The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 25-29.

Edward G. Johnson III sold 9 Bedons Alley to Scott W. and Lori L. Jenkins for $1.6 million.

Susan E. Heape sold 25 Longitude Lane to Mayme Baker Properties LLC for $680,000.

Charles Towne Holdings LLC sold Apt. A, 121 Spring St., 121 Spring Street HPR to One Twenty One LLC for $655,000.

Robert Malanuk sold 202 Ocean Blvd. to Kswool LLC for $3,.8 million.

Richard H. and Susan Billings sold 31 Seagrass Lane, Wild Dunes to Ellen H. and Robert K. Smith for $1.4 million.

John P. and Linda O’Hare sold Apt. 116, 9002 Palmetto Drive, Seascape Villas to Lcm Holdings LLC for $550,000.

Allan and Paulette Getz sold Apt. 14, 150 Wappoo Creek Drive, The Moorings HPR to Chaw LLC for $525,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA sold 747 Tennent St., Clear View to Michael D. Palumbo for $268,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 758 Goodlet Circle, Stonebridge at Seaside Plantation to Maurya F. and Dean V. Errigo for $325,711.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 632 Goodlet Circle, Stonebridge at Seaside Plantation to Sammy C. and Courtney M. Stevens for $335,961.

Byron P. Couturier sold 2151 Parkway Drive, Wappoo Hall to Alphonso Arno Haupt III and Kelly Aileen Killeen for $360,000.

Hollis C. Beacham sold 813 Harbor Place Drive, Harbor Place Villas to Jarret C. and Rose A. Forino for $253,000.

Caroline Y. Bailey sold 816 Whispering Marsh Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to John D. and Alexandra L. Harrell for $620,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3277 Hartwell St., Maybank Village to Craig and Valerie Ross for $260,360.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3241 Hartwell St., Maybank Village to Ashley Burke for $279,165.

Michael M. and Leah H. Davis sold 1698 Bee Balm Road, St. John’s Crossing to James F. Ricciardone for $259,900.

Robert C. Wolcott and Mary Kay Woods sold 155 Governors Drive, Marsh Island Woods to Christie Campbell for $230,000.

Claire Frances Brown sold 83 Bittern Court, Middlewoods West to Charles E. Hull II and Jennifer R. Hull for $806,850.

Peter and Jeannette R. Postma sold 4265 Mariners Watch Drive, Mariners Watch Villas to James E. and Kimberly M. Miles for $280,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3724 Abercrombie Court, Carolina Park to Anthony Michael Isaac and Natasha Thaisa Weathers for $498,104.

Suzanne Hardenberg Malindzak sold 955 Cottingham Drive, Cooper Estates to Kinder Louise Burgess for $216,000.

Sorin M. and Julie E. Florea sold 1410 Topaz Drive, Crowne Pointe to Virginia P. Wilson for $334,000.

Wanda Lundy Taylor sold 1344 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont Terrace to Jason and Stephanie Boals for $325,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 604 Ellingson Parkway, Moultrie Park to Cynthia A. Katz for $394,216.

Charles and Carol Reiling sold 532 Oak Park Drive, Oak Park to Spencer H. and Kathy Mikkelsen for $340,000.

Cheryll Woods-Flowers sold 1453 Seminole St., Osceola Heights to RDI LLC for $317,000.

Richard F. and Valerie O. Sawin sold 760 Lakenheath Drive, Point Pleasant to Marion D. and Sally D. Myers for $740,000.

Michael P. and Jennifer M. Barnhouse sold 2266 North Marsh Drive, Rivertowne to James G. Pearl for $437,728.

Pulte Home Corporation sold 1448 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Nabeel S. Koro for $758,210.

Peter A. and Arlyn J. Stoy sold 1955 Enclave Drive, The Enclave of Longpoint to Brian C. and Melissa E. Newman for $464,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 1412 Trip Line Drive, The Harbor to Jarret and Mary Todd for $515,403.

Billy A. and Miriam F. Coleman sold 2732 Gatson Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Benjamin W. and Lauren G. Anderson for $540,000.

