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Are these tots at HoM the best in town? Only the Tater Tot Crawl can decide. 

Tater Tots, those lunchroom classics invented by the brothers behind Ore-Ida to turn potato sludge into money, have become a staple dish in Charleston's bar scene. 

The Tachos at Recovery Room are famous for attracting hungry drinkers into the darkened bar at all hours of the night. You could just get the Cheesy Tots or you can splurge and go all the way with cheese, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes. They are indeed an amazing dish worthy of best tater tots in town status. 

But the folks at HoM aren't afraid. In an upcoming Tater Tot Crawl slated for Saturday, April 28, they are willing to pit themselves against not just the Rec Room's Tachos but the Tater Tots at Bay Street Biergarten, The Alley and Charleston Beer Works to see who has the best Tater Tots in Charleston. 

The Tater Tot Crawl is hosted by Holy Spokes Bike Share and will travel among the participating restaurants and bars that Saturday between noon and 4 p.m. with the winner being crowned at HoM once the scorecards are tallied. 

They will have guest judges on hand to help score the contenders on appearance, crispness, creativity/uniqueness, taste and color.

May the best tot win. 

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