The CEO of a Kentucky logistics business who lives in Summerville is moving part of his company to Dorchester County.

LeanCor Supply Chain Group said today it is relocating its sales, marketing and consulting functions to an office on West Richardson Avenue in downtown Summerville.

The company expects to create 10 new jobs within the first year. It anticipates additional positions as the new branch location grows.

LeanCor said it based the decision to set up the Summerville office on the local quality of life and the proximity to existing industry.

Robert Martichenko, founder and CEO, said he moved with his family to Flowertown three years ago.

“It just seems logical now to move a portion of LeanCor’s sales and marketing and consulting teams to Summerville so I can work more closely with my team members,” he said in a statement provided by Dorchester County.

LeanCor has more than 150 employees in the United States, Canada and China.

In addition to handling warehousing and other logistical work for businesses, the Florence, Ky.-based company offers training, education and consulting.

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