The heat really got to some Charleston-bound US Airways passengers on Friday.

With the temperature hovering around 100 degrees at Reagan NationalAirport, the 50-seat jet that the travelers were aboard became stuckin a soft spot on the tarmac, according a report in The WashingtonPost.

“It was apparently a soft spot caused by the heat,” airlinespokeswoman Michelle Mohr told the Post. The airplane “wouldn’t move.”

Mohr described the incident as “pretty rare,” while also noting that“we’ve also had very unusual temperatures” in the D.C. area.

The Post reported that a small towing vehicle was unable to pry theplane loose, so the 35 passengers got off the aircraft. A second,bigger tow vehicle was brought in and did the job.

The passengers were able to reboard the plane and were on their way toCharleston International Airport about three hours late, according tothe newspaper.