Colliers Keenan of Charleston is following directives from its national affiliate by dropping its parent company's regional identifier and replacing it with a dash of globalism.

The commercial real estate firm is now simply called Colliers International.

Peter Fennelly, a Colliers vice president in the company's downtown office, said the only real changes involve the stationery, business cards and real estate signs.

"Everything is the same, but on a global scale (we decided) to move to a unified platform," he said. "As we work with larger and larger multinationals, it's important to have the same brand and same name."

Fennelly added that under the previous name it could get "kind of confusing on a regional basis."

The firm's defunct Keenan reference stemmed from the Walter A. Keenan Co., a real estate development firm that set up shop in the Midlands in 1906.

The former Colliers Keenan, which has about 15 employees at its Meeting Street office, is based in Columbia and operates a third location in Greenville.

The larger Colliers International network comprises 480 offices in 61 countries.

Green shoot

The shelves at AM Conservation Group Inc. 's Berkeley County warehouse are overcrowded with environmentally friendly products, prompting an expansion by the company.

After moving from New Jersey to a 27,000-square-foot industrial building in Charleston Regional Business Center five years ago, company officials plan to break ground in a few months on an expansion that will add about 15,000 square feet.

President Paul Cutler said that despite tough economic times, his company's key clients -- power providers, water companies and construction groups -- have continued to buy so-called green products thanks to conservation policies being pushed by the federal government.

"Obviously today there's a lot of demand for products that save energy and water," said Cutler, who estimated that sales have quadrupled since it moved to Charleston from the Garden State.

He also tied the growth to the recent introduction of three new products that he's pitching to major retailers.