Bankrupt JK Harris founder testifies money all gone; ordered to give boat to creditor

John K. Harris

John K. Harris sometimes earned more than a million dollars yearly running the now-bankrupt JK Harris Co., but in court today he testified his money’s long gone.

Harris, 58, is being pursued for payment of a $355,972 judgment for unpaid rent on his company’s former offices in North Charleston. The case pre-dates the bankruptcy of JK Harris Co.

Harris testified before Judge Mikell R. Scarborough, Charleston County’s master in equity, that he has no assets save for about $400 in the bank and a boat with an overdue loan.

“You can’t get blood from a turnip,” Harris said after the proceedings.

He testified that he now earns about $1,500 a week, consulting for several companies in Florida, and give most of the money to his ex-girlfriend and his estranged wife.

Scarborough ordered Harris to turn the title to his boat over to the law firm representing the former landlord, Rivergate Center I LLC, and to pay them $1,000 monthly starting in June.

“That’s about half of what you’ve been paying your ex-girlfriend per month, to whom you have no legal obligation,” Scarborough told Harris.

The judge also fined Harris $750 for showing up 40 minutes late to the hearing.

The unpaid rent at issue dates back to the summer of 2009 and covers part of 2010, the same year that Harris published his book about business success titled “Flashpoint: Seven Core Strategies for Rapid-Fire Business Growth.”

Harris’ nationwide tax-debt resolution firm based in Goose Creek, JK Harris, filed for bankruptcy in October and ceased operations at the end of the year, leaving unpaid a number of consumer complaint settlements, as well as employee wages and creditors’ bills.

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