Start-up companies should brush up on their pitches.

A capital investment firm’s local chapter is offering home-grown developing companies a chance to talk about their businesses and products in an “Open Pitch” once a month.

The first one is 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the College of Charleston Tate Entrepreneurship Center, 5 Liberty St., Room 207. “Open Pitch” begins at 5:45 p.m., and the pitches are broadcast to more than 170 Angel investors in their network around the U.S. over a secure site.

Angel Capital Group-Charleston will allow three start-up companies a chance to give a five-minute pitch on what they have to offer, followed by five minutes of feedback from a roomful of experienced Angel investors.

The young companies can be anywhere from the idea/concept phase to just getting ready for investors. It’s an opportunity for local companies to introduce themselves, get free advice, find mentors, understand what investors are looking for and network with dozens of local Angel investors.

Companies do not have to com- plete the ACG prequalification process to participate in “Open Pitch.” Normally, ACG prequalifies companies after an extensive due diligence process, and one or two are selected each month to give a 15-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers.

Last year, more than 300 companies applied nationwide, and fewer than 30 gained clearance to present. Of those, 25 were funded. This year, ACG expects 400 applications, and between 30-35 will get to present.

“An important goal of Angel Capital Group- Charleston is to put a national spotlight on the up-and-coming companies that are starting right here in South Carolina,” said Gavin McCulley, ACG-Charleston chapter president. “With ‘Open Pitch,’ local entrepreneurs are going to have a fast and effective way to introduce their companies to Angel investors and get vital feedback and insights before they come to us for funding down the road.”

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in “Open Pitch” and investors interested in learning more about the local chapter should contact McCulley at gavin@ and put “Open Pitch” in the subject line.

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