Product recalls

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Product recalls

Samsonite has recalled travel converter kits.

Product recalls or recall notices announced recently. Details are available in most cases at and other websites or telephone numbers listed.

About 22,700 One Handed Jar Lifters imported by Progressive International Corp. They are designed for lifting canning jars out of boiling water. They are red with white handles and are made of plastic and metal with a nylon coating. They were sold February 2012-October 2012.

The lifter handle can detach over time due to a missing stainless-steel core in the hinge. This can cause the tongs to fail to grip and allow a jar being lifted to fall, posing a laceration hazard to the user. No incidents have been reported.

Details: by phone at 800-426-7101; by email at jarlifter@; or online at

About 940 BlueStar gas wall ovens in three models made prior to Nov. 23, 2012. Oven sizes include 24-, 30- and 36-inch-wide units. Each of the three sizes was available for use with natural gas or liquid propane.

The propane version is designated by the letter “L” at the end of the model number. Model numbers and date codes are located on the rating plate inside the control panel. They include the 24-inch oven with model numbers BW024AGS and BW024AGSL, and the 30-inch model with numbers BW030AGS and BW030AGSL, and the 36-inch oven with model numbers BW036AGS and BW036AGSL.

Some of the ovens have been improperly installed and/or have damaged gas connectors, posing a fire hazard. There has been one report of a fire, resulting in property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Details: 800-449-8691 or www.

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About 950 Club Car 2013 Precedent i2 and Signature golf cars. The gas-powered golf and transport vehicles come in five models and colors and can be identified by model and serial number, which can be found on a plate above and to the right of the accelerator pedal. They were sold in October 2012 and include Preci2 Signature 4Pass Gas model number PW and serial number 1307-346775; Preci2 Signature Gas model number PY with serial numbers from 1307-346310 to 1307-346312; Precedent i2 4Pass Gas model number PF with serial numbers 1307-345436 to 1311-352118; Precedent i2 Gas model number PR with serial numbers 1306-344140 to 1311-352109; and Precedent i2L Gas model number CF with serial numbers 1307-345914 to 1310-349283.

The fuel hose could separate from the fuel tank. There have been three reports of a fuel hose separating from the tank, but no injuries reported.

Details: 800-227-0739, ext. 3831, or online at www.clubcar. com.

About 20,000 Samsonite dual-wattage travel converter kits used to make standard U.S. appliances usable abroad. The kit includes one black converter to change 220-volt AC electricity to 110-volt AC, two adapter plugs with round prongs, two with flat prongs and one grounded adapter plug with three flat prongs.

The converter has a red switch to adjust the wattage of the appliance from 50 to 1600 watts. The words “Dual-Wattage Converter” and “Do Not Use 50W on Hair Dryer” appear on the front of the converter. The Samsonite logo is on each piece in the set. They were sold January 2011 through Dec. 2012.

The converter can overheat if a load in excess of 50 watts is applied to the converter while in the 50-watt setting. This poses a fire and burn hazard to consumers. No incidents have been reported.

Details: 800-382-7259; recall@ or www.

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