Executive Producer Lawrence Greenspon hosted a preview party for his weekly television series, “Charleston Home Showcase.” The half-hour program promises to bring information to Lowcountry residents about residents – the people of the community who play a large part in “showcasing” new construction and renovation projects within the Charleston region.

Touted as the “Lowcountry’s first television show featuring local homes, projects and professionals,” the preview celebration drew a large crowd of supporters at Buck Lumber Design Center on James Island last week.

“Charleston Home Showcase has been a dream of mine for nearly 20 years. It’s the stories of growth, of the people, the businesses, the architecture, the styles, the history,” Greenspon said.

Greenspon lived in Charlotte, NC and Chicago, working for major networks including Fox and NBC before launching his own marketing firm, Greenspon Advertising. Born in NC, he moved to Charleston in 2010. His mother’s family has deep roots in Charleston, having lived in the area for over a century. His devotion to the area spurred the idea for the show.

“It’s important to note that our show – we cover it all,” he said. “We will tell the stories of custom builders, volume builders, roofing and window companies, security companies. How do you get a mortgage—what are the first steps you take?  We plan to cover the gamut of the people in our community who are involved in creating the beautiful architecture and building, as well as the homeowners.”

Greenspon elicited the help of long-time friend and colleague, Julie Rogers to host the show. The two went to college together in Georgia in the 1980s and have been friends ever since. Rogers has a background in modeling, journalism and media. Married to a contractor who is licensed in three states, she also understands the complexities of building and buying and hopes to inform viewers of the many choices available to Charleston region residents.

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“It’s about the construction industry and it showcases the community,” Rogers said. “We want to show viewers how we can bridge the industry to the home community – let people get to know each other. The ‘stars’ of the show are members of our community. We want to make our show educational, informational and entertaining.”

Greenspon added, “We’ll talk to realtors, those at the top and those who may sell one home a year. We want people to know the difference.  And, the biggest part of some people’s homes and lives happen outside – we plan to show viewers their options.”

The premier event gave attendees the opportunity to see the first episode which aired April 13. Local builders, construction professionals and business owners were interviewed. Viewers learned about how they got their start and what options they give to their customers. The next episode airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. on WCSC-TV, Live 5, CBS.

For more information about the Charleston Home Showcase, contact Emily Trogdon of Momentum Marketing at 843-377-8450.