Automotive repair costs in South Carolina jumped 12.5 percent last year from 2011, a new study says.

The average bill for the Palmetto State was about $367.60, or the 16th highest in the country, according to CarMD.

The figure was made up of $142.04 for labor and $225.56 for parts.

The increase moved the state up from the No. 29 spot in 2011.

Irvine Calif.-based CarMD said it based its survey results on 160,000 repairs made on vehicles with check-engine light problems last year.

The most expensive state to break down in was New Jersey, where the average bill came to $393.

Rounding out the top five were Washington D.C., California, North Carolina and Maryland.

“In 2012, we saw a dramatic shift in the top five most expensive states for average car repairs, as many drivers along the East Coast incurred rising auto repair costs, while they simultaneously

contended with Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath,” said Ieon C. Chen, CEO of Corp. “Car owners in many states also continued to put off small repairs, contributing to cumulative failures with increased repair costs.”