North Charleston-based Cummins Marine has notified the state that 50 employees are being laid off under the shutdown its local assembly line.

The company said in November it was moving the business to North Carolina. At that time, Cummins would not say how many employees would be affected.

The projected 50 layoffs are effective April 4, according to a newly posted notice on the website of S.C. Works.

The assembly line is being transferred to Rocky Mount, N.C., where the diesel giant makes the mid-range boat engines that had come through the Leeds Avenue plant to be upgraded. The company has said it was more cost effective to keep the work in North Carolina.

Some jobs within the marine unit will remain in North Charleston in areas such as sales, service and customer support, Cummins has said.

Cummins has a total payroll of more than 700 workers in the Charleston region, where its other business makes turbochargers. The Columbus, Ind.-based company set up shop in the region nearly 40 years ago.