Bill targets attackers of police

Deputy Jeffrey DeGrow was shot in the eye, head and body in January 2010 while chasing a suspect through James Island.

The University of Minnesota-Duluth has scolded student fans of its hockey team after receiving reports they peppered the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux with offensive chants at a recent game.

Minnesota-Duluth athletic director Bob Nielson sent student season ticket-holders a letter saying "any profane, racial, sexist, or abusive comments or actions directed at officials, opposing players or teams" could lead to their ejection from the arena or cost them their season tickets.

North Dakota fan Chad Czmowski said students made war-whooping noises and chanted "Hi, HOW are you?" and "smallpox blankets" during a recent series.

The latter refers to some historical claims that Indians were given smallpox-infected blankets by white settlers.

"I thought it was over the top," Czmowski said. "I'm all for rowdy cheering and rowdy student sections.

"Personal attacks, it was too much and there is no place for it."

The reported chants followed North Dakota's return to using the Fighting Sioux nickname.

The school has tried to drop the name, but supporters of the mascot recently gathered enough petition signatures to temporarily restore a state law that had required its use. The question will ultimately be put to state voters.