2945 Red Sky Drive, Bolton’s Landing to William H. and Mary A. Howerton for $233,327.

Centex Homes sold 1843 Heldsberg Drive, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Edward R. and Myles E. Standish for $171,990.

Centex Homes sold 2915 Rutherford Way, Creekside of Carolina Bay to James and Khara K. Bowlin for $319,711.

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Centex Homes sold 1564 Pixley St., Cypress of Carolina Bay to Ramona L. Comer and Dawn E. Joye for $251,190.

Philip Anthony Aluia and Maria Santoro and Liborio Leo Santoro sold 1525 Ashley Gardens Blvd., Hamilton Grove to Lloyd N. and Shelcie M. Greenawalt for $218,000.

Jason T. and Olivia M. Wilder sold 1673 Pierpont Ave. to Kathryn and Mitchell Kersting for $170,500.

Frederick E. Witt Jr. and Nancy D. Witt sold 2224 Mariners Ferry, Providence Commons to Peter W. Puckett for $230,000.

Seth W. Means sold 1865 Cornsilk Drive, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Daniel C. and Jessica M. Skipper for $199,000.

John P. and Mary M. Vonrosenberg sold 3275 Hunters Rest Drive, The Willows to Timothy A. and Marie C. Dube for $227,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 20-24.

James A. and Octavia W. Dingle sold 125 Sandshell Drive, Shell Ring at St. Thomas Island to Renee and Frank C. Jannuzzi for $300,000.

James Rogers and Emily James Thomas sold 376 Royal Assembly Drive, Beresford Hall to Donald L. Brown and Theresa K. Campbell for $946,250.

Matthew H. McCarthy sold 205 Hasell Court, Retreat at Beresford to Seth J. and Erin E. Kramschuster for $332,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1462 Wando Landing St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Brian A. and Barbara C. Surdyk for $582,000.

River Landing LLC sold Unit H210, 200 River Landing Drive to Robert H. and Lauren Campbell Jennings for $324,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2489 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Gary A. and Janet G. Masters for $652,565.

Mary Ann Ramsey sold 1882 Pierce St., Daniel Island Townhouses to Leslie C. Murchison for $270,000.

Shana and Mickey C. Walker sold 118 Bounty St. to Robert Brady and Cynthia C. Vannoy for $396,000.

Sabal Homes at Brickhope Greens LLC sold 211 Mazyck Greens Court, Brickhope Greens to William Andrew and Vanessa Lyles Brown for $196,145.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 507 Wodin Place, St. Thomas Park to John Douglas and Kendell Sutterlin for $336,000.

Gwendolyn H. Robbins and Edward A. Hucks sold 5817 Lakeview Drive, Lakeview to Gary K. Riffle for $150,000.

Michael J. Girardeau sold 403 Amhurst St., Carlton Place to Rya S. Lyons for $167,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. sold 3017 Crusades St., Hunters Bend to Daniel A. Clark for $164,000.

Christie N. and William E. Mehlinger sold 258 Killarney Trail, Foxbank Plantation to Samantha J. Steele for $168,000.

Larry and Sally Singer sold 561 Chaff Lane, Fishers Wood at Spring Grove to James E. and Toni S. Strange for $239,900.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 552 Chaff Lane, Fishers Wood at Spring Grove to Jessica Malcolm for $225,000.

First Barony LLC sold 172 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Whitney E. and Matthew B. Champion for $212,149.

Sabal Homes at Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 534 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Richard Michael Kollman for $179,220.

Catherine Lewis and Catherine Benett sold 349 Sanctuary Park Drive, Cane Bay to Mycra D. Pinckney for $238,500.

Centex Homes sold 129 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to James M. Olson and Toni A Davis for $177,665.

Centex Homes sold 231 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Michael L. and Baillie C. Bordner for $172,990.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 503 Sanders Farm Lane, Ryders Landing to Nancy and Edisen L. Souvoravong for $321,068.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 20-24.

Joel E. and Suzanne M. Lattimer sold 137 Towering Pine Drive, Summerhaven to James Harrison for $175,000.

Centex Homes sold 9704 Crofton Drive, McKewn Plantation to Saprina L. Hawkins for $197,840.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 227 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Isaac C. Jones for $214,547.

Chareen J. Forsberg sold 8554 Refuge Point Circle, Refuge at Whitehall to Christopher and Kenneth R. Moore for $334,000.

Donald J. and Connie Lou McNab sold 4209 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Antoine E. and Lauren A. Thibault for $389,800.

Bridlewood Farms LLC sold 3007 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Emily J. and William Styer for $180,525.

Bridlewood Farms LLC sold 3012 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to James S. and Anna E. Vinson for $187,400.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 285 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jennifer M. Keevern for $281,741.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 240 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Patrick N. and Molly M. Holland for $294,420.

Jacob Robert and Lee Borrett sold 8968 North Red Maple Circle, Wescott Plantation to Grant A. Morgan for $204,000.

Joseph D. and Sara M. Peters sold 134 Roadster Row, Reminisce to Kent Hartshorn for $197,000.

Matthew Kowalczyk sold 101 Anhinga Court, Arbor Walk to Robert Gawne and Teena Greenberg for $211,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 134 Musket Loop, The Ponds to Wayne Allen and Glenda L. Jefferson for $322,295.

William E. and Patricia A. Carr sold 410 Red Fox Run, Quail Arbor to Joshua T. and Marika Richardson for $150,000.

Thomas and Juliana Damore sold 209 Garden Grove Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Stephen H. and Linda G. Hastings for $150,000.

Sylvene P. O’Neal and William A. Riggot sold 117 Four Iron Drive, Corey Woods to Miriam Pinckney for $157,000.

Donald L. Frier Jr. and Melanie S. Frier sold 424 Twin Lakes Drive, Twin Lakes to Frederick Michael Smith for $222,199.

Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC sold 1003 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Darren W. and Lori J. Cook for $270,000.

Richard A. and Patricia Falconer sold 206 Garden Grove Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Elizabeth Aiken Abbott for $158,000.

Stephen Lee and Belinda Marie Beardsley sold 125 Amen Coner, Linkside Village to Dorothy Baker Higuchi for $275,000.

Tamelia L. Mitchum sold 151 Claussen St. to Ricky L. and Kimberly M. Williams for $235,000.

Timothy J. and Carol K. Holland sold 107 Bald Cypress Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Robyn and Michael Karstrom for $285,000.

Wendell P. and Kimberley K. Harden sold 9329 South Moreto Circle, Ashley Ridge to Nicholas A. Brooks for $245,000.