Spirit Airlines, which draws some Charleston travelers with its cheap flights from Myrtle Beach, is raising its myriad luggage fees.

The biggest hike is for carry-ons. The discount carrier plans to charge $100 in some cases for stowing a bag in an overhead bin.

The Miramar, Fla.-based airline currently charges $45 for carry-on luggage. As of Nov. 6, passengers who wait to pay the fee at the boarding gate will fork over $100. Any bag that needs to fit in the overhead bin is considered a carry-on. A small bag that fits under a seat is free.

Other fees are going up as well at Spirit. The price for a carry-on paid for at an airport kiosk will increase to $50 from $40. Larger pieces of luggage checked at the airport will cost between $8 and $10 more, while the fee for bags checked online will rise by between $2 and $5. Spirit also will increase a handful of other fees by between $2 and $10. Spirit is one of two airlines that charge for carry-ons. Allegiant Air is the other. In the first quarter, Spirit’s average revenue from fees per passenger on a round-trip flight topped $100 for the first time.