Comcast moves customer center in North Charleston

Comcast is closing one North Charleston customer center and replacing it with another.

Comcast is closing one North Charleston customer center, but opening another.

The Philadelphia-based cable service giant on Thursday opened in a new 5,000-square-foot Xfinity Customer Center at 5037 International Blvd.

It simultaneously closed its other store at 4400 Belle Oaks Drive off Leeds Avenue.

The storefront is built to provide an interactive way for customers to experience products and services, such as the X1 platform and the Xfinity Home suite of products, the company said in a statement. It also offers customers payment kiosks for automated bill payments and an environment for conducting equipment transactions.

The new location features 10 service counters, an iPad ‘bar’ with interactive product demonstrations and dedicated areas of the store that showcase products and apps.

“With its unique design and modern technology amenities, this service center is the only one of its kind across our entire Southern footprint — something we think customers will benefit from and appreciate,” said Doug Guthrie, Comcast regional senior vice president.

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