Developer moving forward

This sign sat near a 2,000-acre tract off U.S. Highway 176 above Carnes Crossroads in 2005, clearing the way for development there. Construction is still under way at Carnes Crossroad for a large community development.

A delivery driver for Pizza Hut was robbed Wednesday by a man she said ordered a pizza, then ambushed her behind a North Charleston home.

Officers from the North Charleston Police Department were called to 2651 Harvey Ave. about 3:30 p.m. They found the 46-year-old with a head injury.

"The victim stated that the suspect called in an order and told her that when she arrives ... deliver the pizza to the back door of the house because the front of the house was being renovated," the incident report said. "When she walked around the back ... the suspect was there to ambush her."

Pointing a black handgun, the robber told the woman to get on the ground and not to look at him. But when she tried to sneak a glance, the gunman struck the back of her head with the firearm, she told the police.

With the worker's $70 in cash and the pizza, the robber ran and jumped over a wooden fence. The Pizza Hut employee told officers that he was wearing dark cargo pants and a blue scarf covering his face.

Officers tried to track the robber with dogs, but the effort proved fruitless.

The pizza deliverywoman was taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment of her head injury.

The victim said the robber was about 18 years old. She was unable to give a detailed description of the gunman but handed officers a receipt she said contained his phone number.