Ronald and Dora Finamore sold 1044 Zinser Lane, Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Hailey Nievergelt for $227,000.

Joyce C. Harris sold Apt 402 B, 363 Spoonbill Lane, Sandpiper Pointe HPR to L. Banks Wannamaker III for $246,000.

Maria K. Davis sold Apt 404 C, 352 Sandpiper Drive, Sandpiper Pointe HPR to Louise Bailey for $209,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 2669 Hanford Mills Lane, The Elms to John and Susan E. Krom for $219,360.

Centex Homes sold 1966 Gammon St., Carolina Bay to John T. and Patricia Doscher for $354,450.

George S. Ferguson sold 241 Harlech Way, Dunwoody at Shadowmoss Plantation to Robert K. and Mary F. Curtis for $309,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 224 Gazania Way, Grand Oaks to Patrick B. and Laurie A. McNulty for $405,757.

Stuart A. and Katherine F. Robertson sold 503 Blue Dragonfly Drive, Hamilton Grove to Claire P. Christensen and Aicko Y. Schumann for $272,000.

James R. and Renee S. Frisch sold 1005 St. Andrews Blvd., Maryville to Savannah Office LLC for $550,000.

William F. Hagan Jr. and Peggy S. Hagan sold 1321 Pembrooke Drive, Parkwood Heights to Rutledge R. Webb Jr. and Kelly K. Webb for $425,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 18-22.

Harry C. and Judy A. Strock sold 409 Lake Moultrie Drive, Lake Moultrie Shores to Vincent Ahern for $270,000.

Centex Homes sold 1077 Bennington Drive, Cain Crossing to Jennifer L. Harper for $202,540.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 422 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Andrew A. and Cindy D. Hanulcik for $345,945.

Jeffery Doyle Allen sold 1046 Bennington Drive, Cain Crossing to Jonathan Paul Berns for $205,000.

CF Associates LLC sold 306 Indigo Planters Lane, Nelliefield Plantation to Natalie C. and Christopher W. Hauff for $246,333.

Scott and Amy Davis sold 274 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to Danny W. and Misty J. Green for $292,000.

Timothy W. Maneval and Lisa M. Roper sold 267 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to Matthew G. and Kaili G. Sasiene for $300,000.

Kenneth D. and Eunice R. Sherrill sold 1323 Elfe St., Daniel Island to Millard A. Nance for $540,000.

Millard A. Nance sold Unit 201D, 200 River Landing Drive, River Landing Drive HPR to Billy A. and Miriam F. Coleman for $390,000.

Ganesh K. Shanmugam sold Unit 905, 1225 Blakeway St., Parkside HPR to Francis Anthony and Debra L. Stefanelli for $228,000.

Ryland Hilliard and Lisa C. Shaw sold 7836 Farr St., Daniel Island to Scott C. and Fawn Farner for $675,695.

Christopher Scott and Melinda Mooney Wilson sold 109 Old Jackson Road, Fosters Creek to Patrick and Emily Sue Morrissey for $233,000.

Jason L. and Wendy L. Brown sold 132 Queensbury Circle, Crowfield to Angela and Michael Beard for $310,000.

Brock Built Homes of SC LLC sold 239 Loocock Drive, Royal Oaks at Montague Plantation to Emil Viktor Viktor for $236,475.

Telford Ernesto and Maria Estrada Wood sold 187 Mayfield Drive, Liberty Village to Justin Bussard for $235,000.

Dante R. and Dante Cerni sold 1003 Dominion Drive, Dominion Hills to Cerni Jesse and Jeb Geesey for $259,900.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1325 Raven Road, Eagle Landing to Rhonda R. Kilgore for $345,470.

Robert E. Rainear sold 42 South Basilica Ave., Otranto to Eric M. Toney for $296,000.

Timothy J. and Kacey C. McCarthy sold 1409 Gemstone Blvd., Tanner Plantation to Keith R. Ovadenko and Emily J. Magart for $285,000.

