The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 6-10.

Blissco Partnership sold Unit 1, 48 King St. to Leslie M.G. Gambee for $877,500.

Leslie A. and Thomas L. Stewart sold Unit 6 C, 204 Sans Souci St. to Steven Michael Eames for $160,000.

Caroline S. Kinney sold Unit D, 114 Beaufain St. to Jenna L. Todd for $390,000.

Kimberley Fatata-Hall sold 330 Concord St. to Ann Addlestone Apple for $582,000.

EcoVest Development LLC sold 19 Engel St. to Julie L. and Gary Moore for $267,500.

Susan P. Parsell sold 27 Lamboll St. to April L. Metz for $3.2 million.

Mary Elizabeth Michaelis Macpherson sold 68 Alberta Ave. to Michael A. Massey for $524,000.

John B. and Douglas F. Farrow sold 179 Rutledge Ave. to Ashley Hall Foundation for $2 million.

St. Angela LLC sold 176 Sans Souci St. to Jared Kuka for $400,000.

Dennis N. and Diana P. Ryan sold 61 South Battery St. to Josephine B. Anderson for $840,000.

Curtis Brown sold 62 Spring St. to Rrray LLC for $320,000.

Warren G. Paul sold 28 Wentworth St. to William A. Sport for $982,000.

Owen C. and Ellen Wilfong-Grush sold 8627 Middleton Point Lane, Middleton Plantation to James W. Leinart Jr. and Jan W. Leinart for $325,000.

Nicholas K. and Nell M. Treseder sold 4585 Hagan Road, St. Pauls to Diana L. Reed and Mary E. Adkins for $500,000.

Rebecca H. Kerr sold Unit B 212, 1984 Folly Road, Pelican Pointe to James A. and Teresa Geddie for $154,000.

Mary and Robert McCarthy sold 1460 Kemper Ave., Bay Front to Antonia M. Krenza for $175,500.

Francis W. and Catherine P. Foote sold 524 Parrot Point Drive, Belle Terre to Karen S. Windsor for $250,000.

Tom E. Lucas III sold 38 Crosscreek Drive, Crosscreek to Cathryn Zommer for $239,000.

Ray and Antonio Leone sold 1115 Arthur Drive, Lawton Bluff to Anthony H. and Robin A. Bokern for $205,000.

Jennifer R. Page sold 2165 Stonewood Drive, Riverland Golfview to James W. and Lenore R. Bregman for $193,500.

Richard W. and Meghan S. Christensen sold 836 Stiles Drive, Stiles Point to Michael A. and Victoria Novak for $184,500.

Gary E. and Susan H. Cohen sold 868 Kushiwah Creek Drive, Stiles Point Plantation Harbor to Christopher R. and Leah-Nicole D. Wahl for $470,000.

Alpha L. McCracken sold 1953 Suzanne St., Cedar Spring to Richard G. and Shandy B. Watson for $210,700.

Jerome and Nathalie Parchois Woodward sold 6134 Rio Vista Lane, Church Place to Louis J. and Elizabeth A. Guillette for $600,000.

Richard E. and Darlene K. Murphy sold 3408 Cottage Plantation Road, Cottage Plantation to Calista H. Woodbridge for $375,000.

Kenneth M. and Jane Padgett sold 4582 Park Lake Drive, Parkside Villas to Timothy A. and Laura A. Palenkas for $440,000.

Madonna A. Williams sold 4469 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Melford W. Walker Jr. and Emilie V.S. Walker for $292,000.

Caroline Seibert Goray and Teresa Seibert Sullivan sold 4671 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to William and Marian Hammer for $325,000.

Rayner England and Cathy G. Kinsler sold 120 Bufflehead Drive, Egret Pintail to William R. Murray Jr. and Linda J. Murray for $1.4 million.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3843 Annapolis Way, Wellborn Village to Amy E. Lewis for $169,635.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3859 Annapolis Way, Wellborn Village to Steven L. Hall for $187,318.

Tracey L. Baker sold 125 McGrady Drive, Summerpark to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $160,000.

Patrick M. Smith sold 9739 Two Pines Road, Tibwin Farms to Stephen H. and Marteen P. Deierlein for $445,000.

Milton Sklut sold 132 Cooper River Drive, Tides to Gerald D. Schott and Parish A. McKinney for $799,000.

L.K. and Betty H. Dwiggins sold Unit G, 1051 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Indigo to Robert M. and Barbara F. Williams for $232,500.

