Mount Pleasant moving offices for new Town Hall construction

Construction on the new Mount Pleasant Town Hall should begin in early spring.

Residents of Mount Pleasant will soon have to go to different locations for many of Town Hall’s public services.

The town is now seeking bids for its new Town Hall, and construction could begin by the spring, according to town spokeswoman Martine Wolfe-Miller.

That means many of the 500-plus employees and the services they provide to the 75,000 or so people in the fourth-largest municipality in South Carolina will be moved around, starting at the end of January and into February.

The current facility, a complex of three buildings on Ann Edwards Lane off Houston Northcutt Boulevard, will be demolished to make way for a new 92,000-square-foot, three-story Town Hall and eventually a new 25,000-square-foot gymnasium.

The first phase of the $22 million project, the main three-story structure, should be completed by the beginning of 2017, Wolfe-Miller said. Construction on the gymnasium will follow.

Departments including Planning and Development, Planning and Engineering, Building Inspection, Building Licenses and the headquarters for Public Services will be transferred in February to the town’s annex at 1355 Sweetgrass Basket Parkway in the Six Mile area.

Fire Department headquarters will be relocated next to the fire station on Egypt Road near Belle Hall by the end of January.

Administrative staff and finance personnel will move into Building A at the current site. The courtroom will not be relocated until the new building is completed. Only part of that building will be demolished during construction of the new building.

The police department is not moving until the new structure is finished.

Once the new Town Hall is built, all of the old buildings will be leveled, including Building A, which will be the site of a new public park with an edible landscape with plum trees, according to the mayor.

Mount Pleasant’s current Town Hall is a series of modest, single-story buildings, two of which originally were built as a school and an engineer’s office.

The 11-acre site has many nice trees, many of which will be spared along the front of the property, the mayor said.

The new Town Hall will include a council chamber, courtroom, police department and all of the town’s administrative departments and support facilities.

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