Air India takes 2nd 787 from Boeing SC

Air India's Boeing 787 Dreamliner receives a water cannon salute after arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi from North Charleston. (AP)

Air India has taken delivery of its second 787 Dreamliner and is scheduled to fly it away from Charleston International Airport this afternoon, a Boeing spokesman has confirmed.

The plane, one of two assembled in Everett, Wash. and flown to North Charleston in early July, was officially delivered to the Indian national carrier Tuesday, Wilson Chow, the spokesman, wrote in an email.

According to the flight-tracking website FlightAware, the jet is scheduled to leave for Frankfurt, Germany at around 3 p.m.

The second 787 delivery and flyaway from Boeing South Carolina comes a week and a half after the first. The first jet, which also was made in Washington and then sat parked on the North Charleston flight line for more than two months, was paid for and signed over on Sept. 6 and flew to Frankfurt on Sept. 7. It continued on from there to New Delhi, India, where it was welcomed with a water cannon ceremony.

Tuesday’s delivery comes amid a continuing investigation into the General Electric engines that power Air India’s Dreamliners.

Two GEnx engines have failed this summer, including one in North Charleston, and cracks were found in the drive shaft of a third engine. That series of events led the National Transportation Safety Board on Friday to urgently recommend regular inspections of all in-service GEnx engines. Also on Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it “will soon issue an emergency airworthiness directive,” but the FAA has not yet taken any such action.

Follow the Air India 787’s flight from Charleston to Germany on FlightAware here: