As another summer comes around, iPhone users are waiting anxiously for the annual news about the latest Apple smartphone. There has been a lot of talk about the release of the iPhone 7, and there are some big improvements in store for users if any of the rumors prove to be true.

The iPhone has been Apple’s most iconic product since the introduction of very first iPhone way back in 2007. Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, had a vision of “reinventing the phone,” and he succeeded.

From the tiny 3.5-inch screen with the original iPhone to the massive 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has continuously increased its product standards as well as their screen size. This holds true with the much-anticipated iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is rumored for release early this fall and I have all of the most interesting details and fascinating predictions from the industry’s top analysts. From pressure sensors to a fun new color, the iPhone 7 is stuffed with tons of fun new features and helpful tools.

We all know how helpful the double-press home button function can be when switching between apps and programs on your iPhone. Besides easy maneuvering, this can also save you time when you want to exit out of a few programs quickly. But with the iPhone 7, your home key is being transformed into a pressure sensor.

This type of technology is called Force Touch and it can tell the phone how hard its screen is being pressed. Apple already uses Force Touch in their state-of-the-art smartwatches and computer trackpads. The Apple Watch can pull up information depending on the amount of pressure applied to the face of the gadget. Newer models of MacBooks have incredible Force Touch sensors that let users switch screens, control videos and use swipe gestures to go between applications.

Force Touch is said to be included in the iPhone 7 and it will be able to detect even the smallest changes in your finger’s pressure on the home key. You can use different commands based on the amount of pressure you use on the home key.

Hypothetically, you’ll be able to switch from the home screen to your contacts list with a half press on the home button or access your camera with a hard press. The specifics of this function will be interesting to follow once Apple releases the official details.

Force Touch is wildly popular with customers already and the team over at Apple predicts the same reaction with the iPhone 7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Force Touch will be installed on the iPhone 7.

As a longtime Apple user I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to the design of the iPhone. The staple rounded corners, slender, elegant design and bright screen are all things that I’ve grown to know and love about the Apple smartphones.

But instead of getting bigger like most of the iPhones before it, the iPhone 7 is believed to be to be the same size (5.5 inches) or even smaller! The screen itself is also set to get a little backup. Apple is rumored to be working with Foxconn, an electronics manufacturer out of Taiwan, to create a more durable display. The days of cracked iPhones are hopefully behind us now.

There are even rumors flying around that Apple will release the iPhone 6C. This will be the successor to the 5C, which brought customers a more affordable iPhone with many of the same functions of the 6 Plus but with fun plastic backing options instead of the sturdier aluminum plating.

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The 6C is believed to have a slightly larger screen than the 5C. Even though it will have most of the same features such as the design and camera, there is talk of a bright pink backing option to mix things up a bit.

One frustrating thing about owning an iPhone is the constant need to find a power outlet. A fast-draining battery can make it impossible to go a day without seeking out the closest power source. Apple builders have heard our cries and are finally doing something about it.

With the release of the iPhone 7 comes the shiny new operating system iOS 9. This upgrade is free to compatible iPhone users and is jam packed with little tricks to stretch out your battery life. Things like Low Power Mode are included on this new system to give you the extra oomph to make it through your day without a dead iPhone.

In addition to the iOS 9 improvements, the internal hardware is also getting some touch up that with help your gadget make it through the day. There is said to be a new processor (the brains of your smartphone) that’s smaller, faster and up to 35% more battery efficient than the iPhone before it. This processor, dubbed the A9, is being produced by Samsung and more details will be included with the official announcement of the phone.

Another important function of the iPhone is poised to get an upgrade. The camera is rumored to make a jump from 8 megapixels to 12. This could let you focus in on the smallest details with the focus of an expensive DSLR camera. In 2014, Apple developers applied for a patent for a swappable lens function like the high-quality digital cameras, and there is speculation that this function will be included in the iPhone 7.

You would be able to swap between a long and short distance lens, depending on your subject, to capture the best possible image. Snap amazing photos of the sunset or zoom into a flower to capture a bee suckling nectar. Either way, the result will be breathtaking!

Apple seems like it has a lot to give customers with its latest smartphone. And, as always, I’ll keep you updated on any iPhone 7 developments and rumors as soon as I hear about them.