Charles M. and Zann H. Goss sold 2796 Latrobe Court, Carolina Isle to Sharon O. and Ronald W. Hoffman for $382,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1477 Croaton Crossing, Carolina Park to David P. Wright for $407,500.

Fred T. and Diana Himes sold 1072 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park at Park West to Philip J. and Erin B. Hamilton for $305,000.

Wayne L. Loveless III and Courtney A. Loveless sold 2859 Curran Place, Cotton Creek at Planter’s Pointe to Brenda Orlacchio for $222,000.

Andrew John Giannelli III sold 1417 Dataw Court, Eastwood Townhomes to Craig S. and Katherine L. Dupra for $150,000.

Payne Henderson Barnette Jr. and Erica Anne Arbogast sold 935 Royall Ave. to House LLC for $1.9 million.

Mayhouse Development LLC sold 182 North Shelmore Blvd., I’On to Kenneth C. and Laura S. Marcoon for $250,000.

Daniel E. Sumner and Amy M. Segall sold 3138 Morningdale Drive, Ivy Hall to Jeffrey Christian Zich for $228,500.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3600 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Scott J. and Daphne H. Miller for $288,210.

V. Gladys Haas sold 1208 Merganser Court, Mallard Lakes to Jennifer and John Swegle for $215,000.

Faye Catherine Langley sold 1309 Bellview Drive, Moultrie Heights to Andrew M. and Mary I. Armstrong for $280,000.

IO LLC sold 2713 North Highway 17 to Mt. Pleasant North LLC for $500,000.

Alyssa A. Rheingold and Benjamin Jones sold 1444 Oaklanding Road, Oakhaven Plantation to James D. Lucas III and Cordes Lucas for $305,000.

James A. and Katherine Boyet sold 1358 Sassafras Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Stefan and Silviya Georgieva for $235,000.

Jaemyung Kim sold 1801 Palmetto Isle Drive, Palmetto Isle at Rivertowne Country Club to James D. and Sandi S. Sherlin for $318,000.

TA Home Builders LLC sold 1633 Ware Bottom Lane, Pinckney Place to Samuel R. and Leigh A. Pearce for $428,500.

Dominik and Erika Sachsenheimer sold 230 Historic Drive, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Bryan J. and Miranda L. Buzon for $335,000.

Paula Boyer Rougny sold 336 Rice Bay Drive, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Michael D. and Andrea A. Sanders for $246,000.

Andreas and Christina Schulz sold 2227 Sandy Point Lane, Rivertowne to Jennifer Wakser for $435,000.

Tara Holdings LLC sold 837 Marsh Grove Ave., Saltgrass Pointe to Christopher A. and Jennifer T. Johner for $352,500.

Ami Wood sold 924 McIver St., Saltgrass Pointe to K C Wood Custom Homes LLC for $150,000.

Roy D. and Elena Miles sold 1956 North Smokerise Way, Smokerise to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $295,000.

James M. and Angela F. Buchen sold 2070 South Smokerise Way, Smokerise at Planter’s Pointe to Keith D. and Tracie L. Wilson for $332,000.

Thomas H. and Jeanne M. Harrington sold 1280 Horseshoe Bend, Sweetgrass to Casey L. and Jana D. Welch for $273,900.

John Suhoza Jr. and Patricia L. Suhoza sold 1926 Enclave Drive, The Enclave at Longpoint to Stephen T. and Lily C. Spencer for $401,000.

John and Kathleen M. Harleston sold 909 Tall Pine Road, The Groves to Benchmark Real Estate LLC for $395,000.

REO Solutions LLC sold 950 Lakeview Drive, The Groves to Michael T. and Elizabeth A. Barber for $351,076.

Drew and Drew Properties LLC sold 4883 Sound View Drive, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Danielle and Dayel Ostraco for $285,000.

Donald C. and Jean R. Prevatte sold 1336 Osmond Road, Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Daniel E. Sumner and Amy Segall for $470,000.

Grant and Latisha Hudson sold 2788 Sha- dow Lane, Deer Park to Byron L. White for $188,000.

Charleston Landmark Builders sold 5320 East Dolphin St., Oak Terrace Preserve to Robert N. and Amanda M. Baker for $220,603.

Thomas D. and Mary E. Dolan sold 4669 Apple St., Wando Woods to Daniel E. McDowell for $825,000.

Virginia Lee Callaway and David Lowrey Holt sold 2631 Seabrook Island Road to Patricia Meiburg for $380,000.

Grand Palm Development LLC sold 419 Grand Palm Lane, Palmetto Place Town Homes to Terryl Culbertson for $155,000.

Elliott Wells sold 2003 Culver Ave., Air Harbor to Roderick H. Weaver and Shelly B. Muzika for $185,500.

