People looking for seasonal, or holiday, employment have it better this year than at any time since before the recession started in 2007.

The annual holiday hiring survey by Snagajob, the nation’s largest hourly employment network, found 63 percent of year-end hiring managers intending to hire seasonal workers this year - the highest percentage in five years and 12 percentage points higher than last year.

Whether you’re looking for a “permanent” job or for temporary extra income, your hiring chances have mushroomed.

The seasonal pay is likely to be just a tad better - an average of $10.70 an hour, compared with $10.60 last year.

The nation’s largest retailers said they will be hiring tens of thousands of holiday workers. Many of them will bringing on at least 10 percent more workers than last year.

But keep in mind that we’re not talking about just retail floor clerks and cash register operators. The year-end employment bump reaches throughout the industry.

Truck drivers, warehouse workers, back-office accountants, customer service representatives, travel and leisure workers — all are among those needed during the fourth quarter and sometimes beyond.

To be considered, you need to apply early. Like now. The Snagajob survey found that 57 percent of the hiring managers expect to complete their seasonal hiring by the end of October. That’s an 11 percentage point jump from last year.

Another positive signal from the survey: About half of the seasonal jobs are expected to offer full-time hours, the highest share in the survey’s five-year history.

Hirers want you to know that temporary employment is one of your best inroads to a “permanent” position. Workers who shine as temps are first in line when a longer-term payroll position opens up.

Another tip: Your hiring odds improve if you’re willing to work nights and weekends.