Product recalls

An IKEA children's wall-mounted lamp that's being recalled because children can get entangled in the electrical cord.

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About 30.2 million IKEA children's wall-mounted lamps sold in various style names from May 1984 to April 2014. The lamps have a cord, about 7 to 8 feet long, with either a switch on the cord or on the lamp. Several lamp styles are included in the recall. Children can get entangled in the electrical cord that hangs from the wall-mounted lamps, posing a strangulation hazard.

A 15-month-old baby became entangled in one lamp's cord and nearly strangled. This and the death of a 16-month-old baby who died after getting entangled in the cord, were reported in a previous recall. In both cases, which occurred in Europe, the cord was pulled into the crib by the infants.

This recall includes IKEA children's lamps in a previous recall in December 2013 and expands the types of lamps.

Details: 888-966-4532; online at

Mercedes-Benz is recalling 253,000 C-Class cars in the U.S. because the rear lights can fail. The recall affects some C300, C350 and C63 AMG cars from the 2008-11 model years.

Corrosion on a connector can cause the tail, brake or rear turn signal lights to dim or fail. If the problem occurs, drivers will see a dashboard warning message.

Dealers will replace bulb holders and rusted connectors free.

Almost 100,000 mobile phone chargers made by DGL are being recalled after complaints of melted parts, smoking, leaking batteries and fire. They are known as Vibe USB Mobile Power Bar. The rectangular chargers were sold in several colors. "Power Bank" is written on one side.

There have been six reports of incidents. Owners should stop using them and return them. Details: 888-456-4251;

Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 crossbows. Matrix 405 is printed on a label on the side. The crossbow was sold in a camouflage pattern. It's about 36 inches long and was sold Feb.-March 2014.

The crossbow can fire an arrow without the trigger being pulled, posing a hazard. Details: 800-463-1817;

Glass fish bowls (1.75 gallons) sold at PetSmart stores from February-Sept. 2013. They were sold under the Great Choice or Top Fin brand names with SKU number 5140161 and UPC code 737257187092. The bowls can crack or break in normal handling. Details: 888-839-9638;