John D. and Amanda D. Turner sold 2868 Moss Oak Lane, Canterbury Woods to Amy J. Lucas and Joseph H. Hodish Jr. for $176,000.

Andrew F. and Kimberly C. MacDonald sold 4 Wedgepark Road, Carolina Terrace to Andrew C. Hagood for $280,000.

C.J. and Donna M. Poulnot sold 1310 N. Edgewater Drive, Edgewater Park to Candy Strobel for $366,050.

Matthew B. and Elizabeth A. Crumpler sold 43 Boardman Road, Grove Creek Village to Kimberly P. Garee for $248,000.

Oswaldo Hurtado sold 1415 Teaberry Path, Hunt Club to Christopher L. and Ellen M. Cain for $435,000.

Lena A. Williams sold 1776 Balfoure Drive, Huntington Woods to Justin A. Linnemann and Delia J. Short for $180,000.

Donald Grier sold 4 Latham Circle to Melissa G. and Radoslaw M. Dudek for $245,500.

Peter S. Neumayer sold 1396 Pooshee Drive, Lenevar to Brandon L. and Elizabeth R. Gaymon for $165,000.

Michael E. Blankenship sold 1416 Tara Road, Lenevar to Stephen B. Roland and Lauren A. Peterka for $220,000.

Carl T. and Pamela T. Munyon sold 397 Shadowmoss Parkway, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to George I. and Eliana Ibanez-Burnham for $470,000.

Danielle L. Thompson sold 724 N. Godfrey Park Place, Moreland to Fred G. Rew for $525,000.

Thomas A. and Christine B. Jerse sold 3 Tudor Place, Parkshore to Debra Luhn for $277,000.

Matthew J. Sellers II sold 1671 Pierpont Ave. to Amanda M. Sisson for $181,000.

Centex Homes sold 1720 Indaba Way, Rice Field at Carolina Bay to Dale V. and Karen D. Norman for $249,963.

Centex Homes sold 1704 Indaba Way, Rice Field at Carolina Bay to Daniel K. Tollens for $250,715.

Erica Pelchy sold 175 Briarwood Drive, Shadowmoss Plantation to Kathryn and Brendan Quinn for $155,000.

Johnna Kelly Rhodes sold 26 Still Shadow Drive, Shadowmoss Plantation to Michael E. and Courtney Coffey for $268,000.

Patricia M. Gould sold 3548 Springmire Court, The Willows at Village Green to Brandt A. and Ruth Ann Sword for $230,000.

D2 Properties LLC sold 518 Canterbury Road, West Parkwood to M. McRae Luten and David B. Yarborough for $335,000.

Old White Partners sold 14 Beverly Road, Windermere to Shirley S. Shaw for $520,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between April 29-May 3.

Daniel Island Associates LLC sold 121 River Green Place, Ralston Creek to Edward F. Marinaro for $320,000.

Weekley Homes LP sold 128 River Green Place, Ralston Creek to Yenney E. and Courtney Jo Meza for $790,000.

Weekley Homes LP sold 2506 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Joanne and David Kevin Tarr for $409,022.

Weekley Homes LP sold 2533 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Robert E. and Sheryl W. Scholer for $474,901.

Cherise Vaughn sold 105 Durrell Court, Crowfield to Colene L. Watkins for $205,000.

Clayton A. Smith sold 100 North Pembroke Drive, Crowfield to Will E. Furlong for $170,000.

Danette L. and Michael T. Guertin sold 105 Danae Court, Hamlets to Ruth L. and Jay M. Mott for $375,000.

Carol Ross LLC sold 131 Mayfield Drive, Liberty Village to Elliott J. and Michelle T. James for $190,500.

Tosha and Justin Sweat sold 100 Brick Greens Road, Brickhope Greens to Justin D. Foil for $215,000.

Adelia Wood sold 7243 Sweet Grass Blvd., Tanner Plantation to Christopher Lee Massey for $175,000.

David L. and Donna J. Lloyd sold 7552 Hawks Circle, Tanner Plantation to Amber D. and Maksym Sidak for $257,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 8011 Seastar Lane, Tanner Plantation to Jeffery Steven and Heather Nicholl Arthur for $264,962.

Sabal Homes at Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 530 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to John Elliot and Brittany N. Engberg for $199,580.

Sabal Homes at Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 224 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank Plantation to Johnnell Cancer for $249,200.

Centex Homes sold 127 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to Katherine E. White for $184,940.