Victoria C. Howle and Victoria Howle Moore sold 1129 Lands End Drive, Tanner Plantation to Leonard R. Rippey for $458,000.

John and Anne-Marie Maclean sold 1103 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to Jon R. and Robi L. Conway for $224,900.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1096 Friartuck Trail, Hunters Bend to Richard and Heather Lee Olmstead for $222,716.

Allan B. Villareal sold 1072 Moss Grove Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Kevin Monroe Shaw and Emily Michelle Sweich for $212,000.

Beth K. and Joseph E. Miano sold 1811 Teal Road, Pimlico to Carl Richard Potts for $260,000.

Bryan William Osborne sold 202 Black Gum Circle, Cypress Ridge to Mary and Stephen Collins for $239,000.

Charles Benjamin Brown sold 1306 Old Fort Road, Fairlawn Barony to Matthew T. and Heidi L. Burton for $201,082.

Htein A. and Cassandra R. Lin sold 305 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Samuel E. and Diana V. Conlee for $230,000.

Johnnie W. and Patricia E. Baxley sold 1817 Fishing Lane, Pimlico to Claudia M. and Michael R. Fender for $428,750.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 1180 Moss Grove Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Michael G. and Darlene Lavern Pakla for $295,990.

Michael and Mary Collette sold 1012 Waterside Blvd., Pimlico to Michael Sean and Meredith L. Clever for $345,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 338 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Robert Sweeney for $202,726.

Weekly Homes LLC sold 591 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Matthew P. and Lauren Leedy for $230,539.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 287 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Matthew Lynn and Denise Ann Buckner for $260,900.

James H. and Patricia A. Hisman sold 102 Schooner Bend Ave., Cane Bay to Dennis and Irene P. Fortunato for $265,000.

Josef J. and Jeanne Decker sold 336 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay to Francis A. and Mary E. Clements for $300,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 324 Beautyberry Road, Cane Bay to Jarrad Gregory and Brittany Bailey Stephens for $206,040.

Centex Homes sold 527 Stafford Springs Court, Cane Bay to Bryan J. and Kayla M. Paquin for $225,040.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 18-22.

Jeana N. and Zachary M. Burke sold 9700 Tackle St., McKew Plantation to John R. and Michelle Nichols for $209,000.

Ronald M. and Peggy Sowers sold 8623 Kennestone Lane, Whitehall to Dwayne A. and Stephanie N. Martin for $250,750.

Michael D. and Lisa B. Sarvay sold 8763 Evangeline Drive, Cedar Grove to Ryan A. and Jamie Dee Peterson for $317,500.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 5533 Sage Borough Drive, Cedar Grove to Clayton J. Jones for $396,454.

Richard J. and Marilyn J. Cromwell sold 2069 Briar Bend Road, Winterseat to John and Lisa Reichert for $345,000.

Virgie L. Horne sold 89 King Charles Circle, Newington Plantation to John B. and Victoria L. Hammond for $271,000.

April C. Powers sold 9627 South Liberty Meadows Drive, Wescott Plantation to Kuen G. Hsu for $272,000.

Lawrence Kenenth Savidge Sr sold 406 Town Woods Trace, Blackberry Creek to Jason B. and Khandice Juell for $273,000.

David E. Johnson sold 5105 Morrow Lane, Wodlands at Wescott to Julius J. and Kendra L. Nesbitt for $205,000.

David P. Bartos and Heather A. Robertson sold 4802 West Red Maple Circle, Farm at Wescott to Hebert Manuel Garcia Rueda and Erika Garcia for $216,000.

Tammy B. Mickalis sold 121 High Meadow Farms Road, High Meadow Farms to Paul C. and Mary L. Zorich for $324,000.

John Francis Bryant sold 8125 Delemar Highway, Delemar to David and Alison Partridge for $200,000.

Terry W. Ewing sold 134 Balsam Circle, Madison Ridge to Robert M. and Jessica F. Bate for $200,000.

Michael Mccrum sold 217 Nantucket Drive, Ashborough West to Robert T. and Kristine D. Bryan for $236,300.