It will be another year before United and Continental are really one airline. For now, they're trying to make it easier for travelers to navigate them separately. Last week, kiosks at 83 airports, including Charleston International Airport, began allowing travelers to check in for flights on either airline.

United Continental Holdings Inc. has owned both airlines since October. It's slowly merging them into a single airline to fly under the United name, which will be the biggest in the world. The two will operate separately until mid-2012, selling their own tickets primarily for flights on their own planes.

Top dog

Charlie T. RiverDog continues to knock home runs for the team's merchandise sales.

For the sixth consecutive year, the team's sales of T-shirts, baseball caps, souvenir baseballs, mini-bats, mascot dolls and other team-related paraphernalia landed the local team among the Top 25 in merchandise sales, it was announced last week.

The shop is on the concourse of Riley Park.

Overall, Minor League Baseball experienced a 12 percent increase in the sales of licensed merchandise last year over 2009. The program, established in 1991, consists of the 160 clubs in the domestic-based leagues.

The shop has been coordinated by Michael DeAntonio for the past four seasons.

Farm focused

Bushy Park landed a new company last week, but it isn't bringing any new jobs with it. At least, not yet.

Former biotech executive Ted Melnik of Roanoke, Va., has partnered with Marc Fetten, CEO of Bushy Park Industrial Complex owner Cooper River Partners, to form Cooper BioAG. Melnik said the new venture plans to invest in companies geared toward biological-based technologies for the agricultural industry. The emphasis will be on products that offer a low-chemical approach and enable farmers to grow crops in a sustainable manner.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.