Centex Homes sold 227 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Kathleen M. and Jason L. Roberts for $231,240.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 318 Spyglass Drive, Cane Bay to Terry L. and Carol E. Conder for $327,640.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between April 29-May 3.

Matthew J. and Winter Todd Risha sold 806 Lecture Drive, Eagle Run to Darin A. and Colleen R. Beam for $181,000.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 259 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Sandra E. Hendricks for $192,138.

Amina Khalid sold 158 Knightsbridge Drive, Archdale to Michael R. Ward and Stevie E. Arrand for $154,000.

Angela M. Portale Raney sold 8510 Stonebridge Drive, Whitehall to David Barrett McKinney for $178,000.

Anthony C. and Melinda L. Gay sold 8308 Tyrian Path, Indigo Fields to Alan P. and Eva F. Deyoe for $252,000.

Darlene J. Royer sold Unit 2402, 8800 Dorchester Road, Villas at Charleston Park to Deborah D. Moore for $162,500.

Heather M. and Ryan K. Byrd sold 5508 Elliott Glen Court, Indigo Fields to Arsone S. Gary for $178,520.

Patricia T. Hammack sold 8306 Longridge Road, Appian Landing to Larry D. and Eleanor M. Butler for $189,900.

Paul Pete and Donna Marie Anselmo sold 3794 Scotts Mill Drive, Ricefield Plantation to Myra and Scott Morgan for $170,000.

Sheldon A. and Aubre G. Deehr sold 5405 Roxbury Drive, Brookshire to Brian Barber and Gayle Muldrow for $166,500.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 5414 Overland Trail, Taylor Plantation to Ghassan M. and Rahat Ghassan Khan for $284,350.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 8756 Alexandria Drive, Cedar Grove to Sean J. and Latoya L. Gardner for $337,102.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 609 Cane Mill Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to John Benjamin and Lisa M. Walden for $318,594.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 228 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Sean M. Grady for $298,746.

Dorothy M. Gasque sold 200 Hampton Drive, Ashborough West to Gerald B. and Susanne Robins for $260,000.

Isaac and Christina Perkins sold 5087 Timicuan Way, Shinnecock Hills Village to Gaurav Malhotra for $208,000.

John P. and John Patrick Sheen sold 133 Oakbluff Road, Bridges of Summerville to Erik C. and Carla P. Lawther for $276,000.

John T. Smith sold 5220 Carlisle Court, Woodlands at Wescott to Christopher J. Godin and Nicole L. Naya for $190,000.

Lillian P. Tanner sold 604 Fairington Drive, Kings Grant to Brian J. and Andreanna C. Tuten for $206,541.

Mary Hagan Wood sold 309 Stratford Drive, Kings Grant to Jerry R. and Julie M. Scott for $164,000.

Michael A. and Linda C. Vonderleith sold 112 Carolinian Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Charles M. White and Beverly A. Rogers White for $200,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 188 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Pete A. White for $309,706.

Donald M. Couto sold 850 East Butternut Road to Amy L. and Jason Davis for $200,000.

Lynda C. Pages sold 151 Brandywine Drive, Ashborough East to Ashton R. and Taylor A. Lethco for $245,000.

BFH Builders LLC sold 98 Sugarplum Drive to Brian A. Lapiene for $239,900.

Arvida Mid-Atlantic Homes sold 112 Carriage Ride Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Engele R. and Clay R. Cockcroft for $198,000.

Redus SC Coastal LLC sold 206 Amaryllis Ave., White Gables to Jennifer Benford for $229,563.

MLJ LLC sold 1027 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Nathan W. and Christine N. Horrocks for $202,490.

Nicholas A. and Emily A. Lee sold 9624 South Liberty Meadows Drive, Sandpines at Wescott Plantation to Kaylin and James Horvath for $274,500.

Sara F. and Daniel L. Williams sold 581 Barfield Drive, Walnut Farms to Alan W. and Pamela B. Wilson for $324,525.

Steven R. and Tiffany L. Richter sold 5266 Mulholland Drive, Birkdale Village at Wescott to Brittany Morgan and Kyle James Lancaster for $203,800.

Thomas C. and Tamara C. Adams sold 530 Summerset Lane, Summerset Acres to Jeremy J. Wilson for $303,500.

Timothy and Donna Goss sold 9237 Markleys Grove Blvd., Wescott Plantation to Dwayne and May Rainey for $205,000.

Tom Mai sold 136 Summer Ridge Drive, Summer Ridge to Linh Mai for $170,000.

Walter M. and Charles E. Bailey sold 102 Spring Road to Adam L. and Lauren A. Canfield for $175,000.