The Bearded Cafe

Rick Wofford has shut down The Bearded Cafe coffee shop and is hitting the road for a two-month adventure.  

When The Bearded Cafe owner Rick Wofford learned he'd have to return to San Francisco for a new start-up project, he tried finding someone to buy or run the Spring Street coffee shop. But there were no takers.  

Then he hit on a fun idea. What if he took The Bearded Cafe's name on the road? Except instead of serving coffee, he'd be drinking it at locally owned and operated shops across the country, sharing stories of his travels along the way. 

"Since I am the face of The Bearded Cafe," he says. "I thought I could take (the props) I use in my videos and keep The Bearded Cafe alive, at least virtually."

Wofford has a social media tradition of keeping a steady supply of videos streaming on Instagram. Over the next two months, he'll be trekking to Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado and up the length of California before landing in San Francisco. 

"It's a hodgepodge travel plan," he says. "I'm a big traveler and I love to be on the road. There's so many things to see. I'd really like to incorporate other people into this adventure, wherever I am, and get them to participate in my video, make it as fun as possible."

His travelogue won't just be coffee shops. He could visit a park or national monument. But when he stops at cafes, he’ll ask for a cortado.

"I have a very specific way I make it with half-and-half and raw sugar," he says. "It’s a little unusual to do that."

Wofford plans to hit the road Oct. 10 and to reach his destination Dec. 15. Follow along at The Bearded Cafe website and Instagram

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