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Q. I send and receive mail from old girlfriends on Facebook and it drives my wife crazy. I change my Facebook password but she still gets in my account. Any idea how she keeps finding my password?

A. It sounds like you have bigger issues than a live-in Facebook password hacker. Here’s another shocker, Romeo: You don’t need to be a computer wizard to access someone’s passwords. Your browser stores passwords for you. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, your wife just needs to know the right spot in the browser’s settings to see them. In the case of Internet Explorer, a free program can retrieve saved passwords. Click here to learn the exact steps for seeing browser passwords and steps you can take to keep them safe. Good luck!

Q. On your national radio show you said that carriers, advertisers and law enforcement can track my smartphone’s location even if I turn off the GPS. I was going in and out of the car while your show was on and would like to know more about this topic.

A. GPS is just one way to track a phone. Carriers also use cell tower triangulation and can provide that information to other companies. Basically, your cellphone connects to multiple towers in an area. By tracking the towers you’re connected to, carriers can pinpoint your location. Depending on the area and carrier, it might be very precise or just a general area. To see how accurate this type of tracking is for your phone, try the free demonstration of the technology. By the way, if you ever miss my show or want to hear all or part of it again, get the podcast. Click here to learn more.

Q. I heard that someone can send me a certain text message and it will make my phone reboot. Is that true?

A. If you’re an iPhone user, all a prankster or malicious person has to do is send you a specific string of characters via text message and your phone will crash. The kids are having a field day with this one! The easiest work-around is to turn off notifications. Apple says that an update will be coming to fix this glitch. If you want to see what the errant text message looks like, click here.

Q. I just retired and all this free time is driving me crazy. Are there any legitimate jobs I can do? I don’t want a fixed schedule. I only want to work when I feel like it.

A. Using your smartphone, you can have the flexibility of doing odd jobs when you’re in the mood. For example, the TaskRabbit app will show you ways to make money in your area. If you want to do the job posted, say taking a photo of a store display or repairing a door, it’s totally up to you. A similar app is GigWalk. For more about post-retirement jobs, click here for a tip on my site.

Q. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be and it’s getting harder to read the text on websites. Is there an easy way to make the text bigger?

A. In any browser, the keyboard shortcut CTRL + + (the plus key), will make text and images bigger. If you want to go smaller, you can use CTRL + - (the minus key). CTRL + 0 (zero) resets the size to the default. Or, you can hold down the CTRL key and spin your mouse scroll wheel. That will zoom in and out as well. Did that help? Click here for more must-known browser tips and tricks.

Q. We’re planning our summer driving vacation with the kids and would like to try something new for a change. I’ve heard you talk about Airbnb on your national radio show. It seems scary staying in a stranger’s house.

A. It’s not. Airbnb has a verification system. You can also look up online profiles and see feedback from people who have rented from them before. You might find a nice apartment or home for a value. Since you’re traveling with kids, having a full kitchen, or washer and dryer would come in handy. Click here to learn more about finding places to stay through Airbnb and similar sites.

Kim Komando hosts the nation’s largest talk radio show about consumer electronics, computers and the Internet. Hear it locally at 94.3 WSC News Radio noon-3 p.m. Sundays. For more information, go to Kim also posts breaking tech news 24/7 at

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