New ice cream shop lets customers vote with taste buds before presidential primaries

The salted caramel apple ice cream sandwich is one of the offerings at the new Peace Pie ice cream sandwich shop in downtown Charleston. It’s made with cinnamon shortbread cookies, vanilla ice cream, apple pie filling and salted caramel.

Would you like the “Chillary” or the “Trump” or some other candidate-named treat?

A new specialty ice cream sandwich shop in downtown Charleston wants customers to vote with their taste buds before the upcoming South Carolina presidential primaries and simultaneously help homeless veterans.

Peace Pie at 223 Meeting St. opened Friday and is offering “Peace Pie Primary” specials through Feb. 27 with half the proceeds going to help homeless veterans as part of the grand opening, according to shop owner and operator Joe Klause.

The family-operated business offers pie-shaped, ice cream sandwiches. The layered treat offers different kinds of cookies, different fillings and different ice cream flavors. Cost is $6 each, tax included.

Klause selected the two Democrats and the top three Republicans running for president and named sandwiches after them in advance of the Feb. 20 GOP primary and the Feb. 27 Democratic primary.

On the Democratic side, customers can choose the “Chillary” all chocolate offering, for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; or the “Bern” chocolate mint treat, for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

On the Republican menu, offerings include the “Cruz” salted caramel apple, for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz; the “Rubio” key lime pie, for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio; or the “Trump” tart cherry cheesecake, for billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

Klause said he chose the flavors based on his research of what treats the candidates liked.

The shop is open seven days a week with hours between late morning (10 a.m. or 11 a.m.) and late evening (10 p.m. or 11 p.m.). Klause said the hours haven’t been officially set.

Proceeds will go to Carolina Homeless Veterans Inc. of Charleston.

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