U.S.-based initial public offerings planned for this week:

21st Century Oncology Holdings of Fort Myers, Fla. 13.3 million shares, priced $14-$16. Proposed NYSE symbol is ICC. Business: Largest integrated network of cancer treatment centers and affiliated doctors.

Agile Therapeutics of Princeton, N.J. 4.6 million shares, $12-$14. Proposed Nasdaq symbol AGRX. Prescription adhesive contraceptives.

First Foundation of Irvine, Calif. 2.2 million shares, priced $21-$24. Proposed Nasdaq symbol FFWM. Business: Wealth manager and bank.

Heritage Insurance Holdings of Clearwater, Fla. 6 million shares, $14-$16. Proposed NYSE symbol HRTG. Business: Residential insurer.

Parsley Energy of Midland, Texas. 43.9 million shares, $15-$18. Proposed NYSE symbol PE. Oil and gas exploration and production in west Texas.

AP; Renaissance Capital; SEC