Job Market Maker startup launches its career website

Joe Hanna

If building a website was anything like baking a cake, creating Job Market Maker’s new online portal may have gone something like this: Take a standard job search engine, mix in elements of LinkedIn, then crack open a dating website, take out the romance part, and add the matchmaking technology.

Bake for six months and voila: a new way to recruit, search and train for jobs.

Of course, the process has been much more complicated for the local startup, which is why CEO Joseph Hanna said he was “the happiest entrepreneur in the world” last week.

Job Market Maker officially launched its online career platform, JMM Recruit, after six months in a private testing phase with 20 companies.

Job seekers, who can use the system free, can create profiles at

Hanna explained that if users have LinkedIn accounts, they can migrate their profile information to the new site once they sign up. Companies and training professionals have to subscribe to use the service, which costs $400 to $2,000 based on the features they want.

Hanna said JMM Recruit goes beyond the traditional system of plugging in keywords and disqualifying results that don’t match the specific query. His model processes all sorts of data, so job candidates and recruiters can view alternative options, he said. For example, if someone seeking a job sees a position he’d like but doesn’t necessarily qualify for, the website can suggest options for skills training.

“Our vision ultimately is to create a marketplace for employers, candidates and education training providers in a completely innovative way,” Hanna said, adding that the website launch “is a big step in the right direction.”

Job Market Makers is one of five companies participating in the S.C. Research Authority’s SC Launch incubator program. While the startup has been in the program only for two months, Hanna said mentors with the authority have already made “a few very strong connections for us, with potential part- ners as well as potential clients